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Tourism Essays and Research Papers

Effective and Preferred Form of Creative Economy Policy Implementation - Thailand's Creative Tourism
The paper “Effective and Preferred Form of Creative Economy Policy Implementation - Thailand’s Creative Tourism”  is a spectacular variant of a  research proposal on tourism. In a world that in increasingly global not to mention increasingly competitive, most countries and places need more and more to be imaginative and original in the promotion of themselves as tourist destinations.…
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The Role of Management in the Provision of Australian Hospitality in Diverse Cultural Environment
The paper “The Role of Management in the Provision of Australian Hospitality in Diverse Cultural Environment”  is a cogent variant of a case study on tourism. The hospitality industry is an integral part of any tourist product that helps in the development of a destination’s personality. Therefore, the development of hospitality is more than focusing on hospitable behavior.…
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Tourism Theory and Practice in the Context of the Forbidden City
The paper “Tourism Theory and Practice in the Context of the Forbidden City” is a meaningful example of a case study on tourism. The Forbidden City is also known as the Palace Museum and was considered the imperial palace at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This tourist attraction is located within the center of Beijing to the northern part of Tiananmen Square.…
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The Role of Georgian Governmental or Civil Tourism Organizations in the Development of Tourism
The paper "The Role of Georgian Governmental or Civil Tourism Organizations in the Development of Tourism" is an excellent example of a research proposal on tourism. Tourism in Georgia has been studied by various academics and scholars for many years. The subject of what the government and tourism organizations are doing to develop the sector is fascinating and vast.   …
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Egypt, the Land of Pyramids
The paper "Egypt, the Land of Pyramids " is a good example of a tourism essay. When you plan a tour that you are sure to undertake, your purse would probably decide where to go. However, that’s not the case when you have to imagine going somewhere; there are no limits to imagination. A trip for me should be exotic, something right out of a movie set; and that can only be only place – Egypt.…
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Socially Irresponsible Forms of Tourism
The paper "Socially Irresponsible Forms of Tourism" is a wonderful example of a tourism essay. There are certain forms of tourism that are socially irresponsible. Drug tourism is one such form of tourism. Traveling to places where drugs are legally and freely available is drug tourism.…
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Kenya Tourism Industry
The paper "Kenya Tourism Industry" is a wonderful example of a tourism essay. Tourism is the travel for recreation, business purposes or leisure. In reference to the World Tourism Organization, tourists are people who travel and reside in places that are outside and are not their usual living premises for less than one consecutive year for the objectives of the business, recreation, or leisure.…
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Desert Tourism in Dubai
The paper "Desert Tourism in Dubai" is an excellent example of a research proposal on tourism. Tourism has been a major revenue earner for many governments and created employment to a large number of people across the globe. Over the years, the tourism business has been booming with increased investments in the sector.…
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Santorini - Climatic onditions and Economic Factors
The paper "Santorini - Climatic conditions and Economic Factors" is a wonderful example of a statistic project on tourism. Climatic conditions in Santorini changes from one month of the year to another. Similarly, the number of tourists also vary from one month to another. the main prominent seasons in Santorini are summer and winter.…
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Revitalizing Bermuda: Tourism Policy Planning in a Mature Island
The paper "Revitalizing Bermuda: Tourism Policy Planning in a Mature Island " is a wonderful example of an outline on tourism. The island of Bermuda is positioned in the Atlantic Ocean about 575 miles east of North Carolina. Bermuda is taken by many as a wonderful tourists’ attraction with turquoise waters, first-class activities, and accommodations.…
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Travel Agency Proposal
The paper "Travel Agency Proposal" is a brilliant example of a speech or presentation on tourism. My travel agency, Blast Tour offers tour and travel services to body corporates and individuals. Among the services that Blast Tour offers include, travel consultation whereby the organization has managed to offer consultation services to individuals and corporations regarding their tour destinations.…
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Traveling with Friends
The paper "Traveling with Friends" is a great example of a tourism essay. My travel companion is Stacy. I have chosen her because we have a lot in common. I would like to travel with her. My travel companion can be described based on market segmentation. In terms of geography, my companion can be categorized based on geographical variables.…
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Tropical Rainforest-Infused Reserve Acqua di Gio
The paper "Tropical Rainforest-Infused Reserve Acqua di Gio" is an excellent example of an assignment on tourism. Recognizing the need to reinforce employees’ commitment to the company’s shared goals, Willowbrook Properties and Leisure takes you back to the calmest estate in the city. A place of reprieve amid the bustling urban pace lies the country’s Eden.…
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Where Dutch Go on Holiday
The paper "Where Dutch Go on Holiday" is an excellent example of an essay on tourism. Netherlands is one of the European nations experiencing the benefit of the increase in tourism all over the world, which is specifically 5% growth in the region which is second to the highest which is Asia at 6% growth and similar to Africa which is also 5% (UNWTO).…
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