Guidelines on How to Choose Winning Political Essay Topics with Examples

Choosing a topic for an essay is a crucial part of any kind of essay. It is a process requires in-depth research and something that you shouldn’t rush over if you do not want to make the wrong choice. Political science is one of the broadest subjects since it contains many theories, ideas, and concepts. For this reason, you need to take time when selecting political essay topics in order to ensure that you settle for the right one. It might be a good idea to focus on a subject you understand well, but exploring things you are not very familiar with or haven’t learnt in class can be very interesting. To help you save time and begin working on your essay as soon as possible, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to choose political issue essay topics and offer a few examples of topics you should consider for writing on.

Great Political Essay Examples for Inspiration

One of the best ways to get inspired for coming up with a good topic is seeing other great examples. Below you will find some of excellent topics for essays.

  • Is it a good idea to enact more gun control laws?

The issue of gun control in America has been the topic of discussion for quite some time. According to reports, there are about 88 guns per every 100 American citizens. There have been about 120 shootings in the last four years. However, the discussion only happens when people have been shot dead or when there is an election and candidates are trying to prove they will change the situation. People hold different opinions about this. Some people believe that more gun laws will help improve the situation and there are others who strongly believe that with or without laws, the issue of gun killing is going to continue for a long time. This is one of the best political essay examples because you can rely on many people’s opinions, discuss both opposing sides and conclude your essay by giving your own unique opinion on the subject matter.

  • Is it possible for North Korea and South Korea to reunite?

The division between North and South Korea by the Korean Demilitarized Zone has taken place for over 60 years. They are not only separated geographically but also socially, economically and culturally. They have been trying to find common ground and reunite, but they have not managed to do it so far. It would be a good idea for you to consider this topic of discussion. You can outline the reasons why you think North and South Korea can unite or why it is not possible.

  • Should the death penalty be abolished?

This is another interesting political science essay example. There’s been a lot of debate concerning whether the death penalty helps in reducing crime and whether it is the right way to punish offenders. Some people are of the opinion that this law is good and prevents people from committing serious crimes. However, other people do not back the law and believe that it doesn’t reduce crime but instead gives the government a free pass on taking human life without any repercussions. This is one of the most interesting political science essay topics to write about, and it can help you express your opinion on the subject matter.

Tips on How to Choose Incredible Political Science Essay Topics 

If none of these topics interest you, you can find other suitable topics by using the following simple tips.

Brainstorm. If you are not completely sure what to write about, it is a good idea to brainstorm.  All you have to do is write down some of the ideas you have about what would be an excellent topic for you. Do not focus on being orderly or grammatically correct because you simply want to know which direction to take for your assignment.

Examine available resources. Once you have brainstormed the ideas and come up with a few topics, it is advisable for you to examine the resources available and find out if there is any you can use to write a well-researched paper. A topic is great only if you have enough materials that you can use to come up with an interesting and fact-rich paper. Therefore, take some time to go through the library as well as online resources and journals, and then narrow down to the topic with the most related information to back it up.

Choose a topic that you are passionate about. Whether you are writing on political argumentative essay topics or comparative politics essay topics, you need to ensure that you enjoy the process of working on the paper. This will drive you to gather more information and do as much research as possible to come up with a great work.

Avoid worn-out topics. There are certain essay topics that have been written on so many times such as abortion and legalizing of marijuana that they have become worn out. Steer clear of such topics because they can spoil your grades and skills, which is explained by the fact that your teacher has probably read a good number of them. Try to be creative and come up with original topics.

Experiencing Challenges in Choosing a Politics Topic or Writing an Essay?

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