Easy Steps to Create Scintillating Essays and Essay Topics

Essay writing is one of the most challenging tasks students have to undertake. Producing good essay topics is critical to the writing process as it determines the depth and breadth of research. Good topics are neither too broad nor too narrow. In other words, you should choose a topic that is narrow enough that you can get enough information to produce a good paper, and broad enough that it can be comprehensively developed within the indicated word count. Reading this article should prepare you to either produce good essays on your own or to get the right writing assistance from online services.

Can I Learn to Produce Good Papers Based on Essay Examples?

Of course, you can. However, it must be reiterated that good essay topics and papers require knowledge and skills that may take time to master. The student is often expected to demonstrate an understanding of the course material, besides carrying out comprehensive research. Unlike conventional sit-in examinations, essays often come with more time before the submission deadline, which also means that there is a higher burden of expectation. You will be expected to use authoritative sources to support your arguments and to proofread and edit your paper thoroughly. By reading well-written short essay examples available you can learn to produce your own paper. Here are some of the things you are likely to learn:

  • Good writing starts with brainstorming ideas

Before you even begin the writing process, you must at least have any idea on what you intend to cover. Here, brainstorming simply means going through the essay prompt and noting everything you already know about the topic. This process prepares you for the actual research and writing.

  • Easy essay topics are the manageable and informative topic

Whether you are choosing a topic for your essay or doing the actual writing, it is important to note that quality papers are those that add new and interesting information to the discipline. As such, the topic must also be informative and manageable. Of course, there are times when you will be assigned specific topics to work on. However, when given the freedom to choose, pick an area in which you are genuinely interested. Looking at examples online can give you some idea on how to formulate your own. For instance, when developing opinion essay topics, you could search for examples of such essays online, and check how the writers frame their topics in relation to the content.  

  • Create an outline

From the essay examples, you will likely realize the importance of creating a solid outline for your paper. Good writing demands a plan. Organise the ideas from your brainstorming session and preliminary research. These ideas will ultimately serve as guidelines for sections and paragraphs. 

  • Open essays with a catchy hook

An important lesson you are likely to learn by looking a good thesis essay example is the need to attract your reader using a hook. This is a creative sentence at the start of the paper, where you set the mood for the rest of the paper. This opening, whether in the form of an interesting statistic, quote or rhetorical question, must be aligned with the goal and style of the essay.

  • A clear and defensible thesis is critical

Any good essay introduction sample is likely to have a strong and arguably thesis or central claim. This is the primary argument, around which the entire paper revolves. The thesis is often presented in one or two sentences towards the end of the introduction. Instead of making your central claim merely factual or descriptive, ensure that it is interpretive or analytic. The rest of the paper should go towards justifying the central claim.

These are just some of the requirements of quality essay writing that you need to consider if you are to produce a quality paper. Of course, there are other considerations, including thorough proofreading and adherence to formatting and citation guidelines. For some students, these requirements can be overwhelming, particularly when they lack the necessary skills. For others working on essays is especially challenging due to lack of time. These students are either working part-time or single parents with limited time for socializing. This is made worse by the fact that, in certain cases, assignments are issued too close to the submission deadlines. If for, whatever reason, you are unable to complete your paper on your own, it may be a good idea to seek professional assistance and rely on outstanding assistance such as ours.

Where Can I Get a Good Sample Essay?

You can learn from examples of good essays, the first critical step actually locating a good sample essay. There are many places you can get such papers to guide your writing including:

  • Past papers are written by friends and other students

The easiest place to find essay writing samples is papers written by other students in your faculty. The good thing about such papers is that they are written according to your department’s conventions, including formatting and style. You could ask your instructor to give you some samples of exemplary work done by other students in the past. The only problem with such papers is that they are also likely to be limited in terms of quality as the students have the same limited skills you may be facing. You may need to compare different papers to borrow the strengths and learn from the weaknesses.

  • General online searches

You could also get paper samples by searching online using engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. One search is likely to generate tons of papers from which you could choose. However, you need to note that the quality of most of these papers is yet to authoritatively verified. As such, you could borrow mistakes that could damage the quality of your writing. In addition, going through individual papers while searching for a well-written SAT essay sample is a tedious process, especially if you do not know what comprises good writing. 

