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Internet Self-Efficacy and the Psychology of the Digital Divide

The paper "Internet Self-Efficacy and the Psychology of the Digital Divide" is a great example of a psychology article review. Eastin and LaRose report in the article, “Internet Self-Efficacy and the Psychology of the Digital Divide”, (2000) about the development of a measure of an internet self-efficacy. It was a scale with eight items.…
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Schizophrenia,Substance Abuse,and Violent Crime

The paper "Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse, and Violent Crime" is a great example of a psychology article review. Schizophrenia Is there a link between schizophrenia, substance abuse, and violent crime? Many researchers have felt that there is and that those who suffer from schizophrenia are at an increased risk for violent crime and substance abuse.…
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Has Too Much Emphasis Been Placed on Empirically Supported Therapies

The paper "Has Too Much Emphasis Been Placed on Empirically Supported Therapies" is a great example of a psychology article review. This critique on the article entitled “Has Too Much Emphasis Been Placed on Empirically Supported Therapies?” aims to outline my personal opinion on the issue and to provide the basis for my position.…
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Children with Attention Deficits Concentrate Better after a Walk - the Exposure to Natural Environments as a Means to Increase Attention in Children Diagnosed with ADHD

Article Review of the of number and May 24, Article Review Taylor, A.F. & Kuo, F. E. (2008). Children with attention deficits concentrate better after walk in the park. Sage Publications [Online]. Retrieved from…
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The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy on Patients Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disease

your first& (your 23 February Rothbaum, Barbara, Hodges, Larry, Alarcon, Renato, et. al. “Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD Vietnam Veterans: A Case Study.” Journal of Traumatic Stress 12.2 (1999): 263-271. Web. 24 February 2013. The…
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Article introduction

Article introduction For over five decades, researchers have strived to comprehend ways through which listeners are capable to undertake very multifaceted auditory tasks regarding the listening situations. Listeners commonly attend to identify speech…
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The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature

The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature Affiliation Analysis Research Design from an Article Experimental design usually refers to how the participants are allocated to different situations or conditions in an experiment. In psychology, the…
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Effects of TV Food Ad on Eating Behavior - Non-Nutritious Food Commercials Lead to Increased Eating Behavior but Don't Show an Effect of the Type of Food Promoted in the Ad

Priming Effects of Television Food Advertising on Eating Behavior Here s Here Priming Effects of Television Food Advertising on Eating Behavior A 2009 experiment by Harris, Bargh, and Brownell examined the influence of television food advertising as…
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The Social Exchange Theory versus Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis of Social Psychology

Altruism Wesley Autrey actions can best be explained the empathy-altruism theoretical approach of the social psychology. This is because the social exchange theory theoretically states that altruism can only happen when the benefits certainly exceed…
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Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychokinesis, and Precognition or Premonition - Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect

Article Review: “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect” Date “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect” Summary of the…
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Personal Reactions and Interpretation of the Environment Have the Potential of Transforming Human Behavior, Feeling, and Experiences

Personality Development Our personalities are to changes and transformation over-time. Psychologists believe that personalities are essential daily tools of transformation if channeled into the most rightful way. However, some psychologist believes…
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Depression in Adults with ADHD, the Mediating Role of Cognitive-Behavioral Factors, Measures to Reduce the Chances of Adults with ADHD to Suffer from Depressive Disorders

Article, Psychology The article “Depression in Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): The Mediating Role of Cognitive-Behavioral Factors” by Knouse, Safren and Zvorsky (2013), provides detailed information on how adults with…
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Violence in Video Games Can Be Transferred to the Children's Real-Life Attitudes and Behaviors

Playing and Thinking about Violent Games Boost Aggressive Tendencies Parents, beware! High-violence content in your children’s favorite video games can have lasting effects on their personality. For the past decade, studies swing back and forth in…
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Role of Language in Gender Inputting Process Applying of Gender-Neutral - He and His, Gender Pronouns and Children's Perceptions of Women's Ability to Succeed in Profession

