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Physics Essays and Research Papers

Simple Pendulum
AbstractThe purpose of this lab experiment is to determine the force of gravity (g) using a simple pendulum. By use of this experiment, the period of the pendulum was timed and the values were recorded for all the ten different length variations of…
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Sample Pendulum
TheoryIf an object is dropped, it will fall at the same rate irrespective of how heavy it is. This implies that if a heavy object and a light object are dropped from the same height they will always land at the same time (if the effect of air…
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Introduction To Combustion And Fire
QuestionsDifferent states of matter are: Solids: attractive forces between molecules are greater than energy causing them to move apart. Individual molecules vibrate in a fixed position. When the temperature of solid is increased, vibration…
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Gender Differences For Fitness Performance Measures
@2010 AbstractThe aim of the experiment described in this report is to evaluate the relationship between gender and various parameters of fitness such as grip strength, lung capacity, hours of exercise and flexibility. The results from the experiment…
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Assignment To Be Re Written In Different Grammer
28th July, 2009Cross-cultural CommunicationOverviewOne of the well known anthropologists, Edward Hall says that the influence of culture on the communication is too strong and he quoted it as “culture is communication and communication is culture”.…
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Title: Cone calorimeter- Energy transfer and ThermodynamicsIntroductionA cone calorimeter is a modern device that is used for the burning of samples of different materials and together relevant information relating to the combustion products, release…
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Assignment Lab
AbstractThis paper elaborates on the an experiment conducted with the Cone Calorimeter on three materials, namely blue carpet samples, green carpet samples and underlay samples. This experiment is done in order to determine the values of wide array…
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Effective heat of combustion20.88MJ/KgMass loss rate.051 g/secSpecific extinction area494.81 m2/kgCarbon monoxide yield0.0149 kg/kgCarbon dioxide yield1.21 kg/kgParameters testedThird blue carpetSample of mass24gSurface Area100 cm2Thickness8 MmHeat…
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Synthesis of Novel Particulates for Use in Electrophoretic Displays
 The paper "Synthesis of Novel Particulates for Use in Electrophoretic Displays" is a good example of a term paper on physics. The improvement of the science of electronic displays – be it used in mobile phone screens, in retail and transportation signage, and screens of electronic book (e-book) devices – has been steadily resulting following the attempts by IT companies and technologists.…
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Fluid Dynamics Of Fire
1.1. a) A hydraulic press has the working cylinder radii ratio / 100 1 2 R R . Whatmass should be put on the smaller cylinder in order to balance the Challenger 2 tank of 62.5 tonnes? (3 marks) Solution: To balance the 62.5 tonnes in a hydraulic…
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Fluid Of Dynamics Of Fire (k)
Assuming density of air at the sea level to be 1 kg/m3Putting the values we get48.29 X 103 = -1/2 X 1 X 1.47 X 0.73 X V2V = 300 m/secThus the cruising speed of the aircraft at the sea level is 300 m/sec.2. Heat Transfer2.1. A)Dimension of a physical…
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Investigation Of Background Radiation In An Industrial Area
Investigation Of Background Radiation In An Industrial AreaStudentUniversityABSTRACTA measurement of the background radiation was carried out at the site and in the neighboring Holt Street Pinkenba. Laboratory survey meters were primarily used to…
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Block Diagram and Circuit
The paper "Block Diagram and Circuit" is an excellent example of an assignment on physics. The input voltage range supplied is 2 V to +9 V with a current of 25mA. This means that there is enough voltage, make the system work. The following equipment is required to come up with a circuit that is effective and that gives the right results during testing.…
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PPARD ( DELTA )Exercise And Sport Genetics - Assignment
Title: The association of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-δ with physical performanceIntroduction:The various health benefits from physical exercise are well documented such that physical exercise is now an integral part of lifestyle…
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Will Robots Ever Take Over The World
Will Robots Take Over the World?May 13, 2009IntroductionThis paper sets out to investigate the question on whether it is possible or not for the machines to take over the human race. It will seek to analyze the current state of robotics by reviewing…
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Measurement Systems And Calibration .Engineering
Experiment 1: Strain gauge measurements1. Summary:This report aims at describing the strain gauge measurement using Quarter, half and Full Wheatstone bridge configurations. Their respective response for same load conditions and respective sensitivity…
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High Temperature Superconductivity
Background (major concepts and relevant example) on the topicSuperconductors refer to the materials that are capable of conducting electricity without any resistance. This only happens under low temperature (David & William, 19). The high…
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Vaibration & Waves
Amplitude a = displacement/ sin (ωt) = 0.1/ sin (0.4/0.025*0.25)1/2 = 2.87 m ii) The force produce by the block f = 1/2ke2 = 1/2* 0.4* 0.12 = 0.002J.F= ma whereby maximum acceleration will be given force/mass= 0.002/0.025 = 8.0 *10-2 ms-2 d)…
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Fire Protection. Physics, Formula
Therefore, t1 = √ (1053 ÷ 0.0117) = √90000 = 300 (s)Heat released in the growth time period: E1 = ∫0 Q dt = ∫0 at2 dt = (at13 ÷ 3) = (0.0117 ÷ 3) x 3003 = 105300(KJ) = 105.3(MJ)The duration of the growth time period: tg=Eg÷ Q = 105.3 MJ ÷ 1.053MW =…
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Fire Protection
ii. At 50 seconds, Q = 0.0117 x 502 = 29.25W T50 = 20 + (29.25/1.5) ⅔ = 69.00 OC0.09 X 2⅔ X 1 X 1.03iii. At 100 seconds, Q = 0.0117 x 1002 = 117.00W T100 = 20 + (117/1.5) ⅔ = 144.06 OC0.09 X 2⅔ X 1 X 1.03iv. At 150 seconds, Q = 0.0117 x 1502 =…
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The paper
 The paper "Thermodynamics and Combustion" is a good example of an assignment on physics.  Frictional Fluid flow- the amount of mechanical energy is transformed into heat due to viscosity and whereas in frictionless flow very little energy is lost. Viscosity - the measure of the resistance of a fluid.…
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Elastic Collisions
Elastic collisions the lab: of lab of lecturer: Lab partners 2. In this experiment the main purpose is to study the conservation of total linear momentum and the conservation of energy in a collision between two pucks of equal mass. A frequency…
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Physical Laws Governing Fluid Flow Resistance, and Pressure
The paper "Physical Laws Governing Fluid Flow Resistance, and Pressure" is a great example of an assignment on physics. Fluids are those substances which have the property of flowing. Liquids and gases are fluids. The normal force acting per unit area on the surface of the fluid is called pressure. If A is the normal force acting on the unit area A then pressure P = F/A.…
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Theory of Electromagnetism
The paper "Theory of Electromagnetism" is a great example of an essay on physics. After doing my research, I found the Theory of Electromagnetism interesting. The concept came into being around 585 BC, whereby it was discovered by Thales of Miletus. He discovered that if he rubbed amber with a piece of fur, the amber could attract lightweight objects.…
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Feynman and Watson
The paper "Feynman and Watson" is a great example of an essay on physics. Feynman and Watson were both very important in their respective fields. Feyman was a physicist while Watson was a Biologist. Watson discovery was in the Molecular Biology field where he discovered the structure of the DNA commonly known as the double helix.…
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