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Philosophy Essays and Research Papers

The Existence of Ultimate Truth
The paper “The Existence of Ultimate Truth“ is a  meaningful variant on literature review on philosophy. An ultimate truth refers to a permanent and unalterable fact (Mordecai, 2006). The idea of absolute reality or truth and whether it exists has been a cause of debate for a long time.…
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Aristotle and Plato on Politics - Hierarchical Distinction of the Systems of State or Governance as the Area of Major Similarity
The paper “Aristotle and Plato on Politics - Hierarchical Distinction of the Systems of State or Governance as the Area of Major Similarity“ is an impressive variant on essay on philosophy. There is no doubt that much of the philosophy as we know it today drives a lot from the early Greek philosophers who dedicated a lot of their time and intellectual resources to this noble cause.…
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Charles Darwin's Evolution Theory according to Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and van Fraassen
The paper “Charles Darwin's Evolution Theory according to Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and van Fraassen“ is a  meaty variant of a literature review on philosophy. While we continue to consider the theory of Charles Darwin as a relatively young archetype, the evolutionary worldview has been and will continue to be as old as antiquity.…
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I Think, Therefore I Am - the Discourse on Method by Descartes
The paper “I Think, Therefore I Am - the Discourse on Method by Descartes“ is a  sage variant of an essay on philosophy. In part four of the Discourse on Method, Descartes uses metaphysics to explain certain phenomena. He used to proof and evidence to do this as he realized that he needed to ensure that people did not doubt his work.…
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Free Will and Determinism - Ways in Which Human Beings Are Genuinely Free
The paper “Free Will and Determinism - Ways in Which Human Beings Are Genuinely Free“ is an intriguing variant of a literature review on philosophy. Free will is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts of philosophy, so is the free will problem. There are various arguments overtime on whether human free will is a basic component of human beings and implications thereof.…
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Philosophy and Public Affairs - a Defense of Abortion by Thomson
The paper “Philosophy and Public Affairs - a Defense of Abortion by Thomson“ is an exciting variant of an article on philosophy. Judith Jarvis Thompson argues that abortion is morally permissible in some instances. This does not imply that she is against the right to live and the fact that life starts from the time of conception.…
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Dependence of Beliefs or Knowledge on Culture
The paper “Dependence of Beliefs or Knowledge on Culture“ is an exciting variant of a literature review on philosophy. Culture refers to a pattern of conduct by a group of individuals in due course alongside the manifested outcomes of the conducting pattern. This includes manifestations such as arts and structural behaviors like the organizational ethos.…
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The Precise Bit of Philosophy That Deals with Self
The paper “The Precise Bit of Philosophy That Deals with Self“ is a  dramatic variant of an essay on philosophy. Like most other disciplines, philosophy has continually grown over time. This entails different scholars striving to come up with concepts that would enhance the general comprehension of the subject by making it more concise and effortless.…
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Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
The paper "Kant's Critique of Pure Reason" is an inspiring example of a book review on philosophy. Kant’s criticism of pure reason seeks to establish situations where pure reasoning is applicable or its applicability limited. Kant’s challenges the concept that there exists “an inference which appears to with-stand even the keenest scrutiny and the most scrupulously exact investigation”.…
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The Role of Recognition in Human History
The paper "The Role of Recognition in Human History" is a perfect example of an essay on philosophy. Absolute knowledge is the complete system of philosophy by Hegelian. Hegel tries to understand how absolute knowledge can be attained. The system is concerned with showing how the absolute knowledge must be, and how a man must be able to attain it.…
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Duhems Thesis That All Observation Is Theory-Laden
The paper "Duhem’s Thesis That All Observation Is Theory-Laden" is an inspiring example of an essay on philosophy. In the science philosophy when the observations are subjected to presuppositions in the theory form, they are referred to as the ‘’theory-laden’’. Duhеm’s thesis has got a strong association with the works that were done by the previous philosophers.…
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God Is Dead and Nietzsches Concept of the Superman
The paper "God Is Dead and Nietzsche’s Concept of the Superman" is an engrossing example of an essay on philosophy. A German philosopher, philologist, composer, poet and cultural critic, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, born in 1844, is known for writing critical texts on morality, philosophy, science and religion.…
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What Is the Significance of the Feminist Critique of Science
