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Essays for “Philosophy”

Moral and Medical Aspects of Abortion
The paper “Moral and Medical Aspects of Abortion”  is an inspiring example of an essay on philosophy. The purpose of this paper is to make the case that abortion during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy cannot be opposed on grounds of fetal consciousness. A fetus who is at least 28 weeks old can feel pain, but there are technical ways to apply anesthesia directly to a fetus.…
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Deep Ecology and Shallow Environmentalism Environmental Philosophies
The paper "Deep Ecology and Shallow Environmentalism Environmental Philosophies" is an excellent example of an essay on philosophy. Both the deep ecology and the shallow environmentalism environmental philosophies have shaped the efforts and perceptions of environmentalists towards the protection of nature.…
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IntroductionEthics is the manner in which the employees in a certain organization behave in accordance or contrary to the set rules and regulations. Civil engineering ethics form the basis of how civil engineering professionals are supposed to behave…
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Chemical Engineering
One of the most lucrative courses in the world is engineering. The course applies various factors to situations to find solutions to potential as well as existing problems. Some of the skills required by a professional engineer are to understand…
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There are very many aspects that must come together before a community develops to high levels of sophistication which is commonly referred to as civilization. Our current knowledge is derived from the evidence of archaeology. However, an in-depth…
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Critically Understand The Concept Of Film As Representational Art
When the word representational is used in describing any piece of art of artwork, then it means that the artwork depicts something that one can recognize or people can easily recognize. The history of the representational art started about millennia…
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Freud And Philosophy
IntroductionThe wish-fulfilment theory of dream brings about two arguments. The “manifest dream content is the fulfilment of a wish, and second, its motive is the wish’ (Freud 1900). In Chapter IV of Freud’s 1900 works 'magnus opus on dreaming,' he…
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Freud And Philosophy
Freud’s Theory of Dream-WorkIntroductionSigmund Freud’s theory of dream work is a theory that explains the meaning of the manner in which the unconscious emotion and thoughts work when one is asleep. Freud was majorly concerned with a research method…
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The Connections Between Plato's General Political Philosophy And His Allegory Of The Cave
IntroductionPlato’s Allegory of the Cave is the leading symbolic representation of the nature of reality, human condition and knowledge. However, the interpretation has turned out to be a travesty work commitment of the political thought,…
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Kant's Notion Of Duty And The Role Of Feelings In Moral Conduct
‘In his paper “The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn”, Jonathan Bennett seems to suggest that acting on sentiment or fellow feeling is generally superior to acting from principles of duty’IntroductionThe primary goal of this essay is to establish the…
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If The Fact Of Nuclear Deterrence Makes Nuclear War Less Likely To Happen, Does This Serve To
If The Fact Of Nuclear Deterrence Makes Nuclear War Less Likely To Happen, Does This Serve To Justify Nuclear Deterrence?Nuclear deterrence occurred lately after the world wars a time when the superpowers had armed themselves in preparation for…
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Kant's Distinction Between Acting From Duty And Acting In Accordance With Duty
Kant's distinction between acting from duty and acting in accordance with duty:In the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals’ and in his Categorical Imperative (CI), Kant starts out by examining common notions and assumptions of ethics with the goal…
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Evaluative Essay On Global Warming
Introduction:The objective of this essay is to analyse and evaluate the article “The Global Warming Myth” by Prof David Bellamy published in “THE NEW ZEALAND SCIENCE COALITION” on 13 August 2007. In his article Bellamy says that he is not worried…
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UtilitarianismWord Count: 2171UtilitarianismIntroductionUtilitarianism puts forth the idea that the moral worth of an action is identified and determined singularly by its overall utility. This implies the contribution of the action towards happiness…
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Debate Paper-illegal Downloading
Illegal downloading: debateThe contemporary world is characterized by easy flow of information via the medium of the internet. The availability of information, songs, movies and even books now has positively made a mockery out of the existing…
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Capital Punishment
Tinkering with Death: Why Capital punishment is a problem and not a solutionCapital punishment is the term that is used to define the execution of a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense. The idea therefore is that a man convicted…
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Disscuss How The Theory Of Emotional Intelligence ( Goleman, 1995 ) Contributes To A Safer Working
Q. Discuss how the theory of Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, 1995) contributes to a safer working environment The term emotional intelligence was first coined by the duo of Peter Salovey and John Mayer. This was then popularized by the New York…
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Why Should Teachers Study Philosophy And In Parthicular Ethics
@ 2010IntroductionEthics refers to the study of what is right and wrong in the sense of trying to discover reasonable general principles that will help us decide what we ought to do and what we ought not to do in everything. Most individuals bear in…
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Is There An Ethical Rationale For Introducing Surgeon's Report Cards If So, What Is It Critically
AbstractAn ethical argument against the introduction of surgeons’ report cards can take one of two forms: It can either be an argument that the report cards themselves are an unethical practice, or that the report cards encourage other unethical…
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Explain The Basis And Purpose Heidegger's Distinction Between The �ready-to-hand' And The
Heidegger’s “Being There”2008The main interest of Martin Heidegger (1889–1976) is to make sense of our capacity to understand things. On top of it, he wishes to renew the idea that even if hard to grasp, this topic has extreme importance (Dreyfus…
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Bachelor's Thesis For Philosophy
The Philosophy of Meaning of LifeThe philosophers, from the very beginning, have tried to find answers to questions of truth, the meaning of existence and the meaning of life. However, how to find answers, that is what should be the task, is a very…
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Comparing Aristotles Definition Of The Highest Good Is Happiness With Another Philosophers View And
Akin to those of Socrates and Plato, the ethics of Aristotle (384-322BC) was set against the backdrop of the Greek polis, or the city-state. For these philosophers who advocated character-based ethics, individuals are expected to pursue virtue…
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Indian Philosphy
Issue of handling peace in Iraq has always been a long drawn with various ups and downs and paradoxically amidst turmoil’s. Even within the United States, George Bush had to face severe opposition due to his continuous exigencies in Iraq, but the end…
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Write An Essay On Oly One Of The Questions In The ESSAY QUESTIONS FOLDER
2. Describe and evaluate one of the following forms of reasoning: -Inductive reasoning -Deductive reasoning -Statistical and probabilistic reasoningUnderstanding various theories of knowledge is an important step in the research process. It is…
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What Consequences Does Radical Freedom Have For The Way We Should Live Our Lives Discuss With
Consequences of radical freedom on the way we should live our lives in reference to Sartre IntroductionSartre (1946) argues that there is no specific human nature universal to everybody since there is no God to provide the human nature and that the…
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