  • Journals and e-libraries

Instead of searching blindly on the internet, how about you conduct a more directed search on reputable journals in your field. If you use the right keywords, you are likely to find some incredible papers to help with essay topic ideas. Access to some of the journals are likely to be restricted to subscribers, and you may only view abstracts. However, please note that the submissions to journals are mostly research papers, and do not conform to the demands of essay writing. In addition, each journal has its own guidelines on formatting and citation, which may differ from those of your institution.

  • Academic writing companies

For those searching for help with evaluation essay topics, the ideal place to look for is academic writing agencies. Top services have master and Ph.D. qualified writers ready to help with your paper. Unlike the other options, working with such companies offers you the chance for custom help, whether with your topic or with the entire paper. The product is tailored according to your essay prompt. You can also get insightful advice on how to start your paper, including an outline on how to proceed. You also get other benefits, including multiple chances for revision, as well as attractive bonuses and discounts.

How Do I Order for Essay Writing Samples Online?

Assuming that you have the wise decision to get assistance with your topic and paper from our professional academic writing company, the ordering process is quite simple. Although some websites require students to sign up before they can access extended essay topics, you should avoid sharing personal information that could lead to a privacy breach. Instead, our company does not require signing up. In most cases, all you are required to do is to place your order by filling out an order form. You then get to relax as someone works on your paper. In case all you are looking for is a sample, you can get it from the responsive customer support team. From the samples, you can then judge what to expect in the event that you order for your own paper.

As the wait for your paper from academic writing services, it helps to keep communication channels open. This ensures that any emerging issues that could hinder the timely delivery of your assignment are resolved as soon as possible. In addition, there are some companies that offer a direct line of communication with your writer. This allows true cooperation towards the production of GRE essay topics and papers. You could also ask your writer to provide a draft, from which you can gauge the progress of your order.

