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There is no special class that studies logic. However, many classes require the knowledge and active usage of this skill such as it is an integral part of the entire set of skills necessary for education and further career. It makes it possible to discover mistakes in reasoning by evaluating the different common fallacies.

You can start your paper by defining the term. One of the best ways is to call it “an art of reasoning.” Anyway, students should start their papers with some hook sentences to catch an eye of readers. A boring introduction will scare off your audience. Do not start with trivial things like a definition from glossary or obvious facts. However, you can stick to the eternally accepted pattern and choose one of the following types of essays to write your paper:

  • Definition (explain what logic is)
  • Narrative (make up a story)
  • Reflective (describe personal experience)
  • Argumentative (offer a certain position in a debate around logic)
  • Persuasive (prove your opinion to others)
  • Compare and contrast (compare various ways of thinking)

There are more types of academic papers. Also, you should check which type of citation format you should use before writing. Usually, logic papers are written in MLA or APA. Develop an outline based on the good logic essay example. If you wish to minimize your efforts and increase the chances of receiving a high grade, contact professional online academic writers that can handle any of the assignments listed above.

Logical Division Essay Example from Professional Writer

Decision-making is a process that coexists with the logical thinking. Logical actions help to make proper decisions. Various fields of study such as logistics, math, statistics, philosophy, management, and others develop this skill. There are several reasons to study this subject. First of all, it helps to define which argument is valid. A good logic is a tool of persuasion. This skill assists in spotting fallacies. Clear thinking is a way to be a better citizen for your country. Finally, it’s just fun!

Here is a short logical division essay example from a professional academic writer:

“The way person makes choices and decisions depends on how the issue was presented. Different people observe various problems from different angles. People often end up making illogical choices due to several reasons: lack of life experience, insufficient skills, the absence of necessary knowledge, inconvenience, etc. Improving logical and critical thinking through different games and special applications may speed up the process of development. A decision-making process requires continuing progress. The manner of decision-making depends on the individual’s inherent nature, and that is the main point to discuss in this paper.”

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Logic & Programming Essays and Research Papers

Basic Concepts of Checksum or CRC Integrity Checks, Checksum and CRC Checks Inadequacy for Security

The paper “Basic Concepts of Checksum or CRC Integrity Checks, Checksum and CRC Checks Inadequacy for Security” is an informative example of an assignment on logic and programming. Advantages of TCP for a proposed application layer protocol: it is independent of the operating system, it supports multiple routing, TCP for proposed application layer protocol allows networking to other firms, etc.

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Some Issues of Python and Haskell
The paper “Some Issues of Python and Haskell" is a great example of an assignment on logic & programming.1. How is the parallel processing approach handled in both Python and Haskell? 2. What are the major Standard Template Library (STL) containers in C++?  3. Which are the two types of communication channels between processes, in multiprocessing, supported by Python?…
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Business Systems Programming
The paper "Business Systems Programming" is a worthy example of an essay on logic and programming. Three arithmetic functions available in COBOL that would make capturing and handling corrupted data easier. The addition arithmetic function makes it possible to add numerous fields in a similar ADD statement, allowing commas followed by one space to be separated.…
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Why Do We Need FOR Loop
The paper "Why Do We Need FOR Loop" is a wonderful example of an essay on logic and programming. Recursion to check for a certain condition(s) forms an important part of programming and coding. The evolution of programming languages has meant that recursion can be performed using many different tools including the WHILE and the FOR loop.…
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Error Handling in Programing Exercises
The paper "Error Handling in Programing Exercises" is a wonderful example of an assignment on logic and programming. This study explores two major options of error handling in programming exercises. One of the options it focuses on is the progressive testing for errors and exceptions as the program is being developed. This means that errors are only detected when they occur.…
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The Compiler as it Pertains to the Visual Basic Programming Language
The paper “The Compiler as it Pertains to the Visual Basic Programming Language" is a brilliant example of a term paper on logic & programming. The visual basic programming language is a product from Microsoft that apart from including a number of utilities and features consists of a core component, which is the Visual Basic compiler.…
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Development of New Mathematical and Engineering Programs
The paper "Development of New Mathematical and Engineering Programs" is a good example of a lab report on logic and programming. Mathematical operations are usually simulated in dynamic language simulations such as Mat-Lab and Sci-Lab. These applications software are useful in the development of rapid prototypes for technical activities such as Engineering.…
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Binary to Decimal Converter
The paper "Crucial Secrets of Reference Checking" is an outstanding example of an assignment on logic and programming. The following python program converts binary numbers to decimal numbers. The program converts both the unsigned and signed values.…
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Symbolic Logic
The paper "Symbolic Logic" is a worthy example of an assignment on logic and programming.According to Li, symbolic logic is a formalized system of deductive logic that employs symbols for various aspects of natural language (2010). The paper presents two arguments in form of modus ponens and modus tollens, after which it presents the arguments in symbols using sentence letters.…
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