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In an academic environment, there are different types of papers that students commonly write. These are essays, research papers, proposals, personal statements and coursework exercises. All these types of papers serve the purpose of boosting the learner’s understanding as well as sharpening of writing skills.

  • Research paper

A research paper is an academic composition based on the writer’s original research on a given topic. He or she must demonstrate sound analytical and discussion skills in the interpretation of findings. It can be a term paper, a doctoral dissertation or a master’s theses. To achieve excellence in writing any paper, you need more than mere knowledge. You must have the proper aptitudes and a belief in yourself that you are capable of. To learn more, you might need to look at an undergraduate research paper sample.

  • Personal statement

A personal statement is an application letter sent to a university or college by a student aspiring to join an academic program. It entails writing about one’s experiences, skills, and ambitions. The main aim is to persuade your university of choice that you are a suitable applicant for a specific course program.  Essentially, it demonstrates how your scholarly achievement, co-curricular activities and other experiences of relevance have made you gain an interest in joining the course.

Undergraduate Admission Essay Examples

While writing this type of paper, you not only have to decide on the subject you want but also be among the chosen few to make it into your first choice degree program and university. To ensure you are effectively selling yourself, you need someone to guide you on how to write an outstanding personal statement. You can download personal statement essay examples undergraduate from our website.

  • General essays

Essays are a common part of school assignments and standardized tests. They serve various kinds of purposes, i.e., research, creative writing, coursework, among others. even a personal statement is a type of essay that serves its specific functions. For this reason, essays encompass a very wide category of academic writing. There are four major types of essays it narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays.

Narrative essays tell a real-life event from the first-person point of view. Expository essays, on the other hand, explain only the facts and give a well-balanced discussion of a topic. They usually encompass a range of essay variants such as comparison and contrast, cause and effect, as well as “how to” compositions.  Persuasive essays aim to convince the reader to take a certain viewpoint supported by the writer.

General Tips on How to Compose Any Paper

For some students, writing essays is just as easy as sitting down and beginning to type. However, a lot more organization, planning, and afterthought need to be put into successfully writing an essay. In case you do not have any experience in writing an essay, or you want to enhance your writing ability, it is prudent to go through various steps in the writing process. The steps of our professionals are as follows:

Decide on What Type of Essay to Write

This is a crucial step in planning for your paper. Sometimes, your essay prompt might require you to write a particular kind of essay. In this case, ensure that you keenly read the instructions as well as the guidelines.

Sometimes you might be required to write in a particular format. There are four major formatting styles. These are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. In case you are not sure how to write in a certain format, make use of the academic writing manuals on each style. We have examples of different writing styles including an MLA undergraduate sample paper.

Conduct Research

Gather as much information as you can on your topic. You can do this through consulting online resources such as web pages, peer-reviewed journals, articles, blogs, among others.  otherwise, you can also make use of library resources such as textbooks, newspapers, and magazines. Note down all the sources of information. You shall use them to write your bibliography.

Develop Your Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the main idea that gives the audience a summary of what your whole paper will be discussing. Usually, it consists of about one or two sentences. It is advisable first to write it before the essay since it might properly guide you in developing your outline

Outline the Structure

This is essentially the skeleton of your paper. It assists you in ensuring your paper has a logical structure, thoughts flow well and are adequately organized. All ideas must correlate with your thesis statement. Each paragraph needs to represent a specific idea and begin with a topic sentence. Paragraphs also need to transition from one to another smoothly.

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Undergraduate Example and Samples

