Business Program at Texas A&M University – Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Business Program at Texas A& M University " is a great example of an application/admission essay on education. Currently, I am enrolled in a business program at Texas A& M wishing to further enroll in your Aggies program. Attending this program will play a vital role in helping to further my professional career. My professional goals can be summed up in terms of achieving both academic and vocational success. I wish to complete my MBA degree and subsequently my CFA as well. My focus on my studies includes my foresight for future applications of my abilities.

Achievement in academics is my short-term goal. My long-term goal is to attain the position of a CEO in a multinational and renowned company.   Since I wish to enter into the world of competitive business, Aggies on Wall Street would be an excellent opportunity for me to experience business at a practical level. The exposure to a highly professional environment at this stage will assist me in the future and help influence my entry-level positions at the time of employment. I am a dedicated and highly ambitious individual.

My dedication is not only at the level of lip-service but can be reflected in my efficient output and hardworking personality.   My studies and my hobbies are most conveniently intertwined. Business is not simply my academic pursuit but my true area of interest. It is what comes naturally. I endeavor to follow my instincts and my intellect both in a way that I believe shall interest your program and its objectives both, should you wish to select me for it.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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