Essays for “Logic & Programming”

Development of New Mathematical and Engineering Programs
The paper "Development of New Mathematical and Engineering Programs" is a good example of a lab report on logic and programming. Mathematical operations are usually simulated in dynamic language simulations such as Mat-Lab and Sci-Lab. These applications software are useful in the development of rapid prototypes for technical activities such as Engineering.…
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Binary to Decimal Converter
The paper "Crucial Secrets of Reference Checking" is an outstanding example of an assignment on logic and programming. The following python program converts binary numbers to decimal numbers. The program converts both the unsigned and signed values.…
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Symbolic Logic
The paper "Symbolic Logic" is a worthy example of an assignment on logic and programming.According to Li, symbolic logic is a formalized system of deductive logic that employs symbols for various aspects of natural language (2010). The paper presents two arguments in form of modus ponens and modus tollens, after which it presents the arguments in symbols using sentence letters.…
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