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Visual Arts & Film Studies Essays and Research Papers

Re-examining the Rhetoric of the "Cultural Border" Summary The story re-examining the Rhetoric of the cultural border points out the cultural border, borderlands and the boundaries. This summary critiques the view of essentialists that assumes fixed…
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The Woman Of Willendorf
The Woman of Willendorf figurine is nearly 25,000 years old. I was found in central Europe and has captures the interest of historians, archaeologists and paleoanthropologists for many years. Hunter-gatherer tribes would have inhabited this area of…
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The Brand Gap
In this book Marty Nuemeier mentions ways to bridge the often found gap between business strategy and design. The book is informative as well as interesting primarily because the author has busted many myths about brands and business strategies.…
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of the Visual Art and Film Studies of the Teacher 5 March Generation As per the article Rock ‘n’ roll Sound Tracks and Production of Nostalgia by David R Shumway, besides the traditional nostalgia features like aspects of plot, the setting of…
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Technological Mathew Causey explores how the transgenic and interactive work by Eduardo Kac, functions in the tradition of contemporary art. In addition, he investigates the pertinent ethical and philosophical issues that Kac’s art raises. Key among…
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Examine The Image Of Caspar David Friedrich
The Image of Caspar David Friedrich: Abbey in the Oak Forest, 1810 Q Genre of the painting? How highly ranked is this genre in the classical/traditional system of art and in the Romantic system of art? Friedrich’s oil panting evokes a feeling of…
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Answer The Topic Of This Question
College Question Gothic cathedrals were the ancient arts and architectures that involved secular and religious buildings, stained glass and sculptures. These building existed in Europe in the middle ages. These gothic cathedrals served many purposes…
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Female, Feminine, Fertility
Full Modern Portrayal of Female Charatcers Lady Gaga is the representation of modern females who are viewed as liberated. Female liberation does not simply mean being able to do what was considered taboo for women during the past generations.…
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Response To This Essay
Book review: The book “Mythologies” ed by Roland Barthes and translated by Annette Lavers contains many riveting illustrations of myth in the modern society all of which suggest different meanings but hold something captivating to reflect. Barthes…
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Narrative Analysis ( Movie Name )
50 First s Starring: Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore Adam Sandler as Henry Roth Directed by: Peter Segal Movie Released on: February 13, 2004 Inciting Incident: Henry met Lucy in a café one morning and developed special feelings for her instantly…
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PERFORMANCE #5 Bloody Weeding
Blood Wedding As is custom to most of the greatest plays, they must exude a feeling of welcoming while at the same time be enjoyable and entertaining to the audience. The Blood Wedding was no exception in this aspect. First and foremost to create…
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History Of Photography (course Name). Expositions Of The Photos In The Musee De Elysee In Lausanne
Prof’s Conflict in Musée de lElysée Musée de lElysée in Laussanne, Switzerland has one of the most substantial collections of important photographs in Europe. While the Louvre and other museums might be more famous, there are few that compete with…
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Personal Interaction With Objects And Your Response Towards It
Personal Interaction with Objects Personal Interaction with Objects and My Response towards It Personal interaction with space is the mechanism at which human being receive oxygen from the atmosphere and breathe it back in form of carbon dioxide. Art…
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Anthony Lane, Metal Guru: Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines,
Metal Guru “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” By Anthony Lane - Annotation Metal Guru “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” by Anthony Lane is an online movie review of Terminator 3 (focusing on other movies in the series as well) (Lane, 2003). The…
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Light Shining In Buckinghamshire
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire Watching the play at the theater changed my perception of the film characters and thedominant theme of change. Even though the book is an intelligent piece of art, the play gave me a first-hand experience of the…
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Online Assignment Sikander
ART 160 Online Assignment for Sunday, October 7. The work of Shahzia Sikander is difficult to categorize because, as the artist herself is keen to point out, it makes a deliberate effort to cross boundaries and in so doing “articulate their shifting…
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Significant Others And Art Partnerships
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera “Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo” is among the art partnerships that are well knownas well as recognized to this day. Both Khalo and her husband Diego were painters in Mexico. When both met, Diego had become a giant in…
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