Business School Essay Examples for Top Class Performance

In business school, students usually write different kinds of essays. Some of them might be dealing with the proposal of a strategy; others deal with management and so forth. Therefore, writing the various types of business essays is critical to your success within this field. Writing essays is a typical coursework, homework and examination procedure in business studies. It is also one of the requirements for joining the business school.

During examinations, it is prudent to select the correct essay type to write while answering your prompts. This is a key step in answering the questions correctly. You cannot afford to stay confused about the types of essays. There are more than a dozen essay types. Therefore, you can easily get confused. This article provides tips on how to avoid common mistakes while writing business essays. In case you need more insights, take a look at our business school essay examples.

How to Write Memorable Business School Essays

In most cases, what makes the difference between excelling in a paper and failing is how compelling your arguments are. Short answers and one sentence explanations can never be a substitute for well thought out discussions. Business school essays form an essential part of your semester scores. Though they might seem straightforward, these essays require proper aforethought and introspection. The following tips can assist you in crafting the best business school essays:

  • Authenticity

Business schools normally emphasize the use of logic in coming up with practical business ideas and solutions. You are supposed to have a proper understanding of the core concepts as well as how to apply them in a real situation. Therefore, discuss something that strikes the core of the topic and must be 100% genuine.

  • Be specific

Specificity greatly enhances the credibility of your business school application essay. For instance, instead of saying that you aim to join an equity firm, say that you aspire to join an equity firm with a focus on mid-level manufacturing industries within India.

Some students also mention something like consulting yet they mean medical consultancy. Therefore, you are supposed to undertake some research, add some reputable company names and show that you are well informed about the field you intend to study.

  • Know the requirements across different schools

One might think that all business schools are similar. However, there are many differences between business schools. Each school of business has specific writing guidelines given to students. Therefore, take the necessary step of going through the essay prompts before you begin writing. You shall know about the formatting style, the required length of the paper and the minimum number of references among others.

  • Set aside adequate time for writing

Writing good business school essays requires enough time to write whether it is a personal statement or a 250-character answer to a prompt. A proper essay must be written, rewritten then honed and critiqued along the way. This is not a process that can be achieved in seconds.

While each student has their individual pace of writing, this essay needs a few days of proper planning and writing. The admissions boards have to go through hundreds of essays. Therefore, they might not have the time to peruse last-minute compositions that are too lengthy, repetitive and do not properly answer questions.

Tips on Writing a Harvard Business School Essay

While writing a Harvard business school essay, bear in mind the key qualities the institution normally looks out for. Harvard business school looks for the following:

  • Leadership skills;
  • Analytical appetite and prowess;
  • Good community citizenship.

Put much effort in demonstrating all the above throughout your papers.

Tips for Writing Columbia Business School Essays

Colombia business school typically gives applicants a series of questions. The first question is a short-answer question of about 50 characters. In this question, you need to make your answer as specific as possible. The second one is a 500-word essay on your career ambitions over the next 3 to 5 years.

Mention your goals and give some background information on how you settled on these objectives. The third and fourth questions comprise 2 essays. One is on leadership and another one on handling failure. Be very objective in your descriptions and provide in-depth insight. Our Columbia business school essays can give you a better picture of these prompts.

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Business School Example and Samples

