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Business Essays and Research Papers

The Balanced Score Card: Philips Electronics
The paper "The Balanced Score Card: Philips Electronics" is a great example of a business article review. Philips Electronics has employed a scorecard system in order to align the companies objectives, concentrate on employees on how they could contribute to the objective, and educate employees on how they could move the business altogether.…
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Reserve Requirements for Price and Financial Stability
The paper "Reserve Requirements for Price and Financial Stability" is an excellent example of a business essay. An increase in the required reserve ratio from 4% to 7% means that banks will be required to hold more money in their reserves. There will be less money available to be given out as loans to businesses, as well as in the economy (Walsh 2012).…
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BP Deal Opens a New Phase, but Case Is Far From Closed
The paper "BP Deal Opens a New Phase, but Case Is Far From Closed" is an excellent example of a business essay. The above article is on the damage settlement of $7.8 Billion by BP to the public business and individuals who suffered losses when there was an oil spill by BP.…
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Privacy Protections In Entertainment Venues
The paper "Privacy Protections In Entertainment Venues" is an excellent example of a business essay. The artist usually invests their energy in order to release their product into the market. As a result, they are entitled to reap the reward of their hard work. Currently, various technological advancements have been evident.…
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Aditya Birla Group
The paper "Aditya Birla Group" is a great example of a business article review. In the recent past, Kumar Birla has totally tinkered with the business model. He has managed to expand the Aditya Birla Group up to 20 times the initial size through excellent tuning and restructuring to monitor the strategy.…
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The Gamble on Teslas Gigafactory in The Nevada Desert
The paper "The Gamble on Tesla’s Gigafactory in The Nevada Desert" is a great example of a business article review. The article discusses the construction of Tesla Company on Tesla Motors gigafacotry East of Reno, Nevada. In partnership with Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the companies the companies created a warehouse.…
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Union Pacific Corporation: External Factors Analysis
The paper "Union Pacific Corporation: External Factors Analysis" is an excellent example of a business essay. Union Pacific Corporation remains a leader in the railroad transportation industry in the West of the United Stated (Koraleski, 10). Consequently, the company experiences several external factors that constantly affect its operations.…
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Exceptional Customer Service System
The paper "Exceptional Customer Service System" is an excellent example of a business personal statement. The motivational talk by Steve Cloward has helped me to understand how entrepreneurs should treat customers to increase their satisfaction.…
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Asian Welfare States
The paper "Asian Welfare States" is a great example of a business article review. Asian countries have of late been stepping in eagerly to qualify as welfare states by introducing welfare pensions, health insurance and employment guarantee schemes (The Economist).…
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Rejection of Student and Youth Tour Packages
The paper "Rejection of Student and Youth Tour Packages" is an excellent example of a business assignment. Let me begin by thanking you for your past contributions and support for this company. Your support has played a big role in the growth of this company financially. We appreciate all your efforts.…
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Expected Monetary Value of the Project
The paper "Expected Monetary Value of the Project" is an excellent example of a business assignment. Using the data from the decision previously made, it can be concluded that the expected monetary value of the project is the measure of the desirability, and the swing weights from the project are the desirability ratings.…
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Informative Coffee Break
The paper "Maryanna Korwitts: Business Opportunities" is an excellent example of a business assignment. I believe George is justified to be angry with the manager. However knowing beforehand that his boss is a liar should make it easier for him to deal with the unexpected turn of events.…
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Derivative Losses At JPMorgan Chase
The paper "Derivative Losses At JPMorgan Chase" is an excellent example of a business essay. JPMorgan bank experienced a loss of $2 billion worth of money in May 2012. Different stakeholders benefited while others experienced losses in JPMorgan’s case. The bank experienced massive losses.…
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The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits by Milton Friedman
The paper "The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits by Milton Friedman" is a great example of a business article review. Milton Friedman authored the article, ‘the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits,’ in which he undermines the popularized concept of corporate social responsibility.…
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New York Case Against Intel Suffers Blows
The paper "New York Case Against Intel Suffers Blows" is a great example of a business article review. The article describes the proceedings of New York case against Intel that suffered from major setback when the federal court set up in Delaware passed some rulings in favour of Intel.…
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Getting Smart About Annuities
The paper "Getting Smart About Annuities" is a great example of a business article review. The article is informative and offers extremely imperative points regarding utilization of annuities, despite its veiled traps and fees. Despite the risk that annuities hold, the article offers important information on ways utilize these risks to fabricate a pension.…
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Instant Insight by Alan Joch
The paper "Instant Insight by Alan Joch" is a great example of a business article review. The main idea that the author, Alan Joch, is trying to communicate is that the superior business intelligence technology equips business organizations with appropriate competitive advantage in the global market.…
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Cost of Breaking Conventions in Business
The paper "Cost of Breaking Conventions in Business" is an excellent example of a business essay. Business is a discipline or profession that requires much ethical practice. In the case where unethical practice arises, the people involved will have to pay the cost of breaking such conventions.…
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How Honest Will I Be In The World Of Business
The paper "How Honest Will I Be In The World Of Business?" is an excellent example of a business essay. This is the question I ask myself all the time not only if I will be in business but also in dealing with other people. …
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Why Is Supply Chain Integration Important to Organizations
The paper "Why Is Supply Chain Integration Important to Organizations" is an excellent example of a business essay. Supply chain integration involves coordination and harmonization of all the components of a supply chain management ranging from input materials to finished goods so achieves higher performance levels through minimization of cost and maximization of revenues.…
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Theory and Practice of Leadership
The paper "Theory and Practice of Leadership" is an excellent example of a business admission essay. In understanding leadership, I found these theories very helpful: positive reinforcement, path-goal theory, transaction leadership theory, and functional leadership theory. Leadership refers to the influence of people to work (Kouzes & Posner, 2012).…
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Small Investors and Stock Market Investment
The paper "Small Investors and Stock Market Investment" is an excellent example of a business essay. Most of the small investors are of the view that investing in the stock market is only beneficial for the professional and institutional investors. There are different disadvantages or barriers which had to be faced by small investors in stock market investment.…
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Maintaining Solid Corporate Ethics In International Business
The paper "Maintaining Solid Corporate Ethics In International Business" is a great example of a business article review. This article reflects the ethical issues that big multinational companies often face. The author of the article in consideration has highlighted two key areas in which ethical practices are highly overlooked.…
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Using Social Media In Business: Opportunities And Risks
The paper "Using Social Media In Business: Opportunities And Risks" is an excellent example of a business essay. Social media is the most revolutionary technology across the globe and the best way to promote a business in the modern world. This means that it has numerous impacts on various aspects in the business including customer support and product development.…
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Ethical Decision-Making and Organizational Behavior
The paper "Ethical Decision-Making and Organizational Behavior" is an excellent example of a business essay. Ethical decision-making comes into play when there is no right or wrong decision to make. It is done by employing other ethics such as obedience, care, reason involving intelligence and moral values.…
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