How to Select Compelling Religion Essay Topics for Your Assignment

Religion is a very sensitive subject matter for most people because most religious people strongly believe in their doctrines. Therefore, when choosing a topic among the many religion essay topics available, you need to ensure that you will have enough resources and research materials to help you back up your claims without offending anyone by your words. It is also a good idea to choose a challenging topic that will allow you to showcase your ideas and support your beliefs or opinion about the subject matter. Sounds easy, right? However, in reality, it is not that easy. Most people have a hard time coming up with science and religion essay topics because these fields are very broad. However, do not worry, we have the information you need to help you pick the best topic for your assignment.

Effective Tips on How to Choose Theology Essay Topics

When it comes to such a broad field like religion, there are several things you can do to narrow it down to a great topic that you will not only enjoy writing about but also come up with a great paper that will earn you a good grade. These include:

  • Choose what you are interested in

The great thing about religion is that we all have an opinion about it. Therefore, an easy way to choose one of the many theology essay topics is to focus on your own opinion about religion and explore it from there. Identify a subject matter you are really passionate about and brainstorm possible topic ideas. After this, make sure that there is some existing research on the topic and that you will not experience challenges gathering information.

  • Observe the current situation in your surrounding

Since religion is a part of most people’s lives, you can gain inspiration from what you see happening around you. Examine people’s beliefs and what differentiates one from another and try to come up with a great topic for your paper.

  • Consider what you are studying

It is always a good idea to draw inspiration from what you have been learning in class. This will not only make it easier for you to get a topic but will also increase your understanding of the course material. However, you need to write a very informative and well-researched paper if you decide to do this because your professor is most likely very conversant with most of the topics in your coursework.

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Religion and Theology Essays and Research Papers

Ethical Foundation in Buddhism
The paper “Ethical Foundation in Buddhism“ is an intriguing variant of an essay on religion and theology. Most studies have described Buddhism as the world’s fourth-largest religion. The major identity of Buddhism amidst other major religions is that there are no congregation gatherings, preaching and worship or existence of any supreme deity.…
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Judaism and Gospels of the New Testament
The paper "Judaism and Gospels of the New Testament" is a worthy example of an assignment on religion and theology. All four Gospels of the New Testament agree that Jesus died sometime during the Jewish feast of the Passover. But the point to be noted here, before reckoning the time of Jesus’ death is that Jewish way of reckoning days differs from the one more commonly used today.…
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Philosophies of Rabbinic Judaism
The paper "Philosophies of Rabbinic Judaism" is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. Mark gives a detailed explanation of the encounter of the Jews with Jesus and his disciples and other historical details that Matthew avoids. For example at the beginning, he helps us to see that that the disciples were seen eating with unwashed hands.…
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Religions in Silk Road Changes in the Religious Beliefs of the People of the Silk Road
The paper “Religions in Silk Road – Changes in the Religious Beliefs of the People of the Silk Road“ is a  sage variant of essay on religion and theology. In this paper, our task is to focus on the issue of viability and continuing impact of religions in respect to how these creeds found their way to a particular place or region – that is, either brought by the missionaries, passed on by traders, etc.…
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Funeral Mass Ritual

The paper "Funeral Mass Ritual" is a good example of a literature review on religion and theology. "The adaptive value of religious ritual: rituals promote group cohesion by requiring members to engage in behavior that is too costly to fake." Richard Sosis, American Scientist 92(2): 166, 2004.

