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Marketing Essays and Research Papers

Remanufactured Or Reengineering Process
Remanufacturing Program: Supervisor: April 24, Remanufacturing Products wear and tear, and may sometimes undergo physical damage that either disorient their usage or efficiency. Replacement is an option but reassembling is another alternative that…
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Components To Your Proposal
Components of the Proposal s of Institute August 15th, Components of the Proposal The paper presents some components of the proposal such as appropriate pricing strategy for the launch of products in the market, planning and operating decisions of…
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Ikea Sevicescape
IKEA SERVICESCAPE Lecturer Table of Contents Presentation and Analysis of Findings 4 Executive Summary The question among researchers whether cognition come first before emotion or otherwise remains unsolved. This is due to the fact that individuals’…
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The Copy Platform Selling Strategy
The Copy Platform’s Selling Strategy Introduction Presently, markets for consumer goods are characterized by perfect competition. There are numerous sellers offering variety of products at closely similar prices. This means consumers have a wide…
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Packaging Exercise
Packaging exercise After spending a lengthy period in the store (supermarket), I chose milk as my packaged product of choice. This product of choice has an excellent package in terms of marketing communication. Appearance of this product’s package…
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New Product
New Product New Product 0: Executive Summary E-Connect Company provides G-viral software that affordability, protect and enhance computer efficiency. This sample based marketing plan highlights the strategies employed to convert some of the sales and…
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Statement Of Purpose
ment of Purpose ment of Purpose Following my experience in the job market, I have realized the need to advance my studies by pursuing a PhD in Marketing. When I completed my Masters degree in 2010, it occurred to me that I needed to acquire…
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Research on E-learning Market growth Rate According to Caroline (784), the given rise in the technological revolution, electronic learning otherwise termed as E-learning has emerged as one of the best solutions in a continuous education industry.…
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Contest Suggestions
Soap Companies Contest The objectives of this competition were to promote and appreciate the local and soap products made by craftsmen. Another major concern was to enhance creativity and innovativeness of soap companies when manufacturing their…
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Book Review Of Steve Jobs Biography
Book Review Steve Jobs Author: Walter Isaacson Course: Date: 18/9/2014 Synopsis Steve Jobs…
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Master In Integrated Marketing
Master in Integrated Marketing Master in Integrated Marketing My intended program of study significantly relates to my goals. I am inclined towards communication strategies and the media, and such factors as online branding. I am certain that digital…
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Point-of-purchase Advertising
Point-of-Purchase Advertising Three point-of-purchases advertising I have recently come across This encompasses a message delivered to the intended consumer right from the points where they make the decision to purchase a particular brand. Their…
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Communication In Economics
Communication in Economics A concern on the rising cost of healthcare premiums. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be granted this grateful opportunity to make clarifications on our plan to charge some workers in this company an additional…
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Any Computer
Failed products Introduction Marketing is among the most fundamental functions of management. Its basic objective is to determinethe market for a product or service. This implies that marketing influences the profitability or failure of a product or…
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Media & Branding
Media and Branding al Affiliation) Media and Branding Emergence of media technologies has enabled effective brand communication to its consumers thus developing its awareness in new markets. Many major industries have surged up the economy and been…
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G-Viral G-Viral Introduction The E-connect company provides G-viral software, an antivirus software product that is affordable, protects and helps to enhance computer efficiency. This G-viral antivirus bases on a marketing plan that highlights the…
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My Service Failure
Service Failure Affiliation Service Failure Service failure is the breakdown in service performance that does not meet the customer’s expectations. Services are usually intangible and therefore relying on the customer evaluation is very important.…
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Market Coverage Strategy Market Coverage Strategy When it comes to market coverage, a manufacturer would have to look at various factors which are very useful in the success of the product. For convenience goods, the manufacturer may have to consider…
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Market Structure And The Elasticity Of Demand For The Good Or Service
Market structure and the elasti of demand for the good or service Space International Inc. has been in operation since 1985. It began as a movie store renting video tapes for domestic viewing. Over years, the company has expanded and advanced by…
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Personal Statement
Your full March 28, Personal ment Here is my personal ment for admission in the UTSA University of Texas at San Antonio. To introduce my academic background, I accomplished my bachelors’ degree in marketing from the University of Dammam in 2011. I am…
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Applying to Norton Business School
Personal ment I am a lecturer currently teaching at Umm Al Qura in Saudi Arabia in the faculty of home management. Umm Al Qura University was established in 1981 as a Public University located in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. I am interested in doing my…
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Social Media and Marketing Communications
Personal ment The contemporary world has brought forth significant changes that are widespread acrossall economic, social, and political spheres. Among the significant changes is technological advancement. The economic sector has embraced…
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Monsanto Agricultural Corporation and Genetically Modified Food Mandatory Labeling
The paper "Monsanto Agricultural Corporation and Genetically Modified Food Mandatory Labeling " is a great example of a case study on marketing. Monsanto is categorized among the largest corporations behind genetic manufacturing because it considers itself as an agricultural organization. The company feels they have the ability to assist farmers to grow sustainable yields.…
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Nature of the Retailer and Their Target Customers
The paper "Nature of the Retailer and Their Target Customers" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. Topshop is a retailer store dealing with clothing, makeup, and shoes. The retail store has established a platform with a reputable high fashion sense. The store has showcased among the best designer clothes including Beyoncé and Stella Vine.…
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Does Meeting Earnings Expectations Matter by Kasznik and McNichols
The paper "Does Meeting Earnings Expectations Matter by Kasznik and McNichols" is a delightful example of an article on marketing. It was proven that share price responds positively when companies meet analysts’ earnings forecast and vice versa, it has not been discussed whether such response is as a result of the firms’ performance on meeting expectation or simply reflects the current earning information.…
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