Children’s understanding of sexist language The purpose of the study was to explore the role of language in the sex inputting process concentrating mainly on the “gender neutral” use of “he” and“his”.The study was also used to provide answers on how…
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The Emotional Effects of Violations of Causality, or How to Make a Square Amusing, - the Comical Effect Achieved Is Directly Proportional to the Incongruence between Cause

Making a square amusing ‘The emotional effects of violations of causality, or how to make a square amusing’ is a research report that was authored by Bressanelli Daniela and was published on 2 March 2012. This paper seeks to offer a summary of the…
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A Randomized Clinical Trial of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy versus Unrestricted Services for Health Anxiety

A Critical Review Affiliation A critical review The article reviewed in this paper is d “A randomized clinical trial of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy versus unrestricted services for health anxiety (Hypochondriasis)” involving a study done by…
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Denial, Being a Common Problem in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, May Have Negative Consequences on the Treatment Process

Article Article In my own opinion, this article was helpful in numerous ways; as it helped me understand the various issues relating to drug addiction and denial, which is a common phenomenon in drug abusers. From reading the article, I learnt what…
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Bilingualism as a Contributor to Cognitive Reserve - Factors That May Lead to Delay in Diagnosis of Symptoms of Alzheimers Disease

Bilingualism as a contributor to Cognitive Reserve Critique Bilingualism as a contributor to cognitive reserve Critique The article focuses on factors that may lead to delay in diagnosis of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (Schweizer et al,…
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Mental Illness Problems in African American Teens Developed by Family Conflicts, Poor Academic Performance of the High School Students due to the Mental Issues

Mental illness of the young adults al Affiliation Mental illness problems in African American youths The of the article are Choe Daniels, Stoddard and Zimmerman. Their main aim is to pass information on the various ways the young adults face problem…
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When Anger Management Requires Going Deeper by B. Golden

The paper "When Anger Management Requires Going Deeper by B. Golden" is an outstanding example of a psychology article. The purpose of this study is to explore details on anger management. The primary purpose of this study is to compare and contrast the merit of a pop psychology article with that of an empirical article. …
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Social Psychological Theories on Social Inequalities by Hollander and Howard

The paper "Social Psychological Theories on Social Inequalities by J. A. Hollander and J. A. Howard" is a delightful example of an article on psychology. The expounds more on social psychological theory, which has undergone immense development over multiple lines through the 20th century.…
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Oppositional Defiant Disorder

The paper "Oppositional Defiant Disorder" is a great example of a psychology article review. ADHD and ODD are not diagnosed until when children reach school going age. However, the symptoms of these disorders can start emerging during preschool years.…
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Changing Beliefs and Behavior through Experience-Taking by Kaufman and Libby

The paper "Changing Beliefs and Behavior through Experience-Taking by Kaufman and Libby" is a great example of a psychology article review. The article written by Kaufman and Libby was published online on March 26th, 2012 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. …
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Application of Operant Conditioning Procedures to the Behavior Problems of an Autistic Child by Wolf

The paper "Application of Operant Conditioning Procedures to the Behavior Problems of an Autistic Child by Wolf" is a great example of a psychology article review. The article discusses the use of operant conditioning on a locally brain-damaged, autistic pre-school child.…
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The Psychology of Confession Evidence

The paper "Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology " is a great example of a psychology article review. The background of Saul M. Kassin’s study, which was detailed in his article “The Psychology of Confession Evidence,” is centered on confession evidence in a courtroom setting and how unreliable it tends to be.…
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Psycho-Physiological Problems among Dual Career Women: A Cause of Stress

The paper "Psycho-Physiological Problems among Dual Career Women: A Cause of Stress" is a great example of a psychology article review. Seema Kwatra, Nirmal Kaur and Payal Raghubansi, the authors of the article, explore physical and psychological stresses in the work environment and its relationship with stress for women.…
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