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Marketing Essays and Research Papers

A Tale of Two Cities: Distinctiveness Theory and Advertising Effectiveness
The paper "A Tale of Two Cities: Distinctiveness Theory and  Advertising Effectiveness" is a good example of a marketing article review. Today, advertisements need to address the concerns of specific ethnic groups or minorities as the society is rapidly becoming multiethnic (Deshpande and Stayman).…
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Satellite Television
The paper "Satellite Television" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. The product that has been selected is direct to home satellite television, it will offer more channels than any other existing provider, the cost will be very competitive.…
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Marketing Research as a Process
The paper "Marketing Research as a Process" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Marketing research is a systematic process that enables marketers to identify opportunities prevailing in the market and to develop and execute plans to grab those opportunities before the competitors.…
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International Marketing Management Programm at Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin
The paper "International Marketing Management Programm at Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin" is a marvelous example of a marketing admission essay. I am writing to express my interest and intention of joining the Hochschule fr Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin to pursue an M.A in International Marketing Management.…
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Best Burger Positioning
The paper "Best Burger Positioning" is a worthy example of a marketing assignment. Best Burger is a fast food restaurant that is delivering hamburgers virtually to its target audience. There are several benefits that the customers can derive from this form of service. One of the main benefits is that Best Burger is offering a unique and novel outlet to its customers.…
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Dimensions of Service Quality
The paper "Dimensions of Service Quality" is a great example of a marketing assignment. The business under discussion is a dental clinic located within the city center. Various dental services are offered by the present dentists and the clinic attracts clients from a wide region even people who reside outside the city.…
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New Progressive Channels
The paper "New Progressive Channels" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. The Progressive Corporation began in 1937 as a casualty insurance company. Two years later, it became the first underwriter company for non-standard auto-insurance. The company was successful in that market role and was its core business until 1990 …
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Production Services of CITYL
The paper "Production Services of CITY’L" is an excellent example of an essay on marketing. Our services are multifaceted in nature, as well as coupled with refined quality. We offer the following services: Portfolios, catalogs, advertisement campaigns, fashion photography; Event management of fashion shows, festivals, trade shows.…
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The Art of Advertising
The paper "The Art of Advertising" is an outstanding example of a marketing essay. This paper will analyze an advertisement of the Heat perfume, which incorporates Beyoncé Knowles as its icon. The advert matches to the ordinary standards of perfume marketing whereby the icon – Beyoncé – is centrally adding the element of importance, as well as dominance to the product.…
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Cadburys Gorilla Advertisement
The paper "Cadbury’s Gorilla Advertisement" is a great example of a marketing assignment. A favorite commercial that can be viewed online is Cadbury’s Gorilla advertisement shown to the public on August 31, 2007…
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Use of Instagram in Marketing
The paper "Use of Instagram in Marketing" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. Research has indicated that the use of Instagram for business purposes among companies has increased over time. Many companies have adopted the concept of using images and pictures to facilitate the marketing of their goods and services…
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Marketing is Everything
The paper "Marketing is Everything" is a good example of a marketing article review. Marketing underwent a historical breakthrough in the 1990s when companies realized there was much importance in concentrating on customers (McKenna, 1991). …
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Control Process, Performance Appraisals, Benchmarking On Lost My Name
The paper "Control Process, Performance Appraisals, Benchmarking On Lost My Name" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. The control process used in the printing company lost my name based on personalized children’s books is a marketing budget.…
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E-Mail Marketing at IETQAC
The paper "E-Mail Marketing at IETQAC" is a great example of an essay on marketing. If you are in search of an organization that provides with apt quality assurance and esteemed recognition for your organization, this mail will surely guide you in the right direction. Do not overlook or delete this mail thinking it to be another spam mail because this mail is particularly sent to you.…
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What Sets Oil Prices
The paper "What Sets Oil Prices?" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. Oil prices fluctuate globally. There are factors that lead to the price instability of oil despite the price indices the price of crude oil may not be the determining factor of gasoline prices.…
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Best Buy Chairman Resigns, Explores Options For 20 Percent Stake
The paper "Best Buy Chairman Resigns, Explores Options For 20 Percent Stake" is a good example of a marketing article review. I chose the article “Best Buy Chairman Resigns, Explores Options For 20% Stake” because it addresses strategy and marketing issues. In chapter 2, we discussed how leadership can affect the marketing and strategy for a Company as is the case for Best Buy.…
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Wal-Mart Value Chain Activities
The paper "Wal-Mart Value Chain Activities" is a great example of a marketing literature review. The strategy of Wal-Mart has been a success through simple and innovative practices in value chain activities such as purchasing, logistics, and information management, which resulted in offering lower price value offers everyday (Magretta 2002, p.7).…
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Thinking Outside the Big Box
The paper "Thinking Outside the Big Box" is a good example of a marketing article review. Some Wall Street analysts are critical of Costco, as they believe that the company is not totally focused on enhancing the value of its stock. They regret that making a profit for its shareholders is not the priority of the Company.…
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Improvement and Development of Products for Positive Change
The paper "Improvement and Development of Products for Positive Change" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. Product development is very important in any given society. When a product is enhanced, the value is increased and it becomes a more valuable resource.…
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Consumer Behaviour
The paper "Consumer Behaviour" is a marvelous example of a marketing personal statement. Recently I sought out to buy a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet that was the latest version in the market. It had everything I needed and was far very light as compared to other tablets in the market.…
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Can Netflix Regain Lost Ground
The paper "Can Netflix Regain Lost Ground" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, preached incessantly of avoiding ideas that can slow down a successful business and to make hard decisions without racking one’s brain the entire time. Unfortunately, Hastings is learning a hard lesson from his unorthodox business methods.…
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Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing by Joel Makower
The paper "Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing by Joel Makower" is a good example of a marketing article review. In his article titled “Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing”, Makower takes a look at the market implications that Toyota suffered when the company decided to choose market factors such as “high-aesthetic, high-performance, affordable cars” ahead of being green.…
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Culture View: Chinese Background
The paper "Culture View: Chinese Background" is a good example of a marketing personal statement. Culture has a major impact on various decisions that individuals make in their daily lives. There are various cultural factors such as the values and norms of individuals that impact the purchasing decisions of all individuals.…
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Creativity and Innovation in Business
The paper "Creativity and Innovation in Business" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. It has always been routine to come by people in romantic relationships enjoy specific days especially Valentine day. During this time, I realized many people take a walk with a loved partner to the beaches spending a lot of time playing on the sand and admiring the coastal creatures like oyster shells among others…
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Product Development
The paper "Product Development" is a great example of a marketing assignment. Product development is quite a tough task for a company as it involves not only the production and development department but requires participation and input from every department of the company. Following are the things that a company should consider before developing a new product…
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