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Philosophy Essays and Research Papers

Descartes' Argument from Illusion
The paper “Descartes' Argument from Illusion" is a pathetic version of an essay on philosophy. Descartes argued that real knowledge rested in the mind and not in the senses. He believed that there was no definite difference between what happens when one dreams and when he is awake. Descartes also went as far as arguing that in the present it is possible that he is dreaming, yet he is awake.…
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Plato's Meno - Can Virtue Be Taught
The paper “Plato’s Meno - Can Virtue Be Taught" is an inspiring version of a book review on philosophy. One of the strategies that Socrates used to win an argument with Meno was questioning some of the assumptions that Meno had made. When asked to define Virtues, Socrates questioned most of the definitions Meno gave, leaving Meno to question if he too could define virtues appropriately.…
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The Apology of Socrates by Plato
The paper “The Apology of Socrates by Plato" is a delightful version of an essay on philosophy. Plato, in The Apology of Socrates, shows Socrates as saying ‘an unexamined life is not worth living’. What I can infer from the declaration is that a life without reason is not worth living. Thus, I would like to argue that according to Socrates, a life that is worth living is a life that is being examined.…
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The Significance of Utilitarian and Kantian Ethical Theories
The paper “The Significance of Utilitarian and Kantian Ethical Theories" is an outstanding version of an essay on philosophy. Utilitarian and Kantian Ethical theories have been played a significant role in developing the aspects related to many aspects and are prevalent in all theologies. Both theories play a critical role in impacting the issue of world poverty.…
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Thomas Hobbes's Concept of a Society and Government
The paper “Thomas Hobbes’s Concept of a Society and Government " is a spectacular example of a term paper on philosophy. Thomas Hobbes, one of the most successful English philosophers. To a considerable extent, he attempted to explain the nature of a government and its implication in society and to the people. In his view, society is initially in a state of nature.…
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Education lectures
Week archive To talk There are some tools after the s. For example, the checkmarks can be used to conduct a quick poll and the hand icon can beused to raise your hand to ask a question. Feelings can be expressed using the set of emoticons. To text To…
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Merit - Why Do We Value It
The paper "Merit - Why Do We Value It?" is an engrossing example of an essay on philosophy. This paper discusses a philosophical problem touched by L.Pojman: Why do we to value merit? Since my childhood, I have always heard this phrase: “What goes around comes around.” The way I have always understood it, is that be cautious how you act in life because any action is likely to pay back.…
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The Real Failure in Life Is When a Person Fails to Learn from the Failure
The paper “The Real Failure in Life Is When a Person Fails to Learn from the Failure" is an exciting example of a personal statement on philosophy. Edison failed many times before successfully inventing the electric bulb. Instead of being discouraged he said, “If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged: every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.…
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The Concept of Self and Society
The paper "The Concept of Self and Society" is a delightful example of a philosophy essay. The concept of self and society is one of the most critical aspects of the philosophy and underlying debate that attempt to present and discuss a balanced and historical analysis of the way our lives should be governed.…
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How a Pyrrhonian Skeptic Might Respond to Academic Skepticism
The paper "How a Pyrrhonian Skeptic Might Respond to Academic Skepticism" is a wonderful example of an article on philosophy. In his article “How a Pyrrhonian Skeptic Might Respond to Academic Skepticism”, Peter Klein argues that reasoning can never provide a definitive response.…
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Moral Virtue is the Mean between Two Extremes
The paper "Moral Virtue is the Mean between Two Extremes" is a great example of a philosophy essay. For Aristotle moral values such as temperance, justice and courage are part of an individual’s social behaviour and should be dealt with as complex social skills that should be mastered in order to achieve success.…
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Three Variations in Moral Philosophy
The paper "Three Variations in Moral Philosophy" is a perfect example of a philosophy essay. In moral philosophy, there are three general variations in considering moral and cultural relativism. First, there is the strategy to deny that any sort of moral or cultural relativism exists, but the only way to make this claim is to appeal to some sort of knowledge beyond human existence, such as God.…
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Jean-Paul Sartre
