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As simple as it sounds, the grade point average (GPA) is undoubtedly one of the most crucial grading parameters to all high school students. Due to its significance in determining academic performance, it’s highly regarded as the consideration during college placement. However easy it might appear, the process to calculate individual GPA score can be confusing.

We have compiled a post that focuses on everything you need to know about GPA calculations. Lucky for you, can use our GPA calculator to perform all calculations for free. Knowing the score is helpful as you can track your performance as a way to evaluate your academic achievements. Together with our dependable and up-to-date calculator service, our guideline on GPA formulations will get you started in finding the correct grade point average value.

Such intuitive online tools take into account the conventional grading scale. This means that if the GPA is calculated on a scale of 0 to 4.0. Then, a score of 3.5 would correspond to an A- grade on the calculator. Take note that the top-tier Ivy League universities in the US will only admit students with a GPA of more than 3.75 (A average). So, where do you fall? You can go ahead and try our GPA calculator.

GPA Calculation High School: Formula to Apply to Get Great Results 

Generally, to get your GPA, you must convert your letters or percentage value indicating your grade into standardized grade scale numbers. The final score is determined by the number of courses or the type of classes you are undertaking. By using a GPA calculator, you are guaranteed to know your performance in comparison to other students and schools.

Most students are searching online using queries like, ‘calculate my high school GPA online.’ Well, to put your mind at peace, the calculator utilizes standardized academic parameters to ensure you get the correct values irrespective of whether you are performing cumulative, weighted or unweighted GPA computations. The results you get are exactly what you have worked for. However, the value reflected on your academic record (transcript) will vary due to the different calculation methods employed by the institutions.

The question that many students ask is whether the GPA awarded by their school is a true overall GPA value they ought to have scored. To avoid any doubts, we recommend that you stick to GPA grading best practices. As such, you can convert and calculate any GPA derivative. The grade points are centered on the following GPA standard:

  • High distinction- 7
  • Distinction- 6
  • Credit- 5
  • Pass- 4
  • Fail-0

In the above, the GPA has been calculated on a 7-point grading scale. O is regarded as fail while the highest score you can get is 7. However, this seven-point grading might not apply in your case. Your country or school might be using a different grading scale. In such a case, you can convert it to a scale like the 4.0-grade point average system on the high school 4.0 scale GPA calculator.

Take note that each grade has a value corresponding to the grade points on a grading scale being used. Either way, you choose, it will be even convenient to understand the basis for calculating the GPA. This is one of the formulas that is applied by our easy GPA calculator for high school in computing your GPA values.

 GPA = Sum of (grade point × credit points) the sum of (credit points)

The credit points are typically awarded after confirmed completion of credit hours. The product of grade value and credit points is summed, and then the resultant value is divided by the sum of the unit credit points. The final result is your high school GPA.

All you need is the values for your grades which you will enter in the scores field. Depending on the grading scale, you can choose the grade points ranging from 0 to 4, 5 or 7 against letter grades equivalents that are mostly from A-F. Numerical values always indicate credit fields.

Guide to Using Cumulative GPA Calculator For High School

Cumulative GPA is simply the grade point average of the total grades earned within a semester or term. The calculation is typically done on a scale of 0 to 4.0 for unweighted or 0 to 5.0 for weighted GPA scale. The grade point average is usually the value of the division of the total amount of grade points earned by the aggregate amount of credit hours.

When performing calculations, make sure you have selected either of the two options on the toggle prompt. In most cases, you don’t have to do the calculations afresh, enter your current GPA and total credit hours and select ‘calculate.’ The overall GPA calculator will execute all the computations and give you the final result within seconds.

Another calculation is that of a semester GPA. A semester GPA calculator will help you find the product of the number of credit hours assigned and the grade earned in that specific semester. With just a click on the high school GPA calculator by semester, you will able to get the overall GPA value without having to perform the manual computation.

Most online calculator tools will require you to indicate the letter grade, credit hours, number of semesters. Nevertheless, the calculation is done automatically. The course type will determine values for either the weighted or unweighted GPA. This is because honors, AP, IB, commands a higher grade point as they are challenging than regular courses.

One has the option to select input that matches with the requirement results. You can also add or delete extra semester or extra class rows. In this case, an A- from an Advanced Placement (AP) is not equivalent to an A-earned from a non–honor course.

Basics to Manipulating GPA Calculator High School Weighted Scores

Weighed GPA is calculated on a scale that extends from 0 to 5.0. The most noticeable difference to other GPA computations is that this particular metric takes into account the difficulty of classes being studied. It is a commonplace that the GPA weighted calculator will assign higher numerical values for honor, AP, and IB course. To be precise, we have an additional of 0.5 points for an honors course and whole point (1) to AP course will take place.

On a standard conversion table, the resultant outcome is that the final results for a student taking honors or AP level curriculum will realize higher GPA scores. While many students tend to use different letter grades to denote the grade points, the calculations are nonetheless standard. In our case, an A=5, B =4, C=3, D=2, and F=0.

Unweighted GPA is based on the 4.0 scale. Hence, the conversion during calculation will mean that an A= 4, B =3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. The computation of date depends on the points assigned to the advanced classes that a student is taking. Note that in most cases the schools might have a preference on the weighed score even if the difference with unweighted GPA might not reflect on the indicated grades.

In some cases, the class grades may be converted into the right decimal before you begin to calculate your weighted GPA for high school. All in all, the typical way to calculate unweighted and weighted GPA’s is by multiplying each of the numeric grade value by the corresponding number of credits accumulated. The sum of products is then dividing by the total number of credits to get the final GPA.

We hope that the information provided has been resourceful in enlightening you how the calculator computes these academic GPA values. Our online high school GPA calculator comes handy to assist you in calculation needs. Not only is the support free, but, you won’t have to worry about your score anymore. All that is required to benefit from our reliable online tool is just your grade scores. The rest can be performed by the calculator to estimate your GPA.

How to Calculate High School GPA

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