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Why Does a Student Need Weighted GPA Calculator Assistance?

As a college or high school student, the courses you partake in and the grades you score are normally added together to derive what is known as a grade point average (GPA). For this reason, students are usually under high pressure to maintain high academic performance by constantly performing well in tests and assignments.

In addition to other criteria such as extra-curricular activities, SAT performance and ACT scores, your weighted GPA forms an important factor that many faculties consider during the admission process. Different faculties have specific GPA credit requirements for students aspiring to join the respective courses. For this reason, it is important to determine your weighted GPA online to know whether you qualify for your desired program. 

The weighted GPA is derived after the addition of extra points scored in advanced placement or honors courses. This simply implies that an A in such courses receives 5 points instead of 4. B receives 4 and not 3. A point to note is that most colleges and high schools will look at core subjects such as math, social studies, science, English and other foreign languages during the calculation of your weighted GPA.

What Is Weighted GPA Calculator and What Are Its Major Functions?

A weighted GPA calculator assists a student in calculating his or her GPA easily. It takes into account the extra weight for honors or advanced placement courses by 0.50 points. For college courses, it considers the weight by one point. Students are required to pick every subject together with its weight and then consider both the overall and weighted GPA.

The cumulative weighted GPA calculator is one that automatically computes your total weighted GPA for the semester in real-time as you add more classes in the semester table.

A weighted average GPA calculator, on the other hand, enables you to derive the mean of your weighted GPA through finding the summation of the individual weighted credits obtained in each class then dividing by the total number of classes within a semester or within the entire academic program.

How to Calculate Weighted GPA Using Our GPA Calculator

Our GPA calculator with weighted percentages is a simple tool that requires a few steps to utilize. The interface is composed of four different sections. One represents the first quarter; another represents the second quarter. The third and fourth sections represent the final exam and cumulative semester grade percentage respectively. Each section is further divided into grade percentage and “percent of the semester grade.” To calculate your weighted grades, observe the following steps:

  • Fill all the boxes with the required numbers. g., the first and second quarters each amount to 42.5% of the total semester grade. The last exam makes up for 15% of the semester grade.
  • You have an option of either leaving the final exam grade box blank. However, the decision will depend on the values you intend to compute.
  • Click on the appropriate button concerning what you want to calculate.

Calculate Weighted GPA to Unweighted GPA

Before understanding the process of converting the weighted GPA to unweighted, it is important to have solid knowledge of what the two types of GPAs entail. The unweighted cumulative GPA is essentially the average of all your final course grades obtained in high-school subjects base on a scale of 4. This GPA is calculated by adding all honors points awarded together and after that, the number of semester classes completed by the student.

A weighted cumulative GPA is used to grade a student who has completed a grade weighted course or some courses. The weighted GPA uses a scale up to 5.0 rather than the 4.0 scale. The calculation is often done in the same way through adding all honors points attained together after that dividing by the number of semester classes taken.

Under the assumption that every test or assignment is ranked out of 100 percent, it becomes easy to determine a student’s score in every class, and how this will eventually lead to the total GPA. However, some assignments are worth a greater percentage of your grade than others. Your instructor has to take all these factors into account to determine your final grade in the course. Therefore, an unweighted GPA can essentially be perceived as a raw score.

The Conversion Procedure

Most people have an idea of how to convert an unweighted GPA into a weighted GPA. However, undertaking the reverse calculation can be complicated. A simple step that the majority of students would take is to subtract whatever point was added to their final grade for each class and make the requisite adjustments. For instance, if your weighted GPA in an AP class was 4.7, subtract 1.0, and it brings it down to 3.7 on the unweighted scale. However, this calculation is not always correct. One good way to know is to ask the instructor what your grade was before it got weighted. Another method is to use an online weighted to unweighted GPA calculator to find your weighted to unweighted GPA.

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

Some students usually wonder whether Passed/Not Passed courses are factored in GPA calculation. Such courses are never factored during the computation of the student’s GPA.  Likewise, incompletes and withdrawals do not receive any grade points. They also do not affect the student’s GPA.

While undertaking advanced placement or honors courses, your grade points are usually weighted. Half a point or 0.5 is added to your honors courses, and an entire point 1.0 is appended to your AP classes. This translates to 4.5 for an honors class and 1.0 for AP. However, you need to contact your faculty for additional information on the grading system they utilize. Schools usually differ in their methodologies of assigning point values.

Other students normally find difficulty in knowing how to improve their GPA. Our simplistic online tool is highly effective in helping you figure out what grades you need to attain in the final paper to boost your GPA. Our grade calculator is also a good tool that helps you quickly calculate your grades.

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