What to Do If You Need a Literature Review Example 

For various research papers, and especially dissertations, the literature review section presents an opportunity for a student to analyze information found in different sources regarding the topic. This is never easy such as you have to look at a wide range of sources. Most people have to look at an already existing literature review example before they draft their paper. Note that assessing what others have written does not mean you are supposed to copy their ideas. Their arguments should be used exclusively to help you come up with a stronger original idea on the topic. In simple terms, you must persuade your instructor that there are various experts in your field that support your point of view.

Tips for Writing Good Literature Reviews

You need to compose a comprehensive literature review to convince the instructors that you are knowledgeable about the subject and that you are familiar with existing relevant information. Creating a literature review introduction example that suits your research topic may not be an easy task. The most important thing, however, is to ensure you comprehend what the author is communicating and the flow of ideas, so you can rewrite them in a modest pattern. In most cases, this may take a lot of time and energy. To succeed, you need to concentrate and focus towards finishing the work. Most students are thus forced to seek professional help. Fortunately, we have qualified professionals who can conveniently help you when drafting a research literature review example whenever you need it.

Getting time to write a nice scientific literature review example may sometimes be challenging to students. You try to look for help, and you encounter agencies that do not even have an idea on how to write even a psychology literature review example or on any other topic. Since you are desperate, they may convince you that they can produce what is suitable for your situation. Several days later and even after trusting them with your money, they give you a piece that does not meet your specifications. This can be very frustrating as you would have wasted your time and money.

Challenges When Writing Literature Review Example for Research Proposal 

The amount of research required for the literature review is massive. The intention is to ensure that you come up with a unique paper; one that does not have any originality issues but still fits your research topic perfectly. The temptation to rewrite an existing literature review example for research proposal is normally huge. The content you copy from work may not suit your topic in most cases. The result is a critical literature review example that is inadequate, irrelevant and out of touch with the reality of your topic. As a result, you end up scoring a poor grade. Worse still, a plagiarized work can cause the termination of your studying process. In worse case scenarios, you can be disqualified from your course. This is not an eventuality that you would like to encounter.

Moreover, your literature review outline example must be perfect. It must adhere to all formatting requirements of the paper. A nicely done piece has a logical structure that you can confidently present to your instructor. However, most students do not have the patience, skills, and knowledge on how to present their literature review pieces. In some cases, the guidelines are long and boring to the extent that the student feels exhausted thus end up ignoring important details. As a result, their literature review paper example becomes unappealing thus end up scoring undesirable grades.

Grasping the content that has been taught over the years is never easy for most students. The content may also be huge. Besides, the research topic may be challenging to tackle. All these factors may make writing a literature review thesis example even more challenging for you. Attempting the work with inadequate knowledge may prove to be catastrophic.

The other pressing responsibilities may also prevent you from writing your research paper. In particular, work and family-related duties are here to stay. This is challenging especially for those who have to combine work with studies. Moreover, you still have to study for exams. No one will want to understand that you had other obligations to complete and that is why you scored fewer marks on your paper. This is where our wealth of experience with literature review topics examples gives you an upper hand. Let us handle the work on your behalf and allow you to have time for other important engagements of the day.

Also, you cannot underestimate the pressure that submission deadlines put on your shoulder. When you have several assignments that you need to submit at the same time, you may become stressed. Increased stress results in other illnesses that make your academic journey harder.

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Literature review Example and Samples

