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Essays for “Engineering and Construction”

Timber and Concrete Frames in Construction
The paper "Timber and Concrete Frames in Construction" is a good example of an assignment on engineering and construction. The timber frame concept of construction originates back to the Greek temples and cathedrals that were built during the medieval period. This methodology is simple in that the timber frame members are joined to each other through the use of an appropriate method.…
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Fire Effect on Natural Ventilation in Compartments
The paper "Fire Effect on Natural Ventilation in Compartments" is an outstanding example of a term paper on engineering and construction. Natural ventilation designs are becoming increasingly utilized especially in green buildings which require energy usage to be kept at a minimum low. In coming up with proper space ventilation, full-scale experiments.…
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Modern Trends in Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
The paper "Modern Trends in Aircraft Hydraulic Systems" is a good example of a case study on engineering and construction. The Airbus A380 is an airplane that holds the record for being the largest operating passenger plane. Given that the lengthy lifespan of commercial aircraft, the A380 can be considered to be a modern trend-setting aircraft.…
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Urban Planning Theory and Decision Making

The paper "Urban Planning Theory and Decision Making" is an excellent example of a term paper on engineering and construction. Urban planning is both a political and technical process involved in the control of land use and urban environment design in a bid to guiding the evolvement of orderly settlements and communities in urban areas.

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Catastrophes and Turning Points in Civil Engineering and Construction
The paper “Catastrophes and Turning Points in Civil Engineering and Construction”  is a worthy example of a literature review on engineering and construction. The role of an engineer is to act in response to a need by creating or building something within a particular set of specifications that carries out a certain task. Any creation or plan must carry out its purpose devoid of fail.…
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Use of Slip Form in Construction of Tall Buildings
The paper "Use of Slip Form in Construction of Tall Buildings" is a brilliant example of coursework on engineering and construction. The slip-form technique has found its application from the use of structural systems. This has offered significance engineered solutions with the prosperity of engineering and contracting practice attained through the successful completion of numerous structures.…
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Computational Fluid Dynamics . Supersonic Wind Tunnel Air Fl
YearIntroductionComputational fluid dynamics (CFD) is becoming one of the most sought after skills in both small and large industries. According to Pozrikidis (2009), effective simulation helps reduce cost of design implementations by over 75%. A…
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Hamad PM
1.0 Portfolio SummaryThe aim of this paper is to show how different project methods are used and its efficiency as far as the project is concerned and its proximity in achieving the goals its set out to accomplish. It focuses on the Prince2 project…
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Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making For Supplier Selection And Evaluation Involving Decision
Supplier selection is often a common decision problem involving many levels. Various scholars define the supplier selection problem as “which supplier should be selected, and how much quantity of order should be assigned to them”. However, this topic…
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Fixed-arch , Pinned-arch
Figure 2: HB against the distance from end A to the point of application of the load4Figure 3: MA against the distance from end A to the point of application of the load5Figure 4: HB against the distance from end A of the applied load for span…
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India Risk Assessment
1.5 Conclusion34References36List of figures1.0 Introduction81.1 Background of country risks-India81.1.1 Corruption in public programs81.1.2 Malnourishment in children9Figure 1: Indian States with sharp fall in underweight children101.1.3 Child…
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Air Motor Manufacturing Processes
Section 1Manufacturing processes and TechniquesBunch Fitting: Base, Upright , pipesFitting in manufacturing processes involves the use of measuring tools, marking out tools, hand tools, drilling tools and reamer and threading tools. These tools are…
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Engineering Design Process
The engineering design process is a procedure that designers and engineers use to solve problems while creating new products, environments, systems and building structures. The engineering process concerns a number steps, though the engineers do not…
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Literacy Assignment 3 (L3)
IntroductionBy virtue of professionalism and in the wake of increasing globalisation and extreme interaction with people from different cultures, I believe that engineers are still obligated to work ethically and productively with their counterparts,…
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Advance Mechanical Design ( Gear Box Design )
Bending stress of the shaft is taken to be 100Mpa. Therefore, bending moment of the shaft will be calculated as follows:Taking the diameter of the shaft to be 40mm we have the bending moment as calculated below,M = 628400 N-mmSuppose the shaft is…
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Assignment 3
1.0 IntroductionThe issues of global climate change, constant depletion of fossil fuel and the search for an independent energy sources have triggered a need for a high-impact innovation that can guarantee environmental sustainability and clean…
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Vignette Reflections
Reflections to aid in the decision of whether or not to upgrade the university’s car parking areaThe reasons behind my selection of the vignettes to address the necessity to upgrade the University’s parking areaDetermining as to how appropriate it is…
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Rubberized Concrete
Rubberized ConcretesLiterature Review Concrete is a common structural material used in the construction industries. Concretes are used in the construction of roads, pavements, sidewalks and basketball playgrounds among other structures. The use of…
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Assigenment 3
Engineering InnovativenessExecutive SummaryBasically, innovation and engineering work hand in hand in enhancing sustainability in different fields. For many years now, engineers have played a critical role in innovation and improving the society.…
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C# Visual Studio Development Environment (engineering Simulation)
Engine Simulation in ExcelEngine modelling Creation of the engine model involves breaking down the system into small functional units. When considering engine motion, the moving parts are assumed to be a single unit. In this case fuel is taken to be…
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IntroductionThere has always been a tremendous need for an affordable and well-designed electric power wheelchair to the needy. The importance of electric powered wheelchair which provides the driving force by the help of electric motor on both…
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Mechanical Engineering Practicum
IntroductionSince its establishment in October 1990, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company has served as a hub of engineering activities associated with the mining, processing and exportation of oil and gas. As a result, KNPC boasts of its vast…
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Construction Techniques For High Rise Construction
Statutory obligation is the requirement of compliance with approval plan and building regulation. Site supervision and continuous engagement with the government institutions on any changes is integral in ensuring the regulatory requirements and…
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Section 1Spectral evaluation of speech indicators in turbulent areas is an element of indicator development that needs high level of attention. This work utilizes some of the newly recommended vigorous linear prediction (LP) evaluation techniques for…
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Power Station Industrial Visit Report
Introduction Torrens Island power station is one of the biggest energy harnessing companies in Australia and the largest in the entire south of Australia. Due to location and experience of operation, Torrens Island power station provides a better…
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