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Physics Essays and Research Papers

Elastic Collisions
Elastic collisions the lab: of lab of lecturer: Lab partners 2. In this experiment the main purpose is to study the conservation of total linear momentum and the conservation of energy in a collision between two pucks of equal mass. A frequency…
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Physical Laws Governing Fluid Flow Resistance, and Pressure
The paper "Physical Laws Governing Fluid Flow Resistance, and Pressure" is a great example of an assignment on physics. Fluids are those substances which have the property of flowing. Liquids and gases are fluids. The normal force acting per unit area on the surface of the fluid is called pressure. If A is the normal force acting on the unit area A then pressure P = F/A.…
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Theory of Electromagnetism
The paper "Theory of Electromagnetism" is a great example of an essay on physics. After doing my research, I found the Theory of Electromagnetism interesting. The concept came into being around 585 BC, whereby it was discovered by Thales of Miletus. He discovered that if he rubbed amber with a piece of fur, the amber could attract lightweight objects.…
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Feynman and Watson
The paper "Feynman and Watson" is a great example of an essay on physics. Feynman and Watson were both very important in their respective fields. Feyman was a physicist while Watson was a Biologist. Watson discovery was in the Molecular Biology field where he discovered the structure of the DNA commonly known as the double helix.…
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The Torsional Pendulum
The Torsional Pendulum Experiments were performed to measure shear modulus (G) of the metal by making it suspension wire of a torsional pendulum. The measurements were done by using dynamical method. It was experimentally found that period of…
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Parametric Study of Porous Sound Absorbing Materials Using Taguchi method
Parametric study of porous sound absorbing materials using Taguchi method ABSTRACT Porous materials are widely used in many vibroacoustic applications. Different available models describe…
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The Bending of a Cantilever
The Torsional Pendulum Deflection of cantilever beam has beam measured by varying load and the length of the cantilever beam. The measured values of deflection were used to calculate Young’s Modulus (E) of steel. It was found that deflection of a…
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A Highly Sensitive Force Sensor with Fast Response Based on Interlocked Arrays of Indium Tin Oxide Nanosprings toward Human Tactile Perception
The paper "A Highly Sensitive Force Sensor with Fast Response Based on Interlocked Arrays of Indium Tin Oxide Nanosprings toward Human Tactile Perception" is an excellent example of an article on physics. The research on the sensor capable of recognizing the tactile feeling will find useful applications in artificial systems. …
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Centripetal Motion: The Rate of Change of Velocity
September 8, Centripetal Motion Objectives of the practical To determine the centripetal force existing in a body.To find out the relationship between mass, radiuses and velocity To study motion of moving in circular manner Discussion…
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Ohm's Law - Fundamental Concept of Electricity Explaining the Level of Current Flow in Different Amounts of Voltage, the Relationship between Resistance, Voltage and Current
Principles of Ohm’s Law Due: Ohm’s Law explains the level of current flow in different amounts of voltage. The phenomenon was coined by Georg S. Ohm in the 19th century. It explains the relationship between Resistance (R), Voltage (V) and Current (I)…
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Quantum Dots as a Platform for Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Vehicle Design
Article Review Quantum dots as a platform for nanoparticle drug delivery vehicle design The article offers a critical evaluation on the Nonoparticle-based drug delivery (NDD) research findings. As the article highlights, NDD is among the most…
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Light and Its Characteristics
Results and Analysis: This experiment simply had to do with the ultimate tests regarding the geometric laws as they interact with lenses, mirrors, and prisms. This simply had to do with the aspects of both reflection and refraction of light that has…
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Light Source Voltage and the Velocity of a Solar Car
Data Design Practical: Relationship between the light source voltage and the velo of a solar car. Introduction. Solar car involves an electronic vehicle that is entirely powered by solar energy. In most cases, the photovoltaic cells inside the solar…
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Heat Treatment of Steel
Heat Treatment of Steel Introduction Physical and mechanical properties of metals can be altered without necessarily changing their shape. This is achieved through a process referred to as heat treatment. Heating and cooling of metals during heat…
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Basic Lab Instrument Familiarity and Resistor Basics
Basic Lab Instrument Familiarity and Resistor Basics Objectives To achieve basic laboratory instrumental familiarity. 2. To understand how to work with resistors and application of Ohms Law. Introduction Resistance is the opposition offered to…
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Dark Side of the Universe - Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe of NASA Produced Findings Which Allowed to Calculate the Universes Age and Drew the Curvature of Space
Dark Matter and Dark Energy The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) of NASA produced some interesting knowledge that addresses man’s curiosity to develop an understanding of the cosmos. Findings of this research calculated the universe’s age…
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Direct Change in the Centripetal Force
Lab discussion Answers to the questions Compare the dynamic force (calculated force) with the static force (measured force) for trial do they agree within the limits of experimental uncertainty? SOLUTION To compare we need to compute the error The…
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Main Types of Welding - Gas Metal Arc Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas, Arc Welding, Gas or Oxy-Acetylene Welding, and Cutting Gas Metal Arc Welding
Welding al Affiliation) Welding Metal components are permanently joined without the need for fittings using the four main types of welding. They include; Gas metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Tungsten Inert Gas (GTAW), Arc Welding (SMAW), and Gas or Oxy…
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Half Layer Value of Wood and Aluminum Industrial Hygiene
To estimate To estimate half layer value of wood and Aluminum Industrial Hygiene Lab (SFTY 315L) Lab. lab sessionIntroduction (Theory) Ionization radiation can be basically defined as an activity whereby the number of nucleus undergoing…
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The Elements Projectile Motion and the Principle of Conservation of Momentum
Summary Sheet Objective The objective of this experiment is to study the elements of projectile motion and the principle of conservation of momentum. This law-the principle of conservation of momentum states that a system of two or more bodies is…
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Momentum and Collisions
PHYS 105L: Experiment 12 Momentum and Collisions Report Submitted By Lab Partner (if submitting separate reports) I. Tabulated data and calculated results – 23points 1st graph Data table (with data for all 3 trials) II. Calculations – 15…
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Demonstration of Law of Reflection
Demonstration of Law of reflection (Experiment O) PURPOSE: The purpose of the experiment was to explore and demonstrate the basic principles of reflection. PROCEDURE: The following equipment and materials were used during the experiment: Ruler,…
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The Law of Angular Momentum
September 7, Summary sheet Objectives The objectives of the practical was to observer the relationship that exists between to angular acceleration, torque and moment of inertia, and to test the law of angular momentum Method The wheel was placed…
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Audiometry: Hearing Disorders and Audiogram Interpretation
Audiometry Lab. lab session Introduction The standard way of representing the hearing ability or hearing loss of a person is by using an audiogram. Many of the audiograms that exist range between 100 Hertz and 8 KHz. These are the frequencies…
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Vernier Calliper: Densities and Characteristics of Different Materials
Physics lab report Purpose The aim of this experiment encompassed ascertaining the mass of a solid while utilizing balance and its length a Vernier Calliper besides its density. Introduction The three most basic units for the SI system embrace m…
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