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Physics Essays and Research Papers

Aerodynamic: Formula 1
The paper "Aerodynamic: Formula 1" is a great example of a report on physics. Aerodynamics has over the years been considered as the key to success within the Formula 1 sporting industry. The most important concerns to the modern aerodynamic designers have always been identified as minimization of drag through streamlining and creation of downforce to ensure the car does not veer off the track.…
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Aerodynamics Measuring Techniques and Flow Visualization Techniques
The paper “Aerodynamics Measuring Techniques and Flow Visualization Techniques ”  is a thoughtful example of an assignment on physics. There are two primary types of hot wire anemometry used: constant current anemometer (CCA), Constant temperature anemometer (CTA). In the CAA, a constant electric current passes through a wire exposed to the flowing liquid.…
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A Highly Sensitive Force Sensor with Fast Response Based on Interlocked Arrays of Indium Tin Oxide Nanosprings toward Human Tactile Perception
The paper "A Highly Sensitive Force Sensor with Fast Response Based on Interlocked Arrays of Indium Tin Oxide Nanosprings toward Human Tactile Perception" is an excellent example of an article on physics. The research on the sensor capable of recognizing the tactile feeling will find useful applications in artificial systems. …
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Aircraft and Automotive Systems
The paper "Aircraft and Automotive Systems" is a great example of an assignment on physics. The aerofoil is the shape of a wing of an aircraft as seen in its cross-section. The air shaped body will move through a fluid as it produces aerodynamic forces. Moreover, air flowing past the wings will exert a force on them.…
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Aircraft Corrosion
The paper "Aircraft Corrosion" is an outstanding example of a literature review on physics. Corrosion is the electrochemical or chemical attack on a metal that ultimately leads to its deterioration. The resulting damage can occur on the surface as well as internally. The result of the deterioration is weakened structures, damaged parts, and change on the smooth surfaces.…
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Aircraft Electrical, Fuel and Other System
The paper "Aircraft Electrical, Fuel and Other System " is a perfect example of an assignment on physics. Several researchers have attempted to put on the internet world concepts topics on aircraft electrical and other systems. Concepts on Aircraft fuel have increased in research undertaken on them, as people seek to fill a knowledge gap.…
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Angular Acceleration in a Rotational Motion
The paper “Angular Acceleration in a Rotational Motion" is a forceful variant of a lab report on physics. The experiment aims at determining terminal angular Velo and angular acceleration in a rotational motion. It also aims at determining the involved moment of inertia in the experiment and compares the experimental value with the theoretically computed value. …
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A Physical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
The paper "A Physical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics" is a great example of a research paper on physics. The impact of a jet experiment was aimed at determining the values obtained through the experiment of the force directed towards a variety of shape targets and then subjecting this to comparison with the values in theory and therefore obtain a validation of the force values in theory.…
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Title: Cone calorimeter- Energy transfer and ThermodynamicsIntroductionA cone calorimeter is a modern device that is used for the burning of samples of different materials and together relevant information relating to the combustion products, release…
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Assignment Lab
AbstractThis paper elaborates on the an experiment conducted with the Cone Calorimeter on three materials, namely blue carpet samples, green carpet samples and underlay samples. This experiment is done in order to determine the values of wide array…
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Assignment To Be Re Written In Different Grammer
28th July, 2009Cross-cultural CommunicationOverviewOne of the well known anthropologists, Edward Hall says that the influence of culture on the communication is too strong and he quoted it as “culture is communication and communication is culture”.…
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Audiometry - Hearing Disorders and Audiogram Interpretation
The paper “Audiometry - Hearing Disorders and Audiogram Interpretation" is a perfect version of a lab report on physics. The standard way of representing the hearing ability or hearing loss of a person is by using an audiogram. Many of the audiograms that exist range between 100 Hertz and 8 kHz. These are the frequencies important for clarity in understanding of speeches.…
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Basic Lab Instrument Familiarity and Resistor Basics
