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Formal science & Physical science Essays and Research Papers

Did Albert Einstein Have a Positive or Negative Impact on the World
The paper "Did Albert Einstein Have a Positive or Negative Impact on the World" is a good example of an assignment on formal science and physical science. Albert Einstein surely had a positive impact on the world because he asked people to utilize their skills and intellect to the best possible levels. He gave them food for thought through his theories and philosophies.…
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Learning Math
The paper "Learning Math" is an outstanding example of an essay on formal and physical science. Science is an attempt to understand and discover nature, humans, animal, universe, and plants. It is a very vast subject with different branches. Each branch has its own importance and requires specialization. Scientific knowledge is never limited. It grows as the research continues.…
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Illustration of Real Life Problems through Math
The paper "Illustration of Real Life Problems through Math " is a great example of an assignment on formal science and physics science. BMI is taken to identify if a person is in the right height and in the right weight. It is the proportion of lean muscles of the body and the body fat. The proportion of lean muscles of the body must be greater than the proportion of body fats.…
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Rosette Spaceship
The paper "Rosette Spaceship" is a worthy example of an essay on formal and physical science. The Rosette spaceship refers to a unique and magnificent mission that lasted for 10 years. Rosette spaceship mission sought to orbit, land, and probe a comet. European Space Agency launched Rosette Spaceship on March 2, 2004.…
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Orion Spaceship
The paper "Orion Spaceship" is a worthy example of an essay on formal and physical science. Orion spaceship is built with the purpose of taking human beings further than they have gone before. It can carry a crew of four to explore the space, offer emergency capability, and sustain the crew members when they are traveling into space.…
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Compression Testing
Laboratory Report on Compression Testing A sample of polymer, in a compression test, was tested for compressive strength and stiffness. The study was conducted with a Compression method from “BlueHill 3 tensile test program” at a test speed of…
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The Big Bang Theory
The paper "The Big Bang Theory" is an outstanding example of an essay on formal science and physical science. Big bang concept refers to attempts that give an explanation on the various occurrences at the origination of our cosmos.  The whole universe started from a particular instant, in an unthinkably powerful explosion, the outburst made wholly time as well as space, entire matter plus energy.…
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Gravity's Grasp
The paper "Gravity's Grasp" is a worthy example of an essay on formal science and physical science. Gravity depends on the masses of two interacting bodies as well as on the distance between these two bodies. As such, the gravitational force between two bodies is entirely proportional to the masses of these bodies and to the distance separating them.…
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