Statistics Essays and Research Papers

Critical Thinking - Quantitative Analysis
The paper "Critical Thinking - Quantitative Analysis" is a great example of a math problem on statistics. The mean would be the best measure of central tendency for this set of data. A mean or an average is essential in the representation of the values of the majority of observations found in the population.…
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Partial Correlation
The paper "Partial Correlation " is a brilliant example of an assignment on statistics. Partial correlation can be defined as a control in statistics where there are two variables described with the influence of a third party. In this case, the statistics try to establish a relationship that exists between bodyweight of the driver and the gas mileage.…
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Discrete Approximations of Probability Distribution
The paper "Discrete Approximations of Probability Distribution" is a wonderful example of an assignment on statistics. The accuracy of a discrete estimation of a probability distribution is measured by the degree to which the moments of the estimation match those of the initial distribution.…
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