Sharpen Your Writing Skills Using Case Study Examples

One of the most dreaded writing assignments for students is the case study. This is generally an in-depth analysis of a real-life incident or situation. It is meant to illustrate theory or content in a simulated or previously occurred situation. Case studies are meant to assist a learner in improving his or her cognitive reasoning, decision-making, and critical thinking skills.

Case study examples offer students a chance to improve their writing skills and can be used as a reference. From such examples, students are likely to learn that case studies include additional information needed to contextualize the scenario and analyze possible solutions.  A good sample acts as a load of reality is introduced in the class set to be explored by students. It keeps the discussion grounded in difficult situations that usually happen in daily scenarios. Instructors use case studies to present students with occurrences that are as close as possible to those they are likely to encounter in the work environment. This helps students to prepare for real problems and create appropriate solutions.  

It must be reiterated that case studies are not meant to offer answers, but rather allow students to work through the process of decision-making and find their own preferred suggestion. As you may notice from social work case study examples, for instance, this type of assignment generates an action-oriented approach to learning. This article highlights the importance of case studies, as well as what students can learn by consulting case study examples and where to get such examples.

Why Case Study Assignments?

Case study assignments are meant to help students develop particular skills, including those needed for:

  • The identification and recognition of problems
  • The understanding and interpretation of pertinent data
  • Recognition of common inferences and assumptions, as opposed to concrete facts
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Exercising and making a judgment
  • Assessing interpersonal relationships
  • Communicating opinions and ideas, and
  • Stating and defending decisions

In essence, ethical case study examples present realistic problems, which may reasonably occur within the conventional work scenario. The case study may include such complexities that occur naturally at the workplace, including issues of procedure or policy, and those relating to hierarchies, administration, finance, or reporting relationships. The assignment is often based on actual scenarios, sometimes fictionalized to guard confidentiality.

How to Effectively Approach the Case Study

 By scrutinizing case study examples psychology papers, you are likely to get an idea on how to approach that type of assignment. Irrespective of whether you are writing a problem-oriented or analytical paper, consider these steps:

  • Carefully read through the prompt and overview the wider picture
  • Determine the causes or reasons
  • Create and assess potential solutions
  • Recommend the way forward

What Can a Student Learn by Consulting a Case Study Sample? 

Whether you consult nursing, social work, or marketing case study examples, there are important lessons you are likely to learn which can improve your writing. Please remember that different instructors prefer slightly different approaches. Make sure to check the instructions provided and tailor your paper accordingly. By consulting a case study sample, you are likely to learn several things, including:

  • Choosing an appropriate topic

Selecting the right topic is a major challenge for almost all of the studies. You are likely to notice that good nursing case study sample generally has a topic that is relevant, reality-based, focused, and reflective of the available evidence on the best practices. You could choose a title that deals with a case scenario from a previous nursing experience, or one that highlights and explores that scope of the current nursing practice.

  • Planning and outlining

Another important lesson you are likely to learn relates to the importance of planning before you write. During this stage, students need to write at least three objectives or anticipated outcomes that reflect lessons that can be learned from an outcome. Writers need outlines in the same way that architects need blueprints. The plan ensures that you cover every important detail, without going off-track.

  • Creating a strong introduction

 Another important lesson to learn from nursing case study examples is the need to start effectively. In most cases, your instructor will have tons of papers to grade and is not likely to go beyond the first paragraph of a poorly introduced paper. An introduction is essentially the first (or first two) paragraph that sets the stage for the rest of your paper. Within this section, students are expected to describe the subjects, including the relevant circumstances and history, leading up to the events highlighted in the scenario.

  • The various elements of case studies

Another important attribute that you may learn from the case study interview examples is the fact that a good case study should contain various elements. The document can be as short as two pages, and as long as thirty. In some cases, this type of paper can be accompanied by teaching notes, which are recordings of communication between the writer and an instructor using the case. The goal of the notes to help the instructor understand the reason behind the paper, any theoretical or professional points that may arise in discussing the case. They outline the educational objective of studies.

  • The proper resources to use

 Another important lesson from consulting a good case study analysis example is the need for proper citation of resources. The accurate use of a range of materials helps you to present a comprehensive and objective ideas. The specific literature used largely depends on the course as well as the assignment prompt. You could include theoretical material, statistical data, industry resources, and news items.

What is the Right Case Study Sample Format? 