The paper “Basic Lab Instrument Familiarity and Resistor Basics" is a forceful variant of a lab report on physics. The author aims to achieve basic laboratory instrumental familiarity and to understand how to work with resistors and application of Ohms Law regarding that resistance is the opposition offered to the flow of charge.…
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Behaviour of Structures
The paper "Behaviour of Structures" is a great example of an assignment on physics. Energy methods assume that the total work in a system is equal to the sum of internal work and external work. Suppose that the rigid body is given small, imaginary (virtual) displacement Δv, then the total virtual work is done, is equal to the sum of virtual work done by internal forces.…
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Block Diagram and Circuit
The paper "Block Diagram and Circuit" is an excellent example of an assignment on physics. The input voltage range supplied is 2 V to +9 V with a current of 25mA. This means that there is enough voltage, make the system work. The following equipment is required to come up with a circuit that is effective and that gives the right results during testing.…
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Centripetal Motion - the Rate of Change of Velocity
The paper “Centripetal Motion - the Rate of Change of Velocity" is an worthy variant of a lab report on physics. The author names such objectives of the practical as determining the centripetal force existing in a body, finding out the relationship between mass, radiuses, and velocity, to study the motion of moving in a circular manner.…
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Continuous and Discrete-Time PID Control of DC Motor Position
The paper “Continuous and Discrete-Time PID Control of DC Motor Position”  is an exciting version of the assignment on physics. Digital control applications are highly applied and used in modern applications, which is mainly related to the easy control the individual has on the applications and performance attainable.…
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Effective heat of combustion20.88MJ/KgMass loss rate.051 g/secSpecific extinction area494.81 m2/kgCarbon monoxide yield0.0149 kg/kgCarbon dioxide yield1.21 kg/kgParameters testedThird blue carpetSample of mass24gSurface Area100 cm2Thickness8 MmHeat…
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Dark Side of the Universe - Dark Matter and Dark Energy
The paper “Dark Side of the Universe - Dark Matter and Dark Energy" is an impressive variant of a term paper on physics. The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) of NASA produced some interesting knowledge that addresses man’s curiosity to develop an understanding of the cosmos. Findings of this research calculated the universe’s age and drew the curvature of space.…
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Demonstration of Law of Reflection
The paper “Demonstration of Law of Reflection" is an excellent version of a lab report on physics. The purpose of the experiment was to explore and demonstrate the basic principles of reflection. The following equipment and materials were used during the experiment: Ruler, cardboard (8.5” by 11”), a small smart mirror, small wooden block, rubber bands, straight pins, and unlined white paper.…
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Determining the Behavior of Two Different Fluids Flowing through Pipes of Different Lengths
The paper “Determining the Behavior of Two Different Fluids Flowing through Pipes of Different Lengths”  is an opposite version of a lab report on physics. Fluid dynamics is one of the important fields of engineering. It is both important in our lives and also in the running of machines. Fluid, therefore, plays a significant role in ensuring that the machine moves efficiently.…
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Elastic Collisions
Elastic collisions the lab: of lab of lecturer: Lab partners 2. In this experiment the main purpose is to study the conservation of total linear momentum and the conservation of energy in a collision between two pucks of equal mass. A frequency…
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Energy Transfer and Thermodynamics
The paper “Energy Transfer and Thermodynamics”  is a meaty version of the assignment on physics. The laws of thermodynamics are the zeroth law of thermodynamics, the first, the second, and the third laws of thermodynamics. The zeroth law of thermodynamics states that “if two systems are both in thermal equilibrium with a third system, they are also in thermal equilibrium with each other”.…
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Equations of Motion
The paper "Equations of Motion" is a wonderful example of a research proposal on physics. Various components of a moving object can be described by the use of equations of motion. The kinematic principles such as velocity, displacement, acceleration, and time can also be derived from the same equations.…
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Exposure to Metal Fumes
The paper "Exposure to Metal Fumes" is a wonderful example of an assignment on physics. Metals, as well as their importance, are ubiquitous. They are essential elements of human daily life. Metals various benefits include advancement in information technology, healthcare, construction, telecommunications, and the agricultural sector.…
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