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Secularization Thesis versus Resurgence of Religiosity
The paper “Secularization Thesis versus Resurgence of Religiosity” is a  breathtaking option of essay on religion and theology. Human beings co-existed with religion since the beginning of time. It provided Christian teachings that governed human society for thousands of years. Classical social thinkers in the late 19th and early 20th century postulated that soon religion would disappear.  …
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Religion Replacement by Spirituality in a Modern Society
The paper "Religion Replacement by Spirituality in a Modern Society" is a great example of an essay on religion and theology. Religion refers to a strong belief, conviction or faith in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. Haught describes religion as an accumulation of belief and cultural systems which associate humanity to spirituality and to moral values.…
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Tibetian Buddhism - Religious Identity and Rituals of Vajrayana
The paper “Tibetian Buddhism – Religious Identity and Rituals of Vajrayana” is a brilliant example of a literature review on religion and theology. “There are no religions which are false. All are true, in their own fashion, all answer, though in different ways, to given conditions of human existence”. Religion has always played a big role in binding society and defining social relationships.  …
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Why Does Religious Affiliation Continue to Be an Important Source of Identity for Believers across the Globe
The paper “Why Does Religious Affiliation Continue to Be an Important Source of Identity for Believers across the Globe?” is a forceful example of an essay on religion and theology. The manner in which human beings identify themselves does not depend on whether one has faith or not, but it is characterized by the individual features that a person portrays.  …
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Islamic Perspective of Jesus, His Stories and His Relation to Other Prophets
The paper "Islamic Perspective of Jesus, His Stories and His Relation to Other Prophets" is an engrossing example of coursework on religion and theology. The author argues in a well-organized manner that Islam and Christianity have been known to have several common similarities. Both religions trace their origin to Abraham.…
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1800 Word Review Of A Social Research Case Study
Introduction Life story/history research approach is a methodological and theoretical research framework or a pedagogical approach designed to draw qualitative data from an individual’s life (Harrison 2008). In social science research, life writing…
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Ethics Application
Research Methods in Human Factors Safety Management - SP2 2015 ETHICS APPLICATIONPROJECT DETAILS5.1 Application TitleThe relationship between pilot fatigue on flight safety5.2 Plain English titleThe effect of fatigue on pilots and flight safety. 5.3…
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Case Analysis Ethics Scenario
Case studyIntroductionEach workplace has a culture that needs to be observed by the employees. The culture defines the way things are carried out in the organization so that to achieve a healthy working environment. These practices include the…
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1.0 Chapter 11.1 IntroductionAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2006), drug abuse is referred to as the act of using a substance for a purpose not consistent with legal or medical advice. Thus drug abuse will negatively impact the…
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Code Of Ethics (assignment 3)
IntroductionTata Steel Company is a multinational steel company headquartered in London, UK. The company is the second largest in terms of steel production in Europe with its main plants being in Holland and UK (Tata Steel, 2015). Tata Steel…
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IntroductionAhead of addressing the topic of discussion in this paper, I strongly feel that I should start by describing my personal background. First and foremost, I profess to the Christian religion. On a more personal level, I have worked for the…
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Business Ethics
Business Ethics1- What makes the following two ethics theories so attractive? utilitarianism and ethics of care 

Utilitarianism theory proposes the forms of action in certain circumstances intended to bring about the greatest benefit to the greatest…
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Developing Sustainable Enterprise (Business And Sustainability)
DЕVЕLОРING SUSTАINАBLЕ ЕNTЕRРRISЕ (BUSINЕSS АND SUSTАINАBILITY)CASE STUDY OF NIKE INC.Introduction Most of the neoclassical economics and other related management theories make assumptions that the aim of going venturing into business is to make a…
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Ways that Japanese Tea Ceremony Reflect Japanese CultureTea is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Tea is a popular drink not just in the Western countries but also in the entire continent. However, whenever the term teatime is mentioned in the…
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Critical Analysis A Biblical Passages
Critiсаl Analysis of Bibliсаl Pаssаgеs1. The World behind the TextThe account of depicts the early days of creation when man has been occasioned to take up the role of brining the world under his control1. At such time, there was no pain on earth as…
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Women In Islam
The Extent to Which Islam Represented a Unique New Deal for Women in the 7th Century WorldIntroductionWomen were offered their basic rights by Islam many centuries before the West. In the 7th century, Islamic women started enjoying rights but the…
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Ethical Analysis - Essay ( 25%) & Survey And Analysis Of The IT Employment Market - Report (15%)
Part AIntroductionIn today’s world, computers play a vital role in everyday life. It is used in many industries which include medicine, telecommunication systems, entertainment and many other areas. Other people who are concerned with the development…
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Survey Of The IT Employment Market & Analysis Of The IT Employment Market
@2010SURVEY OF THE IT EMPLOYMENT MARKET AND ANALYSIS OF THE EMPLOYMENT MARKETPART BAnalysis of IT job advertisements.Below is a list of IT related jobs, December 09/12/2010;Title: Network EngineerCompany:, Operations – SydneyPosition…
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Bhopal Accident
OutlineIntroductionThe AccidentCauses of AccidentConditions in the factoryHealth EffectsEnvironmental EffectsConclusion Works CitedIntroduction“The Bhopal gas leak of 1984: a factory used to produce cheap pesticides for farms in developing nations,…
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Legalizing Marijuana
LEGALIZING MARIJUANAIntroductionMarijuana is a global psychoactive drug used for its narcotic effect. It is known globally by various names including Khat, pot, cannabis sativa, weed, and grass to name just but a few. Its psychoactive element is…
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