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In an academic environment, there are different types of papers that students commonly write. These are essays, research papers, proposals, personal statements and coursework exercises. All these types of papers serve the purpose of boosting the learner’s understanding as well as sharpening of writing skills.

  • Research paper

A research paper is an academic composition based on the writer’s original research on a given topic. He or she must demonstrate sound analytical and discussion skills in the interpretation of findings. It can be a term paper, a doctoral dissertation or a master’s theses. To achieve excellence in writing any paper, you need more than mere knowledge. You must have the proper aptitudes and a belief in yourself that you are capable of. To learn more, you might need to look at an undergraduate research paper sample.

  • Personal statement

A personal statement is an application letter sent to a university or college by a student aspiring to join an academic program. It entails writing about one’s experiences, skills, and ambitions. The main aim is to persuade your university of choice that you are a suitable applicant for a specific course program.  Essentially, it demonstrates how your scholarly achievement, co-curricular activities and other experiences of relevance have made you gain an interest in joining the course.

Undergraduate Admission Essay Examples

While writing this type of paper, you not only have to decide on the subject you want but also be among the chosen few to make it into your first choice degree program and university. To ensure you are effectively selling yourself, you need someone to guide you on how to write an outstanding personal statement. You can download personal statement essay examples undergraduate from our website.

  • General essays

Essays are a common part of school assignments and standardized tests. They serve various kinds of purposes, i.e., research, creative writing, coursework, among others. even a personal statement is a type of essay that serves its specific functions. For this reason, essays encompass a very wide category of academic writing. There are four major types of essays it narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays.

Narrative essays tell a real-life event from the first-person point of view. Expository essays, on the other hand, explain only the facts and give a well-balanced discussion of a topic. They usually encompass a range of essay variants such as comparison and contrast, cause and effect, as well as “how to” compositions.  Persuasive essays aim to convince the reader to take a certain viewpoint supported by the writer.

General Tips on How to Compose Any Paper

For some students, writing essays is just as easy as sitting down and beginning to type. However, a lot more organization, planning, and afterthought need to be put into successfully writing an essay. In case you do not have any experience in writing an essay, or you want to enhance your writing ability, it is prudent to go through various steps in the writing process. The steps of our professionals are as follows:

Decide on What Type of Essay to Write

This is a crucial step in planning for your paper. Sometimes, your essay prompt might require you to write a particular kind of essay. In this case, ensure that you keenly read the instructions as well as the guidelines.

Sometimes you might be required to write in a particular format. There are four major formatting styles. These are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. In case you are not sure how to write in a certain format, make use of the academic writing manuals on each style. We have examples of different writing styles including an MLA undergraduate sample paper.

Conduct Research

Gather as much information as you can on your topic. You can do this through consulting online resources such as web pages, peer-reviewed journals, articles, blogs, among others.  otherwise, you can also make use of library resources such as textbooks, newspapers, and magazines. Note down all the sources of information. You shall use them to write your bibliography.

Develop Your Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the main idea that gives the audience a summary of what your whole paper will be discussing. Usually, it consists of about one or two sentences. It is advisable first to write it before the essay since it might properly guide you in developing your outline

Outline the Structure

This is essentially the skeleton of your paper. It assists you in ensuring your paper has a logical structure, thoughts flow well and are adequately organized. All ideas must correlate with your thesis statement. Each paragraph needs to represent a specific idea and begin with a topic sentence. Paragraphs also need to transition from one to another smoothly.

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Undergraduate Example and Samples

2 D-Electrophoresis Separation of the Wheat Leaf Proteome
The paper "2 D-Electrophoresis Separation of the Wheat Leaf Proteome" is a perfect example of a lab report on biology. In the experiment, the aim was to carry out a 2 D-electrophoresis separation of the wheat leaf proteome. There are two gels produced in the experiment, in figure 1 the gel was ideal as it is evident by the spots that represent the proteins.…
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3D Animated Art Exhibit

The paper "3D Animated Art Exhibit" is an outstanding example of an essay on technology. Josef Albers once said, “The role of art for me is the visualization of attitude, of the human attitude towards life, towards the world”. 3D animation achieves this by mimicking nature and to communicate fluently which message it is trying to convey to its audience. 

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4 main issues that divide Israel, Palestinians by Dion Nissenbaum
The paper "4 main issues that divide Israel, Palestinians by Dion Nissenbaum" is a brilliant example of a politics article. There are four major issues in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, ly borders, Jerusalem, refugees, and security. While the original point of focus was the Green Line dividing the West Bank and Israel, boundaries are prone to change in the future depending upon circumstances.…
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50 First Dates by Peter Segal

The paper "50 First Dates by Peter Segal" is an exceptional example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. Starring: Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore Adam Sandler as Henry Roth. Directed by: Peter Segal. Movie Released on February 13, 2004. Inciting Incident: Henry met Lucy in a café one morning and developed special feelings for her instantly (9:14).

