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Visual Arts & Film Studies Essays and Research Papers

Film as a Representational Art - Photography and Philosophy by Walden
The paper “Film as a Representational Art - Photography and Philosophy by Walden“ is a  dramatic variant of an article on film studies. A philosopher author and writer, Roger Scruton, disputes the idea and the possibility of the film is an art. According to roger, film mimics and depends on the theatre. This is the only way in which film becomes an art.…
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Female Characters and Australian Welfare Practice in American Beauty and Once Were Warriors
The paper “Female Characters and Australian Welfare Practice in American Beauty and Once Were Warriors“ is a  dramatic variant of movie reviews on film studies. According to the theory of socialism, there is an obscene gulf that exists between the poor and the rich. This has resulted in the situation of an extra cost towards the achievement as well as the maintenance of access to basic education.…
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Fight Club - about the Way in Which Americas Fail to Integrate Their Actions with the Emotional Components Especially Where Men Are Involved
The paper “Fight Club – about the Way in Which Americas Fail to Integrate Their Actions with the Emotional Components Especially Where Men Are Involved” is a  thrilling example of a movie review on film studies. Fight club is a movie which was directed by David Fincher with the main stars being, Brad Pitt who acted as Tyler Durden, Helena Bonham Carter who acted as Marla singer.  …
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How the Artwork Relates to Social Work
The paper “How the Artwork Relates to Social Work” is an inspiring variant of essays on visual arts. Tarryn Gill is an art of Perth, Australia designed in the year 1981 where the artist was trying to illustrate a music theatre using painting. The art encompasses performance, photography, film, design, theatre, and choreography.  …
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Asian Movies and Media: Two Stage Sisters and Red Sorghum
The paper "Asian Movies and Media: Two-Stage Sisters and Red Sorghum" is a great example of an essay on visual arts and film studies. The transition between tradition and modernity or postmodernity has always been a tradition among communities. This has led to there being a lot of tangible tension between these two different ways of life.…
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In What Ways Has the South Korean Film Industry Adopted and Adapted the Hollywood Blockbuster Model
The paper "In What Ways Has the South Korean Film Industry Adopted and Adapted the Hollywood Blockbuster Model" is a good example of an essay on visual arts and film studies. Since the 1990s, the South Korean film industry has marked a great deal of success in its productions. Before the 1990s, their films were not popular, and they were facing very serious competition from Hollywood.…
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Hotel Rwanda - the Film about Atrocities That Have Been Committed against the Basic Principles of Humanity and That We Must Not Forget
The paper “Hotel Rwanda – the Film about Atrocities That Have Been Committed against the Basic Principles of Humanity and That We Must Not Forget”  is a breathtaking variant of a  movie review on film studies. In 1994, the world witnessed one of the worst cases of mass murder ever since World War II when the Hutus who made up 85% of the Rwandan population turned against the Tutsis.…
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Narratives in The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein
The paper “Narratives in The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein”  is an inspiring variant of a  movie review on film studies. Narratives are found in countless forms all in a wide variety of genres where each streams out to different types of media. It is therefore channeled through oral or written articulated language, pictures which may be still or moving, or a blend of all these.…
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Women in Old and Modern Chinese Cinemas
The paper “Women in Old and Modern Chinese Cinemas”  is a breathtaking example of an essay on visual arts & film studies. In Chinese cinemas and the movie industry, we must recognize the fact that women often feature in these cinemas as engineers of tension between traditional modernity and post-modernity forces, and this tension has not been constant.…
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Critically Discuss The Role Of The Mass Media In Identifying, Promoting And Shaping Global Issues
IntroductionMass media is the collection of communication instruments that can convey identical messages to numerous people who most of the time happens to be physically separated. The identical information may then be relayed through recordings,…
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Commodity Project
Palm Oil in Southeast AsiaPalm oil is one of the most renowned oil produced and consumed worldwide. It is considered cheap, very efficient in its production as well as its high stability, therefore has a wide range of application (MPOC, 2008). It can…
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Choose One Question
Max DupainMax Dupain (1911- 1992) is considered as one of the greatest Australian photographers whose method of photography was defined by simplicity, and directness. This led to the creation of images characterized by sharp focus, boldness, and…
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Participatory Idea And Program Led Idea Of Melbourne Festival(Unit:communicating The Arts)
Раrtiсiраtоry and Рrоgrаm Lеd Idеа of Меlbоurnе Fеstivаl1.0 IntroductionThe Melbourne Festival is one of the greatest cultural events and encouraging more cultures and people to integrate is one of the ways to make the event even better. Thus, having…
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Advanced Arts Management Case Study
Advanced Arts ManagementProblems ChosenThe market is becoming highly competitive that the management has to ensure adequate strategies are in place to tackle the new problems. Therefore, it is important to focus on all areas of management to ensure…
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Final Essay
IntroductionCultural sensitivity suffices to be one of the most important pillars for negotiators in the endeavor to lure customers in a foreign market to purchase the products of a multinational company that has entered the market. With the Japanese…
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Communicating With Images
Introduction The modern society has become visually intensive; this has been due to the exciting images and the development of photography. The photography and photoshop have become central part to conveying of different messages. According to Parsa…
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Kuwaiti Media And Egyptian Elections
Case study analysis – Egyptian Presidential ElectionIntroductionThere is standing competition among the media forms that are currently present. Both the traditional media forms and new media forms are in search of popularity among the audience. In…
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IntroductionThe introduction of the internet has seen massive changes on the access of information being implemented across the globe (Ghareeb 2000, p. 395). Millions of people are accessing the internet to access information on given topics of their…
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Imperfection1.0 Brief OutlineI intend to explore the imperfection associated with the process of developing a ring through wax moulding technique. My motivation for making wax moulded rings is the work of David Brooks on ‘imperfection’ in the book…
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IntroductionOnline news has, in the recent past, become an alternative medium of news. I explored online news as an alternative medium and found out that, most people prefer online news to mainstream news because of its availability. The youth are…
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The Art Of Capitalism: Advertising And Culture
Exploitation of Humanity by Advertisers for Commercial AdvantageAdvertising has played a very critical role in the growth of capitalism by aiding commerce, enhancing brand visibility and sustaining the growth of multinational companies. Advertising…
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a. I will go with entertainment as media content. The entertainment aired by each media must be selected to fit the audience. The media houses know their targeted audience and therefore bring what fits them. If the society is generally immoral then…
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Theoretical Perspective of Film as an Art Form as to Cavell, Scruton and Catherine Abell
The paper “Theoretical Perspective of Film as an Art Form as to Cavell, Scruton and Catherine Abell“ is a pathetic variant of literature review on visual arts & film studies. When the word representational is used in describing any piece of art of artwork, then it means that the artwork depicts something that one can recognize or people can easily recognize.…
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Gender Study Reflective Esay
Intersectionality is defined as the overlapping of systems of discrimination (Crenshaw 2015). The name was coined by Kimberle Crenshaw in 1989 (Vidal 2014). She stated that institutions of oppression such as racism, ageism, religion oppression,…
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Annotated BibliographyPractitioner & Academic Annotatedhow To Stop Poaching
Annotated Bibliography on How to Stop PoachingCouto, Madyo. "A strategic approach to combating the illegal trade and poaching of Elephant and Rhinoceros." (2014).According to Madyo’s article, elephants and rhinoceros are continent’s wildlife that has…
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