How to Calculate Your GPA

Ultimate Guide and Instructions

Step by Step Guidelines on How to Calculate GPA

The grade point average may be regarded as just a mere value on your transcript, but, its worth extends far and wide. Apart from being used to evaluate the academic performance of students and award of scholarships, it’s a measure of learning competency in your class. Most learners are interested in learning their GPA so that they can work hard to improve their grades and maintain the score as high as possible.

GPA has long been known to use different grading scales depending on the country you live, or Institution enrolled. However, the 4 and 5-points grade scale is the most common. Furthermore, GPA is a grading benchmark on which other calculation can be derived including cumulative and weighted GPA. As such, we may not have a universal method to instruct How to calculate GPA to due to the different techniques used by leaning establishment and country.

If you are planning to secure placement to a top university, your GPA must be more than average. Also, you might be locked from pursuing your dream career for having poor GPA score. As a student, you shouldn’t struggle with calculating the GPA. Let calculators do the task on your behalf!

Guide on How to Calculate GPA: Formula and Pro Tips

During the computation of your score, the points earned for your class will be defined by the type of course. Most GPA calculations will add an extra point for honors, AP and IB courses as they are classed as being harder than regular ones. In such a case, the GPA score can expend to a scale of 5.0. The resultant score is what is referred to as weighted GPA.

To calculate a GPA score you will have to identify the grading scale stipulated. A grading scale will have its format of matching the letter grade with equivalent numerical values. The conversion is essential to make calculation possible as we can only work out calculations with numbers. The sum of these averages is finally divided with the total number of courses to get an overall GPA

The fact that we have so many ways to find your GPA on different scales shouldn’t be an issue during calculations. GPA calculator can perform conversion to other scales with precision. If you are unsure about the point values, refer to the table provided.  Before we learn how to calculate your GPA, make sure you have the following values:

  • Credits points.
  • Numerical grade value.
  • Grade Points. We get grade points by multiplying credit hours by the grade value.
  • Credits hours earned.

Depending on your institution and the grading scales used, your transcript may have grades with equivalent percentages, letter-grade or quality point. Quality points fall between 0 and 4. To calculate GPA grades conventional, some university use averaging score system.

Do you know how to calculate overall GPA?  Like we pointed earlier you will need to assign a numerical score to the graded you have earned. Depending on your school’s GPA scale system scale, you will end up with an equivalent numerical value.  You can then apply the basic formula to calculate the GPA score.

(Total Grade Points) ÷ (Total Credits) = GPA

As you can see from the formula, to get the final average GPA by dividing the sum of the total number of grades by the total sum of the attempted credits. We recommend the use of the grading system chart to work our any conversion of the grades. In the US, the grades are marked using letter values ranging from A-F. Some countries are known to use percentage.

For weighted GPA calculations involving AP or IB courses, the final results will be much higher. This is one of the ways that GPA seeks to reward student struggling with harder course load.

You can calculate the academic score using the GPA calculator. Fortunately for you, we have a free calculator that is free to use. You can even include grades with "plus" or "minus" values. The tool also allows you to create additional fields. Want to learn how to calculate a students GPA? Here goes:

  • Select a grade.
  • Enter the credit point value.
  • Click, ‘calculate.’
  • You will get your GPA score calculated on a 4.0 scale.

Procedure on How to Calculate Major GPA Within Seconds

If you are a student undertaking a major in a particular program, you will need to learn how to calculate GPA in university to determine eligibility for honors thesis work. We will outline the procedure shortly. Before that, you need to understand that Major GPA is calculated differently compared to cumulative GPA. First, locate the courses specified in your major declaration form. Then, processed and follow the below steps:

  • Multiply the grades points for each relevant course by the value of units the course earns. A two-unit course and B+ grade will yield 6.666 (3.333 × 2)
  • Sum all the quality points.
  • Divide the total quality points by the aggregate total number of credits specified on your major.
  • Truncate the value after 2 decimal places.

You can also use the calculator to find the major GPA. However, you need to isolate the major classes on your transcript first. Then, enter the grade points and credits on the GPA calculator. The result you get after calculation will be the major GPA.

 It is interesting to note that some employers might require you to attach the major GPA during your job application. This is common especially when the job is directly related to your major. Scoring a good GPA is commendable. It would be tragic to assume it’s the all-important factor that picks geeks from the rest. Actually, many students end up in graduate school with low GPA scores than expected. Although a low score is probably below the cut-off for Ivy League admission, other good universities will still have doors open for you.

Easy Process on How to Calculate GPA from Percentage Scale

In some cases, a percentage is used in places of a 4.0 point scale. Some students don’t know how to calculate average GPA when they are presented with percentage GPA values. It can be confusing especially when converting the scores.  Although there are so many methods of calculating the GPA from percentage, we recommend that you use the online Percentage to GPA calculator to perform the conversion. From the calculator, we can deduce any GPA value from the percentage indicated on the transcript. Follow the below steps to calculate your total GPA from percentage scale:

  • Enter the percentage of marks for each of the courses
  • Select, ‘calculate.’
  • The calculator will give equal results of your grade and grade points.
  • You can carry out any other calculations as you may wish.

Note that this conversion formula applies to a 4.0 GPA. X represents the percentage.

Has the article addressed all your queries about the ways to perform different GPA metrics? We expect that you have tried our free calculators to find the average GPA online. Our calculator is one of the reliable tools in providing correct values of your GPA scores. It is our commitment and priority to continuously improve its efficiency to make the tool a one-stop to all GPA calculations. No more manual and long calculations. Try our GPA calculator today!

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