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A PhD thesis paper can be defined as a lengthy piece of writing that is based on the author’s ideas and research done as part of a university degree program. At higher levels of education such as masters and Ph.D., you will at one time be asked to compose research papers, a thesis or a dissertation. A thesis is typically done at the doctorate level while the dissertation is done at the master’s level.

Within a PhD paper, you are supposed to identify and investigate a technical, social or even a scientific issue depending on your discipline. In case you have never written such papers before, it can seem impossible to complete such papers successfully. However, with the correct mindset and organization, you can make this task extremely easy and rewarding.

The composition of a research paper entails four major stages. These are the selection of a topic, undertaking meticulous research, formulating an outline, and finally composing the actual essay. Try as much as possible to avoid plagiarism in your work.

You need to observe several steps that will aid in making your composition easy to write and the process enjoyable. Try to follow these steps in the for better essay PhD results.

  • Brainstorm on a topic

The first stage in preparation for your composition is to brainstorm on what topic to write. In case you do not have an idea, try to consult various information sources for ideas. This will expand your mind and help you think properly. Sources include magazines, newspapers, books, websites, and blogs among many others. Seeking assistance from your professor is also a good idea for generating PhD research paper topics.

Points to Note While Using a PhD Research Paper Sample

While seeking a topic, note down any idea that comes to your mind. You shall then narrow them later. Another effective method is to cluster or carry out mind mapping while barnstorming. This activity entails writing an idea at the middle of a paper then creating clusters of ideas around it. These ideas need to be related to the central idea. Draw points that connect from the central message to the supporting ideas.

  • Research on the ideas

Conduct research and gain enough information to assist you in formulating quality discussions. All your research must base its focus on your chosen topic. Keep the process organized to make it easier to refer back to certain points. Likewise, jot down all your sources of information. Ensure that you only use credible peer-reviewed sources.

  • Formulation of a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a foundation and the main critical idea within an argument. It is typically backed up with plenty of scholarly research. Your thesis should comprise of a sentence or at most two sentences that represent the basic premise on which to compose the paper. Write it towards the conclusion of your introductory paragraph.

  • The outline

The outline acts as a framework that shall guide the structuring of your essays as well as the arguments. Create points that represent each of your subtopics. Ensure your topics relate to your thesis statement are also correlated with one another.

  • Write the paper

Once you have created the outline, begin writing. Use your outline to guide you in creating different subsections of your PhD essay. A research essay typically consists of an introduction, literature review, methodologies, findings, interpretations, discussions, and conclusions. However, in humanities-related courses, the interpretations and discussions can be combined to form a discussions section simply. However, it is better to refer to your college guidelines before choosing a format. Better still, get a PhD paper sample from our website to learn more.

  • Proofread and edit

Once you have completed the writing process, proofread your paper to ensure it meets all the requirements. Revise for consistency, clarity and structural integrity. Ensure your introductions and conclusions are strong and captivating. Review any technical errors while checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Include all the sources used to acknowledge the authors. If you are too exhausted for this task, you can contact us for editing and proofreading services. We also have a free citations generator to assist you in citing your paper. After that, we can analyze your paper using Copyscape to detect and eradicate unoriginal content. You can also use our PhD research paper sample for a better understanding.