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A Bachelor of Science Degree Intends to Get a Major in Statistics
The paper "A Bachelor of Science Degree Intends to Get a Major in Statistics" is a great example of a personal statement on statistics. Growing up, I wanted to pursue my education in the United sowing to the fact that it has the best institutions of learning and offers competitive career opportunities for graduates.…
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Abortion - Pros and Cons, Complications of Abortion
The paper “Abortion - Pros and Cons, Complications of Abortion" is an actual example of a term paper on health sciences & medicine. Abortion is a very complicated and controversial issue. Both sides of the debate have important moral insights and it is vital to understand the opinions and views of both ends. The issue of abortion is discussed under the light of religion, social values, etc.…
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Abortion Worldwide
The paper "Abortion Worldwide" is an excellent example of an essay on sociology. Abortion is a planned murder. This is because abortion takes away the right of living from a kid who is yet to be born. This is a heinous act in entirety and needs to be done away with as soon as possible. Abortion looks to create some sense within the domains of the wrongs committed by the couple.…
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Abraham Lincoln and Civil War
The paper "Abraham Lincoln and Civil War" is an outstanding example of an essay on history. It is a very appropriate time to read about Abraham Lincoln. Not only was he one of America’s greatest presidents, but the 200th anniversary of his birth happened earlier this year. Perhaps even more importantly Barack Obama, the first black President was elected a few years ago.…
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Absorption Costing and Performance Evaluation
The paper "Absorption Costing and Performance Evaluation" is a great example of a research paper on management. On July 2, 2008 Go Go Incorporated acquired 90 percent of the outstanding stock of Medioker Industries in exchange for 2,000 shares of its own stock. Go Go Incorporated has a reputation as a “high-flier” company that commands a high price-to-earnings ratio.…
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Academic and Career Objectives in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology
The paper “Academic and Career Objectives in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology" is a fascinating example of an application essay on psychology. The field of neuro-cognitive psychology is a specialized scientific endeavor that intrigues an exclusive group of individuals. Due to the interrelatedness of psychology to cognitive neurosciences, the thrust of delving more into research-oriented activities.…
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Academic Suspension Appeal
The paper "Academic Suspension Appeal" is an excellent example of an admission/application essay on English. I am writing this letter in an effort to appeal the decision of the university to dismiss me as a student due to my inadequate performance during the past Spring semester. I was not surprised but I was upset to have received the dismissal letter from the university.…
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A Career in Information Technology
The paper "A Career in Information Technology" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on information technology. My goal has always been to achieve some place in managing the technical areas regarding any business firm. Today as we see that every business has a separate department within it, whose work is only to deal with the computer-based information systems.…
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Acceleration Recorder and Playback Module
The paper "Acceleration Recorder and Playback Module" is a brilliant example of a case study on technology. The paper states that innovation and creativity have assisted organizations to achieve increased growth in terms of profitability, performance, market share, as well as competitiveness (Seidel, Muller-Wienbergen, & Rosemann, 2010).…
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Accounting and Regulation; Will There Ever Be Full Comparability
The paper "Accounting and Regulation; Will There Ever Be Full Comparability" is an outstanding example of a literature review on finance and accounting. This paper reviews three different scholarly writings in regards to whether there will ever be full comparability in accounting and regulations across different sectors and countries.…
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Accounting as a Must for Capturing Operating, Financial, and Managerial Accounting Information
The paper “Accounting as a Must for Capturing Operating, Financial, and Managerial Accounting Information" is a worthy example of a term paper on finance & accounting. Accounting may not be popular but it is a must for any organization, be it in the manufacturing or service sector, whatever its size, whichever country it is based in and whether or not its aim is to maximize profits.…
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Accounting questions
Accounting questions Question Since the is noninterest bearing, the face value is got by dividing the amount borrowed by the present value interest factor. Future Value face value PV of $1, n=6, i=7%…
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Accounting Risk and Return
The paper "Accounting Risk and Return" is a good example of an essay on finance and accounting. Financial decisions of any type contain a relationship between risks taken and returns expected from such decisions. These decisions have a great impact on the profitability of the entity. In this study, an effort has been made to analyze the importance of the relationship between risk and return.…
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Accounting Standards and Harmonization
The paper "Accounting Standards and Harmonization" is an excellent example of a literature review on finance and accounting. The need for accounting standards has always been of vital importance. It is for this reason that more and more investigations were undertaken to create standards of accounting reporting. These include IRFS and GAAP.…
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A Chanel Bag Is Officially the Best Financial Investment You Could Make
The paper "A Chanel Bag Is Officially the Best Financial Investment You Could Make" is a delightful example of an essay on finance and accounting. The world of fashion is competitive and to achieve customer satisfaction, there is a need for exceptional creativity. People have different tastes and preferences which are defined by personal desires or the environment. …
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A Concern on the Rising Cost of Healthcare Premiums
The paper "A Concern on the Rising Cost of Healthcare Premiums" is an excellent example of a speech or presentation on business. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be granted this grateful opportunity to make clarifications on our plan to charge some workers in this company an additional 10 percent over those ones paid by other workers.…
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A Contractor's Introduction to the Federal Acquisition System
The paper "A Contractor's Introduction to the Federal Acquisition System" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography on business. The project seeks to establish the significance of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). The role of FAR is essentially based on governing the acquisition process crucial phases are involved when acquiring service or good. …
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Active Euthanasia
The paper "Active Euthanasia" is an excellent example of an essay on a medical science. I think that euthanasia creates the controversy that it does because it concerns not just the suffering and death of a patient but also society’s beliefs and views regarding choice, death, and life. Euthanasia comes from the union of two Greek words EU meaning “well” and Thanatos meaning “death.”…
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Active Nature of Visual Perception
The paper "Active Nature of Visual Perception" is a great example of a psychology essay. Visual perception is the organization of sensory information, in order to understand an environment. There are two ways in which perception can be viewed.…
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Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management
The paper "Activity-Based Costing and Activity-Based Management" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. For Dell to abandon ABC as a result of its returning similar results as the old cost system is akin to “shooting the messenger.” If ABC had sufficient features, cost-effectiveness, and usability to be purchased in the first place, it shouldn’t be discarded now.…
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A Cultural Approach to Communication
The paper "A Cultural Approach to Communication" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. The article revolves around communication and its interrelationship with the society or community. It is through communication that a community is formed, sustained, makes rules and laws, integrates with others, and religions are spread across the world.…
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