Graduate Engineering Program at Stanford University – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Graduate Engineering Program at Stanford University" is a brilliant example of a personal statement on education. The graduate engineering program that I have decided to pursue is at Stanford University’s School of Engineering, which is located in Palo Alto, California. Attaining a master’s degree after my undergraduate studies is a path that I plan to take on. I am currently working on finishing a bachelor’s degree in engineering at San Diego State University, and I believe that pursuing a master’s degree in the field of engineering will broaden my knowledge and give me a competitive advantage when I get into the industry. I chose Stanford University because it is a global leader in the field of engineering. In less than a thousand words, describe how an existing engineering system can be improved in the field that you are studying. In less than five hundred words, describe how this master’s in engineering will boost your career and make you more innovative. It has always been my dream to become a competent engineer and has gone ahead to do anything possible which includes working hard in school to achieve this. I eventually have had the opportunity to apply to join Stanford University in California and study Masters in Electrical Engineering. If selected to join the program, it will be the fulfillment of my life goals. I have spent hundreds of hours with people who have made it in the field of engineering, and I am always fascinated by the kind of experiences that they have experiences in their careers. Their experiences working on projects and trying new theories make me free like part of them, I occasionally find myself imagining how I would react in similar circumstances. My dream is to change the engineering landscape and raise a beautiful family. It is no doubt that these dreams will be close to being achieved by graduating with a Master’s degree in Engineering. I believe I can make contributions that would change the engineering industry with the right preparation which will involve graduating with the Master’s degree. Engineering is a passion and not a career for me. As an engineer, I will be passionate about finding viable solutions and not taking it as a job which is important for one to be successful in any career. Being able to attain a master’s degree immediately after my first degree will be a big success towards a successful career in engineering. I will be able to expand the knowledge attained while studying the first degree which is also in engineering. The Master’s degree lessons will enable me to delve deeper into material that I was not able to do while studying my first degree. I tried personal studies to acquire the additional knowledge it though it didn’t work out perfectly for me. Once qualified as an engineer I will strive to concentrate on a specific field. One of the fields that I am interested in is software engineering. This is an interdisciplinary field that has witnessed a tremendous change in the recent past due to technological advancements. The internet has helped in the development of this industry. I, however, believe that this can still be developed further. Everyone in the world should be able to access the internet and at a cheaper cost. This opportunity is going to give me the platform to be able to understand systems, theories, and concepts that I have always wanted to know in the field of engineering. My undergraduate studies have equipped me with basic knowledge in engineering that will act as a pillar of my master’s program. I believe that I am well off in the field of engineering with basic knowledge that through my passion, I will take the next step of becoming better.  There are a lot of reasons that have driven me to choose this institution. The mission for the school of engineering is to seek solutions to important global problems and also to educate leaders that will be able to make the world a better place through the use of the engineering systems, principles, and techniques. This does not only attract me based on the final person that the school will hold me into but also acts as an answer to what I have always wanted in life. The university through its mission statement that it educates engineers who possess not only deep technical excellence but also cultural awareness, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills that come from exposure to the business, liberal arts, and medicine among other disciplines. These are everything that I have ever wanted. Through this, I believe that I will have the best environment that will give me ample time to study and be the best engineer that I have always pictured myself to be.