With so many psychologies, nursing, marketing, and business case study examples it can be difficult to judge the correct format to borrow. However, it must be reiterated that a case study paper is often structured and formatted in the same way as an essay or an academic report. The assignment brief should help with planning your writing. The main aspects of the case study sample format include:

  • An introduction — Where you define the problem and explain the limitations or parameters of the scenario
  • An analysis or overview — Where you offer more details about the various parties involved in the scenario. You may also mention the practical, theoretical and technical issues arising from the situation.
  • A status report — Where you describe the actions taken on the issue.
  • A conclusion — Where you synthesize your main points and suggest the way forward
  • Appendices — Any additional document or information that could help your readers understand your paper

Something that may not be quite obvious when analyzing a sample case study paper is the need to avoid specific mistakes. For instance, a common pitfall is the tendency to ignore certain factors or facts that impact the general picture. In some cases, students also fail to offer explanations for the implications or causes of the problem. Do not make assumptions that are not supported by evidence, and which may simplify or trivialize the case, while omitting important information. Also, make sure to present solutions or causes that are case specific, instead of generic. Instead of basing your analysis solely on your experience, use evidence-based theories and data to support your points. In the next section, we make recommendations on where you can get a good sample case study report.

Who Can Provide a Good Case Study Analysis Sample?

There are many places where you could get a case study introduction sample, although not all of them can be reliable and professional companies. For instance, you could locate several papers by conducting general searches using popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The only problem would be that the quality and reliability of such samples is unmonitored and thus questionable. Alternatively, you could find good medical case study examples in reputable journals. However, journal entries are formatted and written in an informal and completely inappropriate style, and which may not be applicable for academic submissions. You may, therefore, end up borrowing the wrong writing strategies.

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Case Study Example and Samples

Situational Leadership
The paper "Situational Leadership" is an excellent example of a case study on management. A leader can be defined as an individual who tries to influence the decision-making of other people.  Decision making and people's behaviors can either be directive or supportive. Directive behavior enables a group of people to meet set goals and objectives.…
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Apple Computer 2002
Table of Contents Introduction 2 Problems faced by Apple Inc 2 Strategies adopted by the company 3 Conclusion 5 Reference 5 Introduction Apple Inc has become synonymous with innovation in computer software as well as hardware industry. The…
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A Pharmacists Obligation to Warn
The paper "A Pharmacist’s Obligation to Warn" is a good example of a case study on medical science. A case was filed by Mr. Lasley’s family members against Dr. Helms, Shrake’s Country Club Pharmacy and especially the pharmacist in March 1991 for breaching the duty to exercise the degree of care, skill, and learning expected by them.…
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Tuckmans Group Development Model
The paper "Tuckman’s Group Development Model" is a brilliant example of a management case study. Aurione Inc. has assigned the task of developing a performance appraisal system to its Virtual team, formed for this purpose, which communicates via weekly email updates. The team is bound to face certain challenges, particularly in terms of communication and building trust.…
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Goliath Productions in Film Industry
The paper "Goliath Productions" is a perfect example of a case study on business. This case is about how Goliath Productions (Goliath) should account for its revenues under its contract with Giant Theatres, Inc.or Giant for the showing of five films. The contract between the two companies provides for a fixed fee plus a variable fee for each film showing.…
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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The paper "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is an excellent example of a case study on literature.  The peace of the raft days is broken by the coming of the two conmen. Huck helps save these two men from the angry townspeople and the two beg Huck to let them ride with him and Jim. These two men teach Huck an important lesson in dealing with criminals.…
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Bugatti (Veyron) Marketing
The paper "Bugatti Veyron’s Marketing" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. This report examines the of marketing the Bugatti Veyron, from two marketing principles, looking at how the Bugatti Veyron’s marketing satisfies various value propositions, profit considerations, and competitive positioning. The first principle is regarding the uniqueness of services.…
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Robbery by Criminally Intimidating the Rightful Owner
The paper "Robbery by Criminally Intimidating the Rightful Owner" is an outstanding example of a law case study. John has committed a robbery by criminally intimidating the rightful owner of the property and willfully deprived him of his car. He has been stopped by Officer Jones and on preliminary interrogation placed under arrest. Officer Jones placed him under arrest.…
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Gilbane Gold
The paper "Gilbane Gold " is a worthy example of a business case study. The hypothetical problem of Gilbane Gold is a hard issue to deal with professionally, ethically, legally, socially, and responsibly. David Jackson’s solution would not be advisable for several reasons. First going to a T.V. station alienates the city of Gilbane and Z-corp.…
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Who Should Maintain the Parks and Ballfields
The paper "Who Should Maintain the Parks and Ballfields" is a great example of a law case study. The parties agreed on the following issues to be decided: “Is the maintenance of lawns and ballfields in the town parks bargaining unit work? If no, is subcontracting of the maintenance of town lawns and ballfields a violation of the agreement? If so, what shall the remedy be?”…
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Missing Coin Collection
The paper "Missing Coin Collection" is a wonderful example of a case study on law. Clarissa used her inquisitiveness and resourcefulness to solve the mystery. She was not satisfied of merely hearing the oral depositions of the subjects involve in the case, Mr. Mum and the butler. Instead, she went to the library to search for material and relevant facts. There she found the documents to support her findings.…
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Fiscal Policy and Presidential Elections
The paper "Fiscal Policy and Presidential Elections" is a wonderful example of a case study on politics. After the recession of 1990–91, the economy was slow to recover. At the time of the 1992 presidential election, the unemployment rate still languished at 7.5 percent, up two percentage points from when President George H. W. Bush took office in 1989.…
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Safety Incentive Program