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Question one For the last two years, I have followed three main self-learning initiatives. These have enabled me not only to grow academically but also become a more self-actualized academician. The first self-learning initiative I took was part of…
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4 main issues that divide Israel, Palestinians by Dion Nissenbaum
The paper "4 main issues that divide Israel, Palestinians by Dion Nissenbaum" is a brilliant example of a politics article. There are four major issues in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, ly borders, Jerusalem, refugees, and security. While the original point of focus was the Green Line dividing the West Bank and Israel, boundaries are prone to change in the future depending upon circumstances.…
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Academic Goals
Your full February 21, Personal ment I have always been inspired by changes in the economical infrastructure, and have been struggling to attain a better understanding of today’s competitive economy market. The ever-changing trends in the economy…
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Academic Suspension Appeal
The paper "Academic Suspension Appeal" is an excellent example of an admission/application essay on English. I am writing this letter in an effort to appeal the decision of the university to dismiss me as a student due to my inadequate performance during the past Spring semester. I was not surprised but I was upset to have received the dismissal letter from the university.…
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A Career in Information Technology
The paper "A Career in Information Technology" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on information technology. My goal has always been to achieve some place in managing the technical areas regarding any business firm. Today as we see that every business has a separate department within it, whose work is only to deal with the computer-based information systems.…
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Accounting Classification And The International Harmonisation Debate An Empirical Investigation
Accounting ification and the international harmonization debate ─ an empirical investigation ] “Debate regarding Accounting Standards and Harmonization: A Literature Review” Classification The need of accounting standards has always been of a vital…
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Accounting In A Nutshell
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Accounting Information System
Finance and Accounting Introduction Accounting information system need evaluation for a client business is necessary sinceit helps to provide required useful and credible information. Evaluation should be objective and systematic to help in ensuring…
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A Critical Review
A Critical Review Affiliation A critical review The article reviewed in this paper is d “A randomized clinical trial of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy versus unrestricted services for health anxiety (Hypochondriasis)” involving a study done by…
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Active Nature of Visual Perception
The paper "Active Nature of Visual Perception" is a great example of a psychology essay. Visual perception is the organization of sensory information, in order to understand an environment. There are two ways in which perception can be viewed.…
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A Cultural Approach to Communication
The paper "A Cultural Approach to Communication" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. The article revolves around communication and its interrelationship with the society or community. It is through communication that a community is formed, sustained, makes rules and laws, integrates with others, and religions are spread across the world.…
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Acute Care Nurse Practioner Personl Statement
Acute Nurse Practitioner Personal ment Nursing as a profession is an advantageous choice of profession as it provides a wide range of careers toundertake under the title of a registered nurse. My interest to take this career path started at a young…
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A Deatiled Outline About The Tea Party And Occupy Wall Street - Compare.contrast
A detailed Outline about the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Introduction Tea party is a political movement engaged in protesting against size and power of the government, increasing of taxes and federal spending. The focus of the movement is on…
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A Degree in Business Administration - Management
The paper "A Degree in Business Administration - Management " is an outstanding example of an application/admission essay on education. A degree in Business Administration - Management from the University of Florida would accord me the privilege of gaining holistic personal and professional development of a basic theoretical framework in management.…
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Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) a Real Disorder What are at least two facts presented by each side of the critical issue?  Two facts presented by the ‘pro’ side of the argument are: a. Children with ADHA show 3-4% lesser brain…
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Aditya Birla Group
The paper "Aditya Birla Group" is a great example of a business article review. In the recent past, Kumar Birla has totally tinkered with the business model. He has managed to expand the Aditya Birla Group up to 20 times the initial size through excellent tuning and restructuring to monitor the strategy.…
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Admission Assay
Admission Essay Insert Insert s Growing up in Armenia, we did not have much, but my parents always managed to provide for our necessities. Our neighborhood was always fun, and we would stay late into the evening playing different games with children.…
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Admission Essay
To Whom It May Concern: Personal ment I have always adored the idea of becoming a nurse. My aunt who is a nurse corps officer has been my role model since I was a little girl. Her commitment and passion in delivering quality and effective healthcare…
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Admission Essay: Describe What Academic Field(s) You Wish To Pursue At Brown, How You Came Upon That
Brown is my of choice to help me actualize my dreams. If I were given a prospect to determine my name, I would choose economics. I believe that the pillar that drives the world is economics, economics and economics. At Brown University, I would…
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Admission To MED Psychology
The paper "Admission To MED Psychology" is a great example of a psychology admission essay. My name is…….and it has been my desire to study a MED in psychology in the USA. I am a Saudi female whose goal is to pursue a career in the field of psychology so that I can be able to support my society especially women who are denied educational and societal rights.…
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Adolescent Boys and Body Image: Weight and Muscular Concerns as Dual Pathways to Body Dissatisfaction
The paper "Adolescent Boys and Body Image: Weight and Muscular Concerns as Dual Pathways to Body Dissatisfaction" is an excellent example of a literature article review. The article written by Diane C. Jones and Joy K. Crawford discusses the possibility of whether or not a young adolescent boy will have body image issues when considering his weight and muscle mass…
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Adrian Peterson Case
The paper "Adrian Peterson Case" is an outstanding example of a law essay. As Peterson was first put on the list in September after the news of his child abuse case broke, he went voluntarily, and such incidence sidelined him away from all team activities.…
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Advanced Practicing Nursing
Advanced Practicing Nursing Advanced Practicing Nursing Introduction Advance Practice Nurses (APNs) are obliged to perform various activities within a health institution after having completed advance training. APNs include nurse practitioners and…
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Advancements in Operational Management
The paper "Advancements in Operational Management " is a perfect example of an article on management. In today’s fast-paced environment it is critical for managers to stay in tune with current trends in operations and learn from what others are doing to stay competitive. Doing this can propel businesses ahead of their competitors and ensure that they remain solvent where others may fail.…
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hacking
Advantages and disadvantages of hacking By of the of the School Hacking can be referred to as the act of gaining unauthorized access to private computer so as to accomplish a personal objective outside of the creators original intention. For years…
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