The paper "What Is the Significance of the Feminist Critique of Science?" is a great example of an essay on social science. A feminist critique of science is expressed and experienced in several ways, and it has got various objectives and reasons. Some of the reasons for feminist critique are those that have demonstrated interest in rediscovering the role played by women in science.…
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Kuhns Beliefs on Paradigms Shifts
The paper "Kuhn’s Beliefs on Paradigms Shifts" is an engrossing example of an essay on philosophy. Thomas Samuel Kuhn (1922–1996) is one of the most celebrated philosophers of all time. His most notable contribution is the criticism of other philosophers’ works and authoring books with the main one being 1962 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.…
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The Role of Philosophy in Hegels and Adornos Accounts
The paper "The Role of Philosophy in Hegel’s and Adorno’s Accounts" is a worthy example of an essay on philosophy. Philosophy is one discipline that criticizes and challenges the human perspective of life. In all its works it adds knowledge to the existing one by seeking to understand more about reality, human nature, life form, life significance and so many more.…
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Happiness and Prudent Good Life
The paper "Happiness and Prudent Good Life" is a wonderful example of an essay on philosophy. Philosophy of happiness is primarily an umbrella term that is used to refer to the various philosophical approaches that are used to describe the nature of happiness and the process of attaining the joy and ultimately living a good life.…
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Immanuel Kant and the Importance of Religion
The paper "Immanuel Kant and the Importance of Religion" is an inspiring example of an essay on philosophy. Kant was one of the most famous philosophers and influential thinkers worldwide. Kant, from Prussia, was also a contemporary German deontologist. Being a deontologist, Kant had faith inactions of not only wrongdoing but also doing what is right.…
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Philosophy of Aesthetics
The paper "Philosophy of Aesthetics" is a great example of a philosophy essay. Aesthetic is a division of philosophy that deals with the natural history of beauty taste and art with the intention of creating and appreciating the beautiful appearance. Based on the arguments of some scholars and from a more specific theory, aesthetic arts s divided into three areas: film, literary and music theory.…
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The Zombie Argument in Showing That the Physicalism Is False
The paper "The Zombie Argument in Showing That the Physicalism Is False" is an excellent example of an essay on philosophy. This argument purposes to show that zombies are metaphysically able so as to support the generally accepted form of dualism that includes two properties; the mental and physical.…
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Early Chinese Philosophy of Life
The paper "Early Chinese Philosophy of Life" is an outstanding example of an essay on philosophy. Tian, sometimes written as “Tien”, literally means heaven or sky in Tao or Confucian thinking, but can actually mean a god, a supreme ruler, Shangdi, reigning over both mankind and lesser gods. In Chinese script, it combines the characters for great or large with that for one.…
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Happiness, Choice and Religion
The paper "Happiness, Choice and Religion" is a good example of a literature review on philosophy. Research into the reason for our unhappiness has come up with the Choice overload hypothesis that suggests that people are unhappier if they have many choices. Unhappiness arises from the confusion and the lack of satisfaction with the option that is finally chosen.…
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The Intelligent Design Theory and Creationism Philosophy
The paper "The Intelligent Design Theory and Creationism Philosophy" is a good example of a literature review on philosophy. Intelligent design is defined by Dembski (2002) as a program for scientific research and a community of scholars such as philosophers as well as scientists who search for nature design evidence.…
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Different Types of Functionalism
The paper "Different Types of  Functionalism " is an outstanding example of an essay on philosophy. Over the years, scientists and philosophers have come up with numerous theories in an attempt to explain the nature of the human mind. Several theories have particularly been developed in order to give an account of mental states (Cunningham, 2000, p.1).…
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Kant's Moral Theory on Cloning and Other Scholars' Arguments on Cloning
The paper “Kant's Moral Theory on Cloning and Other Scholars' Arguments on Cloning“ is an exciting variant of literature review on philosophy. The paper details the moral issues that are generated by genetic engineering and specifically the issues of ‘cloning human beings’. To address this, the paper has analyzed cloning as a biotechnological engineering method.…
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Plato's Theory of Knowledge
The paper “Plato’s Theory of Knowledge“ is an impressive variant of essay on philosophy. Plato is regarded as one of the prominent philosophers that had worked on defining what knowledge is. Plato postulates the tripartite definition of knowledge by stating that before any statement could be recognized as knowledge, it must be (i) justified, (ii) true, and (iii) believed.…
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