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Scholarship Essay Example and Samples

Discovering a Cure for Cancer
The paper "Discovering a Cure for Cancer" is an exceptional example of an educational scholarship essay. Throughout my education I have worked hard to establish good analytical and critical thinking capability; I have further acquired an understanding of my subject of interest by watching documentaries and reading research journals.…
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Becoming a Doctor and Being Able to Help Underprivileged Children
The paper "Becoming a Doctor and Being Able to Help Underprivileged Children" is an outstanding example of a scholarship essay on education. I am applying for this scholarship after being accepted into a private Catholic College. In this life, dreams are only accomplished with an education. My dream consists of being able to help underprivileged children in my community.…
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College Bound San Diego Scholarship
The paper "College Bound San Diego Scholarship " is a good example of a scholarship essay on English. I am William “Billy” Carter and I’m a senior at Westview High School. I consider myself an outstanding student, both in academic and extra-curricular endeavors. I have also been engaged in community service and the CBSD’s monthly workshops.…
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Emergency Nursing and Educational Goals
The paper "Emergency Nursing and Educational Goals " is a wonderful example of a scholarship essay on nursing. Serving the public has always been part of my goals. I intentionally have chosen career paths that have not only supported me financially but enabled me to assist people in preserving life.…
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Economic Empowerment
The paper "Economic Empowerment" is an outstanding example of a scholarship essay on law. Dear Scholarship Committee, I am a graduate from the New Law College, an affiliate to Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed The was a five-year course where I majored on the law of contracts, business law, banking, and insurance law, property law, income tax, and corporate law.…
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Jane M. Klausman Scholarship
The paper "Jane M. Klausman Scholarship" is an outstanding example of a scholarship essay on education.  Being a modern-day woman is not an easy task. The world seems to be moving at a breakneck speed and everyone is playing the catch-up game. If a woman is on a certain career path and happens to find those plans derailed for some reason, then she is out of luck.…
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Passion for Nursing and the Future Perspective
The paper "Passion for Nursing and the Future Perspective" is an outstanding example of a scholarship essay on nursing. The ambition: I have been in the nursing profession for the last 6 years, and I am currently a certified nursing assistant. I have fairly relaxed working hours and my total working schedule is between 20-32 hours per week.…
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Request for a Grant to Develop a Career as an Efficient Medical Laboratory Technician
The paper "Request for a Grant to Develop a Career as an Efficient Medical Laboratory Technician" is a great example of a scholarship essay on medical science. When I was a student, I used to daydream of life beyond the classroom walls. I pictured myself as a successful office employee, earning enough to get me a place of my own and other things I would want.…
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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay
The paper "How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay" is an outstanding example of a scholarship essay on education. It is with great pleasure that I express my interest in your scholarship. I am a USA citizen in need of financial assistance in my education. I recently enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours.…
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Applying to Medical School
The paper "Applying to Medical School" is an excellent example of a scholarship essay on health science and medicine. Reconstructive surgery is all about the reconstruction of an abnormality usually a congenital defect, a traumatic result, or maybe a result of an infection. Approximation of normal appearance may be an addition of its application.…
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Persons Holistic Development Shaping Ones Personality
The paper "Person’s Holistic Development Shaping One’s Personality" is an excellent example of a scholarship essay on psychology. The vicissitudes in life pose a variety of challenges to an individual. One’s ability to cope with these challenges determines the individual’s acumen to succeed. Diverse factors contribute to a person’s holistic development shaping one’s personality.…
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