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Mathematics Essays and Research Papers

Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning
The paper "Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning" is a worthy example of a math assignment. Matrix analysis refers to the use of different algebraic, mathematical, statistical and mechanical techniques in order to make fundamental analyses such as future forecasting, business planning, etc.…
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The Current Language of Derivative
The paper "The Current Language of Derivative" is a great example of a math assignment. Differential equation first appeared explicitly in a geometric language. In 1687 Sir Isaac Newton published a book called Mathematical principal which credits him as the inventor of calculus.…
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A Senior Student of Stony Brook University Pursuing Business Finance Applying for a Degree Course in Mathematics and Statistics, Majoring in Computational Mathematics
Purpose ment I am a senior of Stony Brook pursuing business finance in the I herebywrite to apply for a degree course in applied mathematics and Statistics, majoring in computational mathematics. The reason why I have decided to pursue this course…
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Criticism of the Paper Devoted to the Problem of Personalized Mathematics as an Effective Method of Improving Student Performance
Critiquing Critiquing Introduction The Introduction seems to be the literature review, the background, and the problem ment. The introduction started with a very strong statement, which is commendable. Nevertheless, the author stated that the major…
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The Energy of a Fluid: Head Loss through a Pipe
Head Loss through a Pipe Head Loss through a Pipe Introduction Head loss is the loss of the energy of a fluid as it flows through any given pipe. The head loss is divided into minor head losses and major head losses. There are various causes of minor…
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Presentation And Representing: From Fractions To Rational Numbers by Lamon
The paper "Presentation And Representing: From Fractions To Rational Numbers by Lamon" is an excellent example of an article review on mathematics. It is a dream of every to produce top in reasoning, computation and other areas involving cognitive skills.…
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