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Modern Portrayal of Female Characters
The paper "Modern Portrayal of Female Characters" is an exceptional example of an essay on culture. Lady Gaga is the representation of modern females who are viewed as liberated. Female liberation does not simply mean being able to do what was considered taboo for women during the past generations.…
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Zoot Suits Fashion, But a Political Identity
The paper "Zoot Suits – Fashion, But a Political Identity" is a great example of a culture assignment. “Long coats, pegged trousers and stiffed cuffs” remind of “zoot suit”, the fashion flourished in the African-American and Mexican-American community in the early 1900s. This fashion was equally adopted by other classes and communities of the United States.…
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Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women
The paper "Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?" is a great example of an assignment on culture. Older women who are raised in a predominantly patriarchal culture are more resistant to accept change as this equates to losing their credibility in the society in which they have grown and which now regards their presence as being important for the society.…
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Columbus Museum
The paper "Columbus Museum" is a perfect example of a term paper on culture. Culture enriches our well being as a person and we can trace it back to those artifacts that remind us of what we are. Columbus museum serves this purpose as it makes itself distinct not only in providing its visitor a cultural experience about our past but also gives us a unique perspective about being American through its art.…
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The Disability Rights Movement: from Charity to Confrontation
The paper "The Disability Rights Movement: from Charity to Confrontation" is an exceptional example of a book review on culture. Fleischer and Zames (2011, pp. 201-203) define culture with regard to disability. They assert that disability culture is basically a sense of commonality with others.…
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