Academic Integrity Policies at Cal Poly Pomona
The paper "Academic Integrity Policies at Cal Poly Pomona" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment. Academic integrity is not simply about not cheating on exams but is about a vast array of actions. The introduction by the Director of Judicial Affairs emphasises the fact that being a university student involves being committed to academic values such as honesty, integrity and responsibility.…
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Application of Systems Theory on Leadership
The paper "Application of Systems Theory on Leadership" is an excellent example of a business research paper. Even though leadership is a talent, application of systems theory helps improve performance because systems theory motivates employees and research show that it enhances staff cohesion. Leaders are gauged in how well their juniors perform.…
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Autism and William Syndrome
The paper "Autism and William Syndrome" is a worthy example of an essay on health sciences&medicine. Autism and William syndrome gave different views as well as similar ones in respect to the social life, cognitive and the language children portrays in the two scenarios. …
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Can the Subaltern Speak by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivaks
The paper "Can the Subaltern Speak by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivaks" is a wonderful example of an article on history. The essay titled “Can the Subaltern Speak?” by Spivaks questions the western perspective of post-colonial literary analysis, which, as she argues, only serves to further the interests of the west in a well-orchestrated move meant to silence the voices of the third world.…
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Cherokee: Death, Beliefs And Practices
The paper "Cherokee: Death, Beliefs And Practices" is a worthy example of a history essay. Among the various Indian tribes, the Cherokee was one of the four tribes that were civilized tribes. This is because they assimilated some values and ideologies of the American culture (Fitzgerald 12).…
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Class, Ethnic and Religious Differences
The paper "Class, Ethnic and Religious Differences" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Ethic and religious differences have limited related ethnic identification in the US. In the 1940s, the tensions between China and Japan spilled over to the United States that prevented them to unify as an ethnic group.…
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Code of Ethics for a Commercial Company
The paper "Code of Ethics for a Commercial Company" is a delightful example of a presentation on business. Codes of ethics are crucial in any company or business, it outlines the values and mission of a firm or organization. Often the code of ethics is publicly available hence anyone can access them and understanding the activities of a firm and the way they are conducted.…
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Commanding the Room in Short Skirts: Cheering as the Embodiment of Ideal Girlhood by Natalie Adams and Pamela Bettis
The paper "Commanding the Room in Short Skirts: Cheering as the Embodiment of Ideal Girlhood by Natalie Adams and Pamela Bettis" is a worthy example of an article review on sociology. Despite the fact that most Americans engage in cheerleading with females dominating in the practice, researchers have given the cheerleader minimal attention.…
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Corporate Alliances - Uber, Spotify, Hub Staff, Zapier, and Other Companies' Tandems
The paper "Corporate Alliances - Uber and Spotify, Hub Staff, Zapier, and 10up" is a wonderful example of a case study on business. As of November 21st, 2014, Uber and Spotify entered into an alliance which would see customers of both companies enjoy a more personalized experience. The new alliance enabled premium Spotify users to have complete control of the music played during their Uber rides.…
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Education History
The paper "Education History" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment. Inequality and expand the economic and social opportunities available to citizens. Much controversy surrounds the question of the degree to which that potential has been and is today being realized.…
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Financial Implications of Various Scenarios in Antonbach Ski Lodge
The paper "Financial Implications of Various Scenarios in Antonbach Ski Lodge" is a worthy example of a case study on finance and accounting. Currently, Antonbach Ski Lodge prides itself as a mid-sized mountain village that offers moderately priced, good quality destinations. It operates mostly during the skiing peak season running from early December through to late March.…
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Football Fever Grips Balkans
The paper "Football Fever Grips Balkans" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The unresolved conflict during the Yugoslav wars that took place in the 1990s echoes its consequence even up to the present. The Balkan, which was comprised of the southeastern territories in Europe like Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, was disintegrated due to some unresolved conflicts and questions.…
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Funerals as Counter-Cultural Practice
The paper "Funerals as Counter-Cultural Practice" is an exceptional example of a book review on religion and theology. The modern Christian church is practically giving up the fight against continued practices of marking the funeral. As Edwin points out, the funeral arrangements and decisions were the work of the church and family members (10).…
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Genocide and Conflict Theory
The paper "Genocide and Conflict Theory" is a wonderful example of a sociology assignment. Civil wars around the world are usually not similar. Conventionally, the characteristic of wars confers to the society from which they emerge (Sambanis, 1). This document investigates and illustrates several genocide and conflict theories.…
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Gifted Young Children: A Guide for Teachers and Parents by Louise Porter
The paper "Gifted Young Children: A Guide for Teachers and Parents by Louise Porter" is an exceptional example of an educational book review. In this book, the author has drawn the audience’s attention towards the possibility of giftedness in children that generally display the signs of delayed development.…
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Giovanni's Room: Social Alienation
The paper "Giovanni's Room: Social Alienation" is an outstanding example of a literature book review. Probably no topic has been as contentious as the topic of sexuality, specifically homosexuality. History has documented its fair share of activism and explanations of its morality.…
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Goldman Social Impact Case
The paper "Goldman Social Impact Case" is a marvelous example of an article review on finance and accounting. Impact investing as expressed by Goldman in the article is a term that refers to the approach of investment that takes into account two objectives: the intention to generate financial returns and to create a purposeful, measurable, positive social or environmental impact…
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Have We Solved Too Big to Fail by Andrew Haldane
The paper "Have We Solved Too Big to Fail by Andrew Haldane" is an excellent example of an article review on macro and microeconomics. The article talks about how financial markets have not learned from the economic recession of 2008. The main thesis of the article is that more reforms are required in order to overcome issues that caused the economic crisis of 2008.…
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Helpful Ratio When Analyzing Liquidity and Solvency
The paper "Helpful Ratio When Analyzing Liquidity and Solvency" is a worthy example of an assignment on finance and accounting. When analyzing a company an investor or any other stakeholder would be interested in finding out the liquidity and the solvency of a business. The liquidity of a business can be defined as its ability to pay short term loans.…
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How Plagiarism Violations Occur
The paper "How Plagiarism Violations Occur" is a good example of an education assignment. Plagiarism has been at the center of several debates aimed at illuminating the factors that constitute academic dishonesty. Plagiarism is a serious violation of one’s academic integrity and may result in far-reaching consequences, including expulsion from institutions of learning.…
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Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective
The paper "Human Trafficking: A Global Perspective" is a great example of a history article review. Political science is one branch of the many social sciences, and in it constitutes international relations, comparative politics, and political philosophy.…
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Hustle as a Strategy by Bhide
The paper "Hustle as a Strategy by Bhide" is a delightful example of a business article. According to High-Church Theologian scriptures, competitive strategies are the ones that can sustain businesses and result in desirable outcomes. They preach about strategic planning, competitive strategy, and competitive advantage.…
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IKEA Way - a Program of Corporate Social Responsibility Implemented by a Global Corporation
The paper "IKEA Way – a Program of Corporate Social Responsibility Implemented by a Global Corporation" is an expressive example of a case study on business. Basing on the IKEA’S case on corporate social responsibility, the Swedish-founded home furnishing multinational company starts by highlighting its area of focus in the quest of attaining its corporate social responsibility.…
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Inter-Enterprise Alliances - Agile and Virtual Companies, Business Process Re-Engineering
The paper "Inter-Enterprise Alliances - Agile and Virtual Companies, Business Process Re-Engineering" is a delightful example of a case study on business. Starbucks and Spotify announced a partnership that was aimed at improving the experience of customers of both companies. Uber is a leading transportation network company while Starbucks is one of the major coffee shop chains in the world.…
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Jon Stewart on Crossfire by Alex Felker
The paper "Jon Stewart on Crossfire by Alex Felker" is a perfect example of a movie review on journalism and communication. Jon Stewarts is comparing George Bush to John Kerry in relations to leadership capabilities of each of them. Stewarts maintains that the Style of picking the presidential candidate of the Democrats does not represent democracy.…
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