Big Data In Health Care and Screening Elders for Risk of Hospital Admission
The paper "Big Data In Health Care and Screening Elders for Risk of Hospital Admission" is an excellent example of a literature review on health science and medicine. The first journal is Screening Elders for Risk of Hospital Admission written by Chad Boult et al., 1993 was involved in a research study at the University of Minnesota.…
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Research Theories and Philosophical Constructs
The paper "Research Theories and Philosophical Constructs" is an outstanding example of a literature review on education. Both research theories and philosophical constructs are used in mainstream contexts to assist us to explain how the world works. However, the former engages with some theoretical perspectives and empirical research, while the latter uses learned beliefs.…
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Is Education Important Primarily for the Development of Mental Abilities or the Ability to Change and Adapt to Changing Environments
The paper "Is Education Important Primarily for the Development of Mental Abilities or the Ability to Change and Adapt to Changing Environments?" is a delightful example of a literature review on education. Education is the key to success. The arguments presented by both Cornard and Wallace touch on the relevance of education not only to the one’s self but also to the entire society around them.…
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How Would the US Political Scenario Have Been Changed if Lincoln Had Not Been Killed and How Were the Unfriendly Relations of the Rebel States Tied with the Constitution
Topic: Summary of articles Here, the article “If Lincoln hadnt died ... Would the disastrous Reconstruction era have taken a different ” is studied in order to summarize its content. The author here asks a legible question in the introductory part of…
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The positive effect of mobile phone (m-health) intervention in diabetes self-management
Summary review of the positive effect of mobile phone Summary review of the positive effect of mobile phone The first source is an article on diabetes self-management published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, in May 2008. The study…
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The Ideological Dilemma of Gender Neutrality and Discrimination in Organizations
Article Analysis – Gender Fatigue Introduction The article “Gender Fatigue: The Ideological Dilemma of Gender Neutrality and Discrimination in Organizations” by Elisabeth K. Kelan highly focuses on gender discrimination in work place and how it has…
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Accounting and Regulation; Will there ever be full comparability
Accounting and Regulation; will there ever be full comparability? Literature review This paper reviews three different scholarly writings in regardsto whether there will ever be full comparability in accounting and regulations across different…
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The Cultural Relativity of Gender
The Cultural Relativity of Gender Word count: 678 excluding cover and references pages The Cultural Relativity of Gender What people usually expect from men and women as their gender roles are not natural because their society passes these gender…
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Is there a relationship between the merger and acquisitions and the 2007 financial crisis
RELATION OF MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS TO FINANCIAL CRISIS PAPER School Introduction This paper will empirically test if there is a relationship between the Mergers and Acquisitions mainly in the banking sector and the 2007 financial crisis. The study…
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How Geography Affects US Border Security
How Geography Affects US Border Security How Geography Affects US Border Security Introduction Heyman and Ackleson (2008) cite that security has remained a key issue for the people of the United States and the government at large since 9/11,…
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Accounting Classification And The International Harmonization Debate An Empirical Investigation
Accounting ification and the international harmonization debate ─ an empirical investigation ] “Debate regarding Accounting Standards and Harmonization: A Literature Review” Classification The need of accounting standards has always been of a vital…
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Systematic Directions of Academic Writings by Harvard
Review of an academic research paper Review of an academic research paper Introduction In academic writing, it is of great essence that research papers follow the proper guidelines of standard academic papers. In the research conducted by Matthäus…
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Do female entrepreneurs have different leadership styles than employed female managers
DO FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS HAVE DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP STYLES THAN EMPLOYED FEMALE MANAGERS? By Literature Review Knopik & Moerer (2008, p. 138) assert that leadership style similarities and differences exist between female entrepreneurs and employed…
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The ability of thermographic in predicting diabetic neuropathic foot ulceration compared to standard diagnostic methods
NEUROPATHIC FOOT ULCERATION A foot ulcer is a red crater that occurs on the surface of the skin. Diabetic foot is a complication of diabetes. It occurs as an effect of ulceration, associated with neuro therapy or peripheral arterial disease. Diabetic…
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The Journal of Major George Washington and The Real First World War by Fred Anderson
Your Reading The Journal of Major George Washington When he was twenty one years old, George Washington was sent to deliver a letter to the French by the Governor of Virginia, Robert Dinwiddie, in French Fort in Ohio, where there had been a lot of…
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Social Education to End the Vice of Alienating Others in Terms of Physical Appearance, Language, Mannerisms, Socio-Economic Status, and National Identity
LCT Task 2 Otherness Otherness refers to is a type of mentality in which a person defines themselves in opposition to another person or as being different from them. It is a mental action that indicates self-consciousness and a perception of…
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Delivery As A Factor Affecting E-Commerce In Saudi Arabia
DELIVERY AS A FACTOR AFFECTING E-COMMERCE IN SAUDI ARABIA Lecturer: Literature Review Delivery is a determinant factor in the progression of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia. This is because delivery enhances the flow of goods to various destinations in…
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Geriatric Case Management in Nursing Homes
The paper "Geriatric Case Management in Nursing Homes" is an excellent example of a literature review on nursing. The demand for geriatric care services is expected to keep rising given the current and projected trends in population aging particularly in developed countries such as the United States. …
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Psychological Factors in Criminal Justice
The paper "Psychological Factors in Criminal Justice" is an excellent example of a literature review on psychology. The motivation behind criminal behaviours has been baffling investigators and doctors for centuries. The repetitive manner of their offences is something that society has been trying to answer, particularly the lack of total absence of remorse of the perpetrator committing it. …
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Bilingual Personalities - Discourse Analysis
This paper 'Bilingual Personalities - Discourse Analysis" is a good example of a literature review on psychology. Understanding the change of personality and difficulty in new language use among the bilinguals is controversial. Often the bilinguals find it difficult to adjust when communing in a new language based on the shift in attitudes. …
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The Three Dimensions of Power
The paper "The Three Dimensions of Power" is an excellent example of a literature review on politics. Various theories are available that describe just how this positioning for power, and the resultant influence/working of the power when finally achieved, work. This paper will focus on Stephen Lukes’ Three Dimensions of Power, using the various elements to evaluate how other authors analyze power.…
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The World Trade Organization Controversy
The paper "The World Trade Organization Controversy" is an excellent example of a literature review on macro and microeconomics. The World Trade Organization is a global body tasked with the role of enhancing trade on the international front. It works to reduce barriers to trade while ensuring that countries worldwide reap the most benefits from commerce…
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Ways Educational Leaders Can Build a Data-Rich Culture
The paper "Ways Educational Leaders Can Build a Data-Rich Culture" is an excellent example of a literature review on education. School administrators and leaders are discovering the importance placed on data in improving the performance of the schools. The advancement in technology and the increase in demand to assess student learning have led to unprecedented data available to various educators.…
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Theories and Role in Life Development
The paper "Theories and Role in Life Development" is a worthy example of a literature review on psychology. In the last nine weeks, I have delved into reflecting on the occurrences that have had an impact on shaping the person I am today. I personally view this as a unique experience where my emotions were stable enough to enable me to divulge into incidences that there before went unnoticed.…
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Communicating with Individuals Who Gave Different Communication Styles
The paper "Communicating with Individuals Who Gave Different Communication Styles" is an outstanding example of a literature review on business. Communication refers to various ways and means used in sending messages to the audience. Positive outcomes and cohesiveness among the team members can be established efficiently.…
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