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Ph.D. Example and Samples

1955-1960 TV Shows
The paper "1955-1960 TV Shows" is a good example of an essay on history. Alfred Hitchcock Presents show appeals to me because of the way in which it was filmed and presented. It is a series of dramas, thrillers, and mysteries that are frequently pointed to as the ultimate brilliance in evoking a mood from its audience.…
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Achieving Synergy at Fligh High
The paper "Achieving Synergy at Fligh High" is a wonderful example of a management essay. The workforce is currently fragmented into different groups which are impeding the firm from achieving synergy. Synergy occurs when the creation of a whole is greater than the sum of its parts (Schermerhorn & Hunt & Osborn, 2003).…
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Adjusting and Adapting Other Culture
The paper "Adjusting and Adapting Other Culture " is a brilliant example of an essay on social science. It is a fact the world over that adjusting within a new culture is always a difficult task, to begin with. The earliest days are the most strenuous ones since the person undergoes a great deal of stress and unfamiliarity.…
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Advocating for Patients with Suspicious Injuries or Illnesses
The paper "Advocating for Patients with Suspicious Injuries or Illnesses" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing. Nurses must always be champions of advocacy for the patients including those showing signs and symptoms of physical abuse.…
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A Good Manager: Enron Corporation Case
The paper "A Good Manager: Enron Corporation Case" is a wonderful example of a management essay. A manager is a person responsible for the production and human resources of a business organization. He is a person that is supposed to provide leadership to his subordinates. …
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Alcoholics Anonymous in Bills Story
The paper "Alcoholics Anonymous in Bill’s Story" is a delightful example of an essay on sociology. The first story in the big book under the “Bill’s Story” is perhaps the one which has the most impact since it shows how AA was founded and that the people who started AA had to battle with addiction themselves.…
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Allegory of Self-Cultivation in the Novel The Journey to the West By Anthony C Yu and Cheng'en, Wu
The paper "Allegory of Self-Cultivation in the Novel The Journey to the West By Anthony C Yu and Cheng'en, Wu" is a dramatic example of an essay on literature. The intensive use of allegory in Anthony C. Yu and Cheng'en, Wu novel “The Journey to the West” helps to relay transition from mortal blindness to spiritual sightedness, which entails one to undergo numerous and varied tribulations.…
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American History since 1865
The paper "American History since 1865" is a forceful example of a term paper on history. The Second Industrial Revolution in America after 1865 led to improved methods of production, creation of jobs and rise in the standard of living of people (Kornblith, 1997). But on the other hand, due to the absence of proper labor laws, the industrial workers were subjected to abject working conditions.…
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A Mothers Love in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The paper “A Mother’s Love in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen" is a dramatic example of a book review on literature. In the novel "Pride and Prejudice" the focus of the story remains on a Victorian family with five daughters living relatively comfortably in the country.  They are not rich, but they are able to keep a few housemaids and thus represent the emerging middle class of society. …
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Analysis of Pietra Korda vs. Anna Kim Case
The paper "Analysis of Pietra Korda vs. Anna Kim Case" is an outstanding example of a law assignment. K2 Solutions was an IT consultancy business that was run by a joint partnership between Anna Kim and Pietra Korda. The two partners operated the business in a building that they had bought from loan money.…
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An Animals Place by Michael Pollan
The paper "An Animal’s Place by Michael Pollan " is a good example of an article on environmental studies. The article “An Animal’s Place” by Michael Pollan deals with the interesting topic of animal liberation which has now grown as an influential movement working for the freedom of animals.…
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Ancient Chinese Contributions. Essay. To win a trip to China, you enter a contest to determine the four most useful contributions or inventions created by the ancient Chinese. (1) Identify eight to ten of these useful inventions or contributions. (2) Nomi
I. Identify eight to ten of these useful inventions or contributions The Chinese has invented a lot of things that is being used by the modern world today. Among these are; a. Acupuncture – the patently   traditional Chinese medicinal practice of…
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Any Three Poems Written By Billy Collins
The paper "Any Three Poems Written By Billy Collins" is an outstanding example of a literature essay. Billy Collins’ poetry makes one smile. It is the poetry of the moment- usually funny and surprising. He may be writing a very simple thing like missing a vacation, or a disquieting thing like the beginning of dementia, or on a profound philosophy of life, but each poem is treated in a unique way to make it interesting and funny.…
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Applying for (Teach for Qatar) organization
Applying for (Teach for Qatar) organization Placement opportunity Applying for (Teach for Qatar) organization Placement opportunity Why do you want to join Teach for Qatar Organization? I am interested to join the Teach for Qatar Organization for…
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Approach to Management in Use in the McDonalds Fast Food Chain
The paper "Approach to Management in Use in the McDonalds Fast Food Chain " is a great example of an essay on management. The success story of McDonald is the symbol of the success of global consumerism. The success testifies the right management approach taking into the classical, human and scientific ones that the organization used deftly to shape up its growth through the years.…
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Argumentative Synthesis
College: Argumentative Synthesis Obedience constitutes a type of social influence whereby a person carries out an action, as a response to an order from another person, who is normally a figure of authority. The principal assertion, as can be…
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Ariel Sharon
The paper "Ariel Sharon" is an outstanding example of an essay on people. Ariel Sharon was born in Kfar Malal, British Man Palestine, on 26 February 1928. As early as his teenage years, Sharon showed that he was a born leader. His leadership skills were first recognized in the Haganah, an underground military force that was the beginnings of the Israel Defense Forces.…
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Ascetic Idea by Nietzsche
The paper "Ascetic Idea by Nietzsche" is a perfect example of a philosophy essay. Nietzsche discusses not what the ascetic idea has done, but what it actually means. He views it as meaning different things to different groups who have used it. For instance, artists use it as something to which they use to prop up their art. Nietzsche states that it means “nothing or too many things.”…
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A Waiver in the English Language Proficiency Requirements
The paper "A Waiver in the English Language Proficiency Requirements" is an excellent example of an essay on English. The results of my English proficiency test are not on par with the standards as set by However, there are quite justifiable reasons in relation with my English skills which you may kindly consider to allow me a waiver in the English proficiency standards.…
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Balance Between Profits and Being Socially Responsible
The paper "Balance Between Profits and Being Socially Responsible" is a wonderful example of a management assignment. A corporation usually finds it tough to have a clear-cut balance between the profits and the aspect of social responsibility that it has to plunge into, for all the right reasons.…
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Biological and Environmental Factors Contributing to the Human Psychological Development
The paper “Biological and Environmental Factors Contributing to the Human Psychological Development" is a potent example of a term paper on psychology. Developmental Psychology deals with the study of the progressive psychological development that in a human take place over the period of time. Often termed as Human Development this field of science outlines various factors.…
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Biology and Ecosystems Education
The paper "Biology and Ecosystems Education" is an outstanding example of an application/admission essay on English. The environment in which we live, the uniqueness of different creatures across diverse ecosystems, as well as, how a man gets along with them has been a question that has always fascinated me.…
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Bonus Assignment #3
Bonus Assignment Investors in increasing their investment portfolio in a company must take into account the relevant legislation and ethical requirement. The case between Bally manufacturing and Trump is an epitome of how investors pursue their self…
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Boston University Education
The paper "Boston University Education" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on English. Since childhood, I have had the passion to pursue a broader variety of s since I have multiple interests. In this sense, I have had the passion to study both science and art subjects to increase the level of knowledge.…
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Brain Fag
The paper "Brain Fag " is an outstanding example of an essay on psychology. Brain fag is a “type of neurotic disorder that was first observed in white-collar workers in Africa” (Health Grades Inc). It is a culture-bund syndrome, which was commonly used as a term for mental exhaustion or an overworked brain. It is a disease with numerous symptoms and is the subject of some studies today.…
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