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The military is an important component of a country’s setup. The personnel ensures that the country is secure and its territorial credibility is protected. Those in the military academy are expected to possess a lot of knowledge on the country’s history, economy, and the psychology of opponents to develop practical military tactics. To ascertain that one has gained the required acumen required in this field, they write essays. These essays must be well researched, properly structured and have proper use of military terms.

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Military Essays and Research Papers

Military Equipment in the Future
The paper "Military Equipment in the Future" is a marvelous example of a military essay. The advantage in military equipment in the future will be determined by stealth, technology, and robotics not just by sheer firepower. Nations will realize that in order for the firepower to have its destructive effect against the enemy, it has to penetrate first the enemy’s defenses…
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Theories of Democratic Civil-Military Relations by James Burk
The paper "Theories of Democratic Civil-Military Relations by James Burk" is a wonderful example of a military essay. In a keen observation, one can deduce that the civil-military relations influence is large. It entails indirect and direct dealings that institutions, citizens have with military over-regulation, use of military and funding.…
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Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act
The paper "Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act" is a wonderful example of a military essay. Whereas the events of September 11th have had the most impact upon immediately redirecting the energies of the United States intelligence communities, the fact of the matter is that the ultimate level of change which has been realized has not taken place all at once or even directly following the attacks.…
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Brutality in the Police Department
Topic: Brutality in the Police Department Introduction In the past few years, Chicago has experienced an increase in the cases of police coercing false confessions out of the suspects they arrest. The rate of this vice that was registered in Chicago…
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The Relationship between Our Daily Life and Military Technology Development
First Sur The Relationship between Our Daily Life and Military Technology Development Annotated Bibliography Altmann,Jurgen. "Critical Analysis of New Weapons Technologies." Peace Review 21.2 (2009): 144-154. SocINDEX with Full Text. Web. 9 Apr.…
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Responsible Drawdown: Synchronizing the Joint Vision by Hurley and Abbatiello
The paper "Responsible Drawdown: Synchronizing the Joint Vision by Hurley and Abbatiello" is a brilliant example of an article on military. Hurley and Abbatiello assert that synchronizing the redeployment effort using a conventional battle rhythm with a visibly defined critical path for effective decision making in the joint arena generates unprecedented velocity and precision.…
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Disability in U.S. Army Personnel
The paper "Disability in U.S. Army Personnel" is an excellent example of an essay on military. Women have been involved in the military for many years, therefore, the need to get them tested if they are fit physically is very crucial before they engage in combat activities. They should undergo training before any performance is conducted and implement safety issues.…
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War: Is It Justified
The paper "War: Is It Justified" is an exceptional example of a military speech.  Dear friends, teachers and fellow survivors, very good morning to you all. “Everything is fair in love and war”, an expression we used over and again to justify our illegal or unethical actions.…
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Threat-Based Response Patterns for Emergency Services - Developing Operational Plans, Policies, Leadership, and Procedures for a Terrorist Environment
Mahoney, R. T. . Threat-based Response Patterns for Emergency Services: Developing Operational Plans, Policies, Leadership, and Procedures for a Terrorist Environment. Homeland Security Affairs, 6(3). The events of 9/11changed the way domestic as…
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Consequences of the Civil Conflict in Yemen - the Blockade, Famine and Death of the Population, the Exiling of the Yemen President, and the Attacks of Saudi Arabia on Yemen
Op-ed Saudi Strikes on Yemen The Saudi strikes on Yemen comes amidst exacerbated attacks in Yemen that has seen the civil conflict in this country lead to blockades and starving population due to inability for supply of essentials and foods. The…
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Freedom to Serve: The President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Forces
The paper "Freedom to Serve: The President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Forces" is an excellent example of an essay on military. Diversity in the armed forces can lead to more benefits than demerits. Therefore, it is important to promote it through possible means. It leads to better performance when it comes to innovation. …
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Iran Nuclear Talks
The paper "Iran Nuclear Talks " is an outstanding example of a literature review on military. The Iran Nuke Talks hit a major stumbling block because of Iran’s hard stance on its nuclear program developments. The country was required to ship atomic fuel out of the country to assure the world that it has no intentions of the creation of fatal atomic bombs.…
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CRM Performance Marker
The paper "CMR Performance Marker " is a wonderful example of a military assignment. Researches done by NASA have shown that human error is the main contributing factor in air carrier accidents. This is mainly due to ineffective leadership, poor communication and task management, and ineffective decision making among the crew members.…
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