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Tips for Writing Good Environmental Papers

Writing an environmental science essay may be tedious and time-consuming. However, the task can be made easier when one makes adequate preparations. The first thing that one needs to do is to evaluate the essay question to determine what is required. The next step is developing an outline of the essay. The outline showcases how the introduction, body, and conclusion of the paper would appear. The next step is to develop the ideas to be included in the paper. The content can be obtained by evaluating what you already know regarding the topic. Research should then be conducted via reading relevant materials and noting down important points. Finally, the paper can be drafted by arranging the ideas logically and supporting the argument with relevant evidence obtained from the research.

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Problems with Choosing Environmental Science Research Topics 

Most students find it difficult to present their argument coherently. They may have the right ideas but fail to make the audience follow the argument. As a result, their essays end up being unimpressive.

Sometimes, you may also be willing to do the work, you have the knowledge and the skills, but you do not have time. Even evaluating the essay topics related to environmental science becomes challenging. This may be because you have a lot of other responsibilities to attend to. These may include heaps of other assignments that you have to do, work-related duties as well as exams to study for.

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Environmental Studies Essays and Research Papers

Purpose The purpose of this study is to determine if allopatric speciation i.e. divergence of species occurs because of geographic isolation Introduction Allopatric speciation is the result of geographical isolation of species due to physical…
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Solar Energy Infrastructure Compensation
The paper "Solar Energy Infrastructure Compensation" is a worthy example of an assignment on environmental studies. Solar PV energy is derived from the conversion of sunlight into electricity. The solar photons are converted to electricity in the form of voltage. The application and use of solar energy can be promoted through the creation of awareness on the benefits of using solar energy.…
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The Three Essential Wellsprings of Sustainable Power Source
The paper "The Three Essential Wellsprings of Sustainable Power Source " is a good example of an assignment on environmental studies. At the start of the twentieth century, an air conditioner was founded by William Carrier. The idea of an air conditioner came about when Carrier thought of what would result from the interaction between the process 0of condensation of air and cooling.…
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Urban Planning: Case of Irvine City
The paper "Urban Planning: Case of Irvine City" is an excellent example of a case study on environmental studies. Irvine is a city is located in Orange County about twelve miles away from the coast; it has most of its parts is level with few hills and canyons. It is a well-run and affluent community which is master planned.…
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Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target: the Urban and Rural Challenge of the Decade
The paper "Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target: The Urban and Rural Challenge of the Decade" is a delightful example of an essay on environmental studies. Non-profit organizations are those organizations that do not operate in an effort to make a profit. The funds in the organization are used to pay salaries and to help meet the missions the organization is set to achieve.…
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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
The paper "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons refer to a group of hydrocarbons that contain more than a single aromatic ring in their structure (Acree, 1995).…
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Biodiversity and the Ecological Systems
The paper "Biodiversity and the Ecological Systems" is an exceptional example of an assignment on environmental studies. The biodiversity and the ecological systems have a greater impact that gives direct contribution in that it provides, regulates and even provide the cultural services to the ecosystem.…
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Global Natural Gas Boom Alone Won't Slow Climate Change by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
The paper "Global Natural Gas Boom Alone Won't Slow Climate Change by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory" is a worthy example of an article on environmental studies. This article is a scientific article. The article was authored by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory analyzing the global energy use, the climate and economics involving the current expansion of natural gas which is inexpensive.…
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Forces Acting to Create Wind
The paper "Forces Acting to Create Wind" is a worthy example of an article on environmental studies. According to Pidwirny, the wind is air in motion from high to low-pressure areas. The air flows more in the horizontal than vertical motion with a speed of up to 380 kilometers per hour.…
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The Ecological Indian By Shepard Krech III
The paper "The Ecological Indian By Shepard Krech III" is an exceptional example of an article on environmental studies. “The Ecological Indian” has been one of the most cherished articles among environmentalists. …
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How Community Ecology Can Improve Our Understanding of Cholera Dynamics
The paper "How Community Ecology Can Improve Our Understanding of Cholera Dynamics" is an exceptional example of an article on environmental studies. The article discusses cholera and how community ecology can help understand about the bacterial disease. Cholera is caused by pathogenic bacteria known as Vibrio cholera and it causes thousands of deaths each year.…
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Age of Stupid
The paper "Age of Stupid" is a great example of a movie review on environmental studies. The 2009 film Age of Stupid by Franny Armstrong is a futuristic environmental documentary highlighting climate change and its effects. In the film, Pete Postlethwaite stars and lives alone in the year 2055 in a distressed world ravaged immensely by climate change.…
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The Better Sustainable Energy Source between Coal and Electricity
The paper "The Better Sustainable Energy Source between Coal and Electricity" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. The two primary sources of electricity are coal and nuclear power and to ensure that communities that use these sources of energy do not run out of power.…
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Green Economics And Ecological Economics
The paper "Green Economics And Ecological Economics" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. Green Economics is often associated with the means to achieve the end of sustainable development.…
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Wind Energy Conservation
The paper "Wind Energy Conservation" is a brilliant example of a speech or presentation on environmental studies. It is evident that the majority of the people from our respective societies do not know the essence of wind energy. It is also evident that the majority of the people do not know the value of renewable energy as well as conservation of the environment.…
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Electromethanogenesis: The Direct Bioconversion of Current to Methane
The paper "Electromethanogenesis: The Direct Bioconversion of Current to Methane" is an outstanding example of an article on environmental studies. New methods that can be sustained are required to generate renewable energy carriers that can be amassed and stored and used for heating, chemical manufacture, or even transportation.…
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Indoor Air Pollution and Health Effects
The paper "Indoor Air Pollution and Health Effects" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies. According to Gurjar, Molina & Ojha (2010), the three major categories of indoor pollution are particles, gases, and vapors (p. 111). Gaseous pollutants that affect air quality include sulfur dioxide, various oxides of nitrogen, ozone and carbon monoxide.…
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The Gentle Subversive By Mark Lytle
The paper "The Gentle Subversive By Mark Lytle" is an exceptional example of a book review on environmental studies. The Gentle Subversive by Mark Lyttle offers a detailed biography of Rachel Carson who many consider as the mother of the environmental movement. …
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