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Essay Example and Samples

Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System
The paper "Developing a Strategy to Build a New Mobile Ordering System" is a great example of an essay on e-commerce. The world is changing very fast. The dynamics that technology presents warrant that the company adapts to emerging trends.…
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Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce
The paper "Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce" is a great example of an essay on e-commerce. In November 2013, a 45-year-old British IT consultant by the name John Huntley revealed on his blog how his LG smart TV was spying on him. Apparently, the TV was able to log the channels he was watching and send the data to LG.…
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Fresh Preduct
The paper "Fresh Product" is a worthy example of an essay on agriculture. There are a lot of farm products that are grown on the farm all year round. Currently, there are many types that include cowpeas, lavender, onions, broccoli, cabbages, and cantaloupes (Fan, 2009).…
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Edouard Lalo
The paper "Edouard Lalo" is a wonderful example of a biography essay. Edouard Lalo was born on January 27, 1823, and is remembered as a famous romantic composer whose compositions touch the hearts of its listeners. Lalo went to Paris Conservatoire to study violin against the wishes of his father and afterward worked as a string player and teacher in Paris.…
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Georg Simmel and Walter Benjamin
The paper "Georg Simmel and Walter Benjamin" is a worthy example of a biography essay. There is a necessity to know and understand the different features of modern urban life and the place of a man in a modern city. This paper will demonstrate Georg Simmel and Walter Benjamin’s positions on modern and post-modern urban experience and a new politics of vision, a new understanding of the modern city and mass media influence on human life.…
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Studying the Sun
The paper "Studying the Sun" is a great example of an essay on astronomy. The Universe is a vast embodiment of unknown knowledge in which our tiny planet is apart of the giant picture, which makes individual humans insignificant in the grand scheme. However, humans are natural inquirers when it comes to the unknown.…
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Usability and Web Accessibility
The paper "Usability and Web Accessibility" is a great example of an essay on design and technology. There are numerous assistive devices and technologies that are essential to investigate. These include wheelchairs, visual and hearing aids, prostheses, and mobility aides among others.…
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American Football
The paper "American Football" is an outstanding example of an essay on sports and recreation. People all over the world love sports. In some countries, sport is a very personal experience. Most sport is played informally in the street or in spare lots.  In other nations, sport is a highly organized and professionalized endeavor. …
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Child Sexual Abuse
The paper “Child Sexual Abuse” is an exceptional example of an essay on family and consumer science. The reading on child sexual abuse in families gives a very insightful approach into looking at the aspect of sexual abuse experienced by children in families.…
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Polymerase Chain Reaction
The paper “Polymerase Chain Reaction” is an exceptional example of a science essay. This essay will examine the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique by taking a closer look at its emergence as the preferred technique for multiplying and amplifying DNA.…
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How Contemporary Art Redefined the Meaning of Art Media
The paper “How Contemporary Art Redefined the Meaning of Art Media” is a great example of a media essay. Traditional art can be seen as images created on a flat surface or sculpted out of things. But with the arrival of the digital age, even the use of computers in creating images and arranging them into a series of related or unrelated pictures shaped the perception of people to art.…
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Impact of Work Life Imbalance on the Productivity of Workers in Saudi Public Sector
The paper "Impact of Work Life Imbalance on the Productivity of Workers in Saudi Public Sector" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources. A work-life imbalance is a problem that affects public workers in many countries including Saudi Arabia. Workers do not balance work-life roles thus resulting in low productivity at work and other work-life conflicts.…
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Animal Agriculture
The paper "Animal Agriculture" is a worthy example of an essay on agriculture. Animal Agriculture in addition to being highly mechanized today has also gone a notch higher with the advancement in Biotechnology. Evidence of this transition is that over 200 years ago, almost the entire population of humanity lived on farms and produced their own food.…
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Gravity's Grasp
The paper "Gravity's Grasp" is a worthy example of an essay on formal science and physical science. Gravity depends on the masses of two interacting bodies as well as on the distance between these two bodies. As such, the gravitational force between two bodies is entirely proportional to the masses of these bodies and to the distance separating them.…
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Thirty Years War Changed the Course of European History by Resolving Some Disputes
The paper "Thirty Years War Changed the Course of European History by Resolving Some Disputes" is a wonderful example of a history essay. Thirty Years’ War refers to a series of European conflicts that occurred between 1618 and 1648 primarily in Germany and altered the religious, political and social history of Europe through a decline in Holy Roman Empire…
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Assessing Forensics Tools
The paper “Assessing Forensics Tools” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology. Computer forensics is a very particular field of computing dealing with acquiring information that will be as evidence on handling cases related to administrative issues, criminal and civil.…
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Self-Identity: Mexican Culture
The paper "Self-Identity: Mexican Culture" is a delightful example of an essay on culture. I am of Mexican culture and in our culture, being social and humble helps in defining me. It means most of my art classes often incorporate making books out of cloth while incorporating family issues through folk art traditions.…
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Comparison and Contrast between Discipline and Guidance
The paper "Comparison and Contrast between Discipline and Guidance" is an exceptional example of an educational essay. Discipline and guidance are two entirely different terms with different meanings, though both are extremely essential in the classroom. …
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Importance of Setting Communication Goals
The paper "Importance of Setting Communication Goals" is a wonderful example of an essay on journalism and communication. Communication is an important process of providing data and sharing information that is achieved by various means that may include written, visual, or electronic.…
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The Woman of Willendorf
The paper "The Woman of Willendorf" is an outstanding example of an archeology essay. The Woman of Willendorf figurine is nearly 25,000 years old. I was found in central Europe and has captured the interest of historians, archaeologists, and paleoanthropologists for many years. Hunter-gatherer tribes would have inhabited this area of Europe 25,000 years ago.…
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Dealing with Conflict in Work Place
The paper "Dealing with Conflict in Work Place" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources. Conflicts at work tend to take various forms (Griffith & Goodwin, 2012). For instance, it may be workers against each other, or individuals having problems with their managers.…
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Evaluation Tool and the Benefits in Quality Improvement Plan
The paper "Evaluation Tool and the Benefits in Quality Improvement Plan" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing. In improving the quality of service in healthcare, a continuous quality improvement plan takes place. The quality improvement process is data-driven and process-based.…
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Reserve Requirements for Price and Financial Stability
The paper "Reserve Requirements for Price and Financial Stability" is an excellent example of a business essay. An increase in the required reserve ratio from 4% to 7% means that banks will be required to hold more money in their reserves. There will be less money available to be given out as loans to businesses, as well as in the economy (Walsh 2012).…
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Satellite Television
The paper "Satellite Television" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay. The product that has been selected is direct to home satellite television, it will offer more channels than any other existing provider, the cost will be very competitive.…
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The Rational Choice Theory
The paper "The Rational Choice Theory" is an outstanding example of a law essay. The theory bases that criminals are enticed to crime because of the benefits they get from the crime. The urge to commit a crime is dependent on the fact that the benefits of the crime are greater than the benefits of not committing the crime.…
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