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Mathematics Essays and Research Papers

Applying for a Degree Course in Mathematics and Statistics, Majoring in Computational Mathematics
The paper "Applying for a Degree Course in Mathematics and Statistics, Majoring in Computational Mathematics" is a great example of a personal statement on mathematics. I am a senior of Stony Brook pursuing business finance in the I hereby write to apply for a degree course in applied mathematics and Statistics, majoring in computational mathematics.…
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Barriers Affecting Mathematics Teachers Use of Information and Communication Technology
The paper “Barriers Affecting Mathematics Teachers’ Use of Information and Communication Technology” is an exciting example of a term paper on mathematics. The aim of “the international society for technology in education (ISTE’s)” journal is to educate and provide guidelines in the teaching practice.…
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Civil Engineering Mathematics
-40 = -40 ) = -40(-38) =1520y =Use product rule where two functions g(x) and h(x) are being multipliedSuch that f(x) = g(x)h(x)(x) = g(x)(x)+h(x)(x)Taking h(x)= sin2x and g(x) =x(x) = = 2 cos 2x(x) = 1= 8 (2xcos2x+sin2x) = 16xcos2x+8sin2x =…
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Contemporary Issue In Marketing (Environmental Marketing) Focusing On The Impact Of Global Climate
Contemporary issue in marketingIntroductionOrganisations exist in a particular set of region or country which provides multiple contexts that influence how the organisation operates and what it produces. Adcock and Caroline (2001) describes that the…
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Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning
The paper "Current trends in Matrix Analysis and its Application to Financial Planning" is a worthy example of a math assignment. Matrix analysis refers to the use of different algebraic, mathematical, statistical and mechanical techniques in order to make fundamental analyses such as future forecasting, business planning, etc.…
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Data Analysis Assignment
Question 1:a. Mean and standard deviation:Given that the sample was randomly selected then the sample means is expected to be unbiased and therefore depict the population means, this means that the sample mean of the random sample will be an unbiased…
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Design of a Car Suspension System - Mathematical Modelling, the Cut-Off Frequency Related to the Natural Frequency
The paper “Design of a Car Suspension System - Mathematical Modelling, the Cut-Off Frequency Related to the Natural Frequency”  is an engrossing variant of a math problem on mathematics. The design of car suspension considered a car that weighs 2 tons and only damping coefficient and spring stiffness was adjusted to determine their impact.…
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Industry Competitive AnalysisExecutive Summary This paper analyses the competitiveness of the retail industry. In doing so, it focuses on the operations of Walmart, which is the largest retailer in the world and compares the same with Tesco. To…
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Financial Report Of The Treetop Retreat
prepared byIntroductionThe Treetop Retreat business which is the case study for our analysis is owned by George and Jane Forrester. The reason behind carrying a quantitative analysis is because the firm is turning out to be competitive as a result of…
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Fluids Dynamics
(i)20* 1000= 200010/100*2000 = 200200/60 = 3.3So the answer is 3.3m/s(ii)dV/dt = −V 2/LFLF = 3m/s * 1 hour and L = 50 km50 * 1000 = 50,000.SodV/dt = 50, 000/3 = 16, 666.7m/s (iii)Dθ / Dt = kH ∂2θ/ ∂x2 Estimate of kH16, 666.7m/s = kH ∂2θ/ ∂x2 So16,…
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How E-Learning Affect Teaching and Learning Mathematics
The paper “How E-Learning Affect Teaching and Learning Mathematics” is a  convincing example of a literature review on mathematics. The society is in a process of transition to the information age society. The world is changing fast; nonetheless, the education system is being left behind concerning technology use. The current education model in Australia is not satisfactory.  …
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Image Processing
The paper "Image Processing" is a wonderful example of a report on mathematics. The report undertook to carry out edge detection of images, since edges are boundaries connecting similar surfaces which create discontinuities in image intensity among pixels. This is an important characteristic of an image that requires analysis using a different frequency from an image.…
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Knowledge And Society
Statistics Stock Market and Exchange Rate DataBroken Hill Propriety (BHP)DateLast%changeHighlowvol*(M)closing pricesExchange rate (AUD to 1…
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(1) (Exercise 1 (a), Chapter 3) for x ≥ 2, prove that log2 (x) + A + 0 ()Where A is a constant (Use Euler’s summation formula)SolutionEuler’s summation is as followsS= dt + Substitute u = log tS= log2x - log2 + Since {t-[t] ≤1 and 1 = O () for t≥x≥2,…
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Mathematical Realism, Universally Accepted Empirical Views of Mathematics
The paper “Mathematical Realism, Universally Accepted Empirical Views of Mathematics” is an actual example of an essay on mathematics. The terms like quantity, structure, space, and change are the basics of Mathematics. It is very important for us to live a life with a proportionate application of our senses and our knowledge.…
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Task 3Option 2f1(x)= 7cos(4x)/4(x+1)f2(x)=sin(4x)e-x/4f3(x)= cos(4x)tanh(x/4)The task was to insert trigonometric functions into the graphs using excel.Initially, ‘x’ values were inserted in the excel from 0 to 10 at an interval of 0.1 that is, 0,…
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Part AMulti-criteria decision analysisIntroductionThe problem involves 4 professionals who have just been through MBA program and have managed to secure well paying jobs with organization in the city. The professionals are to find appropriate places…
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Modelling Excercise
Mass spring systemsObjectivesThese study aims at studying the diverse behaviors of a linear mechanical system. This involves developing mathematical formulas that describe the models under different conditions. Further the physical implications of…
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Prepare An Essay On A Model For The Term Structure Of Interest Rates
Essays on the Model for the term structure of interest rateABSTRACTIn this essay, I focus on the question of whether the term structure model of interest rates employed for pricing derivatives instruments are relevant to use in simulation on the…
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Presentation and Representing by Lamon
The paper "Presentation and Representing by Lamon" is an excellent example of an article review on mathematics. It is a dream of every to produce top in reasoning, computation and other areas involving cognitive skills. The study of rational numbers has been highly associated with a large percentage of excellence in cognitive abilities.…
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Problem of Personalized Mathematics as an Effective Method of Improving Student Performance
The paper "The Problem of Personalized Mathematics as an Effective Method of Improving Student Performance" is a perfect example of a research proposal on mathematics. The Introduction seems to be the literature review, the background, and the problem statement. The introduction started with a very strong statement, which is commendable.…
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13th June, 2012Question 1Employment is protected by the law and it involves the relationships between the employer, employee and the state/government. In Australia the legal rights of workers and employers is protected by the Fair Work Act of 2009.…
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Reprot And Analysis
The above table results can be represented by a histogram to achieve a clear visual representation of the results as follows:Fig 3.0: Total Survey ParticipationFrom the above representations it is clear that Australian population rated their health…
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REWRITE: Argument/persuasion Research Paper
Development of public transportation is a solution of traffic problemIntroductionTraffic congestion is a terrible urban problem which is challenging the government and affecting our life quality negatively. It increases the rate of accident, air…
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Success Factors That Enhance Mathematics Teachers Quality in Primary School
The paper “Success Factors That Enhance Mathematics Teacher’s Quality in Primary School” is an affecting example of a literature review on mathematics. Over the recent past, many factors have emerged concerning increasing the pace toward making the field of mathematics training more professional so as to ensure improvement in the quality of practice.…
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