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Music Essays and Research Papers

Music history -
Hildegard Von Bingen, also commonly known as St. Hildegard was born arguably in 1908 to noble parents. There had been many s attached to her such as scientist, healer, writer and of course composer. She was an influential figure during the Middle…
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What is Jazz
The paper "What is Jazz" is a great example of a music assignment. Jazz is commonly referred to as “America’s Classical Music,” giving credits to its country of origin. Jazz blossomed in the US during the 1920s, however, history tells us that the timeline of jazz started in 1817 with the New Orleans city government’s establishment of “Congo Square” as an official site for music and dance.…
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Sonnys Blues
The paper "Sonny’s Blues" is an outstanding example of a music assignment.  “I stared at it in the swinging lights of the subway car, and in the faces and bodies of the people, and in my own face, trapped in the darkness which roared outside.” “It was not to be believed and I kept telling myself that, as I walked from the subway station to the high school. …
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Understanding Popular Music
The paper "Understanding Popular Music" is a good example of an assignment on music. The infusion of popular culture in music cannot be without mass media’s assistance, as Turner p.4 quotes “Popular culture and the mass media have a symbiotic relationship: each depends on the other in an intimate collaboration."…
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Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music
The paper "Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music" is an outstanding example of a music assignment. Monophony is known to have its roots on the 6th century and it was in the form of plainchant plainsong. The Gregorian chant was named for Pope Gregory because he codified and standardized its use, therefore, promoted its use in the Roman liturgy.…
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North American Roots Music of Social Protest: Ethnographical Evolution through Time
North American roots music of social protest: Ethnographical evolution through time. Jackson, D. J. (Spring 2005). Peace, Order, and Good Songs: Popular Music and English-Canadian Culture. The American Review of Canadian Studies, 25-44. According to…
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The Music Industry Association of America Protecting Intellectual Property and the Rights of Original Sources of Performers
Introduction The music industry association of America (RIAA) is a membership association of music recording companies as well as trade associations that represent the recording industry in the United States (Hertzberg 5). The organization comprises…
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William Dawson
William Dawson Research Paper Short Biography William Dawson was born on 26 of September 1899. He was a last born of a family of seven, and he loved music. As a child and from attending rehearsals at Anniston grocessor he discovered that the jazz…
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Sting Concert Impressions
 The paper "Sting Concert Impressions" is a wonderful example of an essay on essay. The music concert by Sting set a fascinating performance. This follows the presentation of his new album “The Last Ship”. He is a Grammy Award-winning musician. The performance was conducted live at The Public Theater in New York.  …
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Iconic Musician in the World of Music
This paper "Iconic Musician in the World of Music" is a perfect example of an essay on music. My ever amazing star is Jason Derulo, a musician with the most fascinating lifestyle, life experience, and song lyrics. If I am given a chance to have dinner with a star, I will not hesitate to bring him on board. …
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Technology and Music: Analysis of how technology is used in music, brief background and with two artists
Analysis of Music Artists and Techno Music LASGO Lasgo is a trance group based in Belgium. The group came together in the year 2000 and is composed of Jelle van Dael, who is the vocalist, Peter Luts and Jeff Martens, who are record producers. The…
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The Music Concert by Sting
The paper "The Music Concert by Sting" is a wonderful example of an essay on category. The music concert by Sting set a fascinating performance. This follows the presentation of his new album “The Last Ship”. He is a Grammy Award-winning musician. The performance was conducted live at The Public Theater in New York.  The tone he used depicts his way of telling stories in a musical way.…
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The Hip-Hop Origin from Afro American Blues and Change in Modern Hip Hop Lyrics Reflecting Violence and Sexual Promiscuity
Lyrical Change In The 1970’s, it was all about the struggle and how artists have climbed up the social latter and have paved away to educate people about their emotions and tell their stories through “Hip hop” music (Sullivan 53). Along that path,…
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Teaching Music and Learning the Values of Communication
Music and learning Alison sat in unresponsive as always. Her music teacher came to her and suggested they start practice. She did not look at him or even react in any way to show she noticed his presence. She was shy and unsocial. Teacher Davis felt…
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Final Piano Concerto by Mozart
The paper "Final Piano Concerto by Mozart " is a brilliant example of a music assignment. Mozart was born on the 27th day of February in the year 1757. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. He was a musician who had the capability of playing a variety of musical instrument. At the age of six years; He started playing these instruments, he played the instruments in public functions.…
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Pipe Organs by Steve Thomas
The paper "Pipe Organs by Steve Thomas" is an outstanding example of a music book report. The reading on ‘Pipe Organs’ is an intriguing piece because it introduces interesting facts about the historical use of pipe organs as musical instruments. …
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Willis Earl Beal in American Popular Music
The paper "Willis Earl Beal in American Popular Music" is a worthy example of a research paper on music. Willis Earl Beal deserves to be crowned as the next king in Lo-fi, folk and experimental music genres, the artist and musician conjure his music to evolve a revolution that gathers crowds of all walks. His music cuts across ages and he will most definitely be going into American Popular Music textbooks.…
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Paducah Symphony Orchestra
The paper "Paducah Symphony Orchestra" is a great example of a music essay. The Paducah Community invests a lot through the playing of the Symphony Orchestra choral music. The Kentucky Art council puts collectively the public value review to the significance of the Paducah Symphony Orchestra has to the entire community.…
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Written Assignment 1
Lecturer Walkin Blues" by Son House and "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by Elvis Presley “Wakin’ Blues” entails a blue standard song done by Son House; however, the song was made popular in 1936 by Robert Johnson. Its popularity increased in 1961, after the…
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New England Conservatory
The paper "New England Conservatory" is an outstanding example of an admission/application essay on music. Communication is the key to almost all of our inner and outer issues in modern society. Although it is obvious that a language is a primary tool of communication, words can sometimes make people misunderstand, hurt, and deceive each other.…
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Felix Mendelssohn - Piano Trio No 1 In D Minor
The paper "Felix Mendelssohn - Piano Trio No 1 In D Minor" is a perfect example of a music assignment. Piano Trio No in D Minor, Op. 49 with movements of Molto Allegro agitato, Andante con molto traquillo, Scherzo. Leggiero e vivace, Finale. Allegro assai appassionato.…
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Music Imagination and Technique
The paper "Music Imagination and Technique" is a worthy example of a music literature review. Norman Lowrey illustrates in “Sound pollution” that an absolute silence forms the background upon which all sound exists. Silence is a condition for the human serenity, providing an environment for contemplation and hence functioning intelligence and spiritual wellness.…
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Written Assignment 1
Lecturer 3. "Devil Got My Woman" by Skip James and "Rock Awhile" by Goree Carter “Devil Got My Woman” illustrated an album produced by Skip James, and American blues artist. Skip James released the album in 1968 (Scott 34). “Rock Awhile” illustrates…
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