The paper "Jean-Paul Sartre" is a great example of a philosophy essay. Sartre states that because we choose who we are, we are ultimately responsible for the condition that the world is in.  We cannot state that something is out of our control, such as war, because everybody decides how they are going to be, and thus the only reason war exists is because we have chosen to be in a war that has caused war. …
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Ascetic Idea by Nietzsche
The paper "Ascetic Idea by Nietzsche" is a perfect example of a philosophy essay. Nietzsche discusses not what the ascetic idea has done, but what it actually means. He views it as meaning different things to different groups who have used it. For instance, artists use it as something to which they use to prop up their art. Nietzsche states that it means “nothing or too many things.”…
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The Republic Written by Plato
The paper "The Republic Written by Plato " is a brilliant example of a philosophy book report. The most exciting thing about “The Republic” written by Plato in 360 B.C.E, is that after all these years, it remains contemporary. The issues raised by this great Greek philosopher regarding the State and the Individual remain alive even today. Modern man had not been able to outlive these issues.…
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Platos Republic Book
The paper "Plato’s Republic Book" is a great example of a philosophy book review. In this section of Plato’s Republic, Socrates discusses the which is to be founded and the nature of the inhabitants found there. He explains the way in which the inhabitants will be encouraged to follow the guidelines he lays out for a successful city in the first half of the book.…
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Book VIII of Platos Republic
The paper "Book VIII of Plato’s Republic " is a great example of a book report on philosophy. In book VIII of Plato’s Republic Socrates describes four models of the rule. These are timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny. Each stage is considered worse than the one before and Socrates argues that, since the city will be ruled by man, each of these stages will eventually be passed through.…
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The Genelogy of Morals by Nietzsche
The paper "The Genealogy of Morals by Nietzsche" is an outstanding example of a philosophy research paper. Nietzsche warned that morality is not unconditional. Laws and moral rules are not set in stone. As cultures mature and grow laws and moral rules mature and grow as well. Not one human, even Nietzsche, is the possession of an all-knowing mind.…
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On the Genelogy of Morals by Nietzsche
The paper "On the Genealogy of morals by Nietzsche" is an outstanding example of a philosophy essay. In the introduction of a “Dionysian Drama on the ‘Fate of the Soul,” the Keith Ansell Pearson compares the ‘genius of the heart’ to many things such as the tempter God and the Pied Piper.…
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Nietzsches Thoughts on Slavery and Noble Morality
The paper "Nietzsche’s Thoughts on Slavery and Noble Morality" is a worthy example of a philosophy assignment. In this week’s reading, I was really struck by Nietzsche’s thought on the slave and noble morality.  In his opinion, in the beginning, nobles formed a sort of social club, where they were good and everyone else was bad. …
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The Freud Scenario and The Family idiot by Jean Satre
The paper "The Freud Scenario and The Family idiot by Jean Satre" is a great example of a philosophy essay. Jean Satre (1906 – 1980) had won the Nobel Prize for Literature but had declined it in 1964. He was one of the most prolific writers of his time, who wrote on many different subjects such as Philosophy, fiction, and drama.…
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The Doctrine of Mean by Aristotle
The paper "The Doctrine of Mean by Aristotle" is a worthy example of a philosophy book review. Aristotle is one of the greatest philosophers throughout history. He has developed a number of great works ranging from philosophy to science. One of his famous works that contributed to ethical theory is The Doctrine of Mean.…
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Impressions of Lucretius
The paper "Impressions of Lucretius" is a great example of a philosophy essay. Titus Lucretius Carus was Roman poet and philosopher who lived between 99-55 BCE His philosophic epic On the Nature of the Universe. He was a disciple of the Greek philosopher Epicurus and this philosophic epic provides a wide understanding of the Epicurean worldview.…
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Utopia in Republic by Plato
The paper "Utopia in Republic by Plato" is a great example of philosophy book review. Plato provides a very detailed of an imaginary he calls utopia in his book The Republic. The idea of the republic is that it will give all people a chance to live equally according to their unique talents and abilities. …
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Plato and Utopia
The paper "Plato and Utopia" is an excellent example of a book review on philosophy. The idea of Utopia first originated in the work of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, particularly in his book The Republic. It is in this book that Plato attempts to outline the best possible conditions for mankind to experience the perfect life.…
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