The paper "Safety Incentive Program" is a brilliant example of a management case study. Ajax Inc.’s Safety Incentive Program has several attributes which ensure both workplace safety and HR integration. Collective Responsibility. Since the failure of an individual can affect the status of the whole group, it will promote a sense of collective responsibility among the members.

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Memorial Hospital
The paper "Memorial Hospital" is a good example of a case study on nursing. Memorial Hospital, the regional healthcare facility located in the mountains of North California has been experiencing relatively constant demand for its service despite the growing population of the region. There are various reasons like the emergence of new competitors and ongoing HR issues that attribute to the constant business.…
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Flashy Flashers, Inc
The paper "Flashy Flashers, Inc" is a good example of a case study on business. Flashy Flashers, the automotive components producing company decided to initiate a full-fledged ERP system in order to improve its total business functions. As the initial step of this process, a new MRP system was launched last year under the supervision of Kathryn Marley, the vice president of operation and supply chain management.…
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Smith Financial Corporation
The paper "Smith Financial Corporation" is an outstanding example of a management case study. The corporate culture inside Smith Financial Corporation is not very flexible as illustrated in the case. The main problem inside the organization is that the employees and the existing managers are not ready to accept any change in their work.…
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Engine to Improve Performance in the Receiving Process
The paper "Engine to Improve Performance in the Receiving Process" is an outstanding example of a case study on management. Springfield Warehousing and Distribution Centre (WDC) is facing problems in its various processes including the receiving process and needs a continuous improvement framework that can help Stalk and Margolis in controlling all kinds of errors and late functioning of stores.…
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Business Law and Ethics
The paper "Business Law and Ethics" is an outstanding example of a business case study. In the case of Jamie Clark and Joe Adamson (Jack Johnson), the first determination of a judge would have to be if there was an enforceable contract. Since Joe Adamson’s real name is Jack Johnson that is the name he will be identified with for this exercise.…
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Norwegian Air Expansion Services
Proposal for Norwegian Air expansion services Introduction A critical analysis of the airline industry especially in the European region shows that it is characterised by fierce competition among the existing players. In case of Norwegian Air, it…
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KPIX Polls for the Californias 17th Congressional District
KPIX Polls for the California’s 17th Congressional District The KPIX polls that were released on October 20th indicated the race for the California’s 17th Congressional District. The race for the seat was between Mike Honda and Ro Khanna. Honda and…
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Corporate Sustainability Reporting at UPS Company
Corporate Sustainability Reporting at UPS Company Changes in Stakeholder’s Expectations: Whenever the company tries different, unique and innovative steps in their processes and operations, then definitely the expectations of the stakeholders may…
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McNeil and Diamond Case
McNeill and Diamond McNeill and Diamond Whereas McNeill accepts some of Diamond’s arguments, his objections to the rest of his arguments are pertinent. McNeill prefaces his commentary on Diamond’s work with admiration for its unique exposition of the…
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Stragtegic Management: Band of Merrymen
Strategic Management Case Study Mission ment for the Company The mission of the ‘Band of Merrymen’, headed by Robin Hood, is to rob the rich andgive to the poor, farmers and the townspeople. SWOT analysis The band was growing in size and had gained…
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IT Solution for Corporate Financial and Inventory Management
Memorandum Rock Martin (CEO) Director of Information Technology July 4, IT Solution for Corporate Financial and Inventory Management 1.0 Challenge/Opportunity Area for SUH SUH Incorporated has a challenge in the area of Corporate Financial and…
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Business Law: the Definition of the Second Party
Business Law Case Study al Affiliation Business Law Case Study Facts In Ellington’s grandson and heir whose is Paul Ellington sued EMI for a breach of contract. In the suit, Paul Ellington claimed that EMI had engaged in double-dipping by retaining…
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