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Business Essays and Research Papers

Establishing Business to Make the World a Better Place to Live
The paper "Establishing Business to Make the World a Better Place to Live " is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. As the paper outlines, the modern world is riddled with lack of enough job opportunities for the skilled individuals churned out by institutions at the end of each financial year.…
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Investigate Whatever Morrison Lower Prices Strategy Will Attract New s) Presented To Submission For a company to remain relevant and grow in the current competitive climate, it has to apply different techniques to ensure that they attract and retain…
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A Few Good Women At The Top: The China Case
WOMEN LEADERSHIP (The china case) WOMEN LEADERSHIP (The china case) Leadership is defined as the ability to inspire othersto pursue a set vision within set limits and work with them cordially to attain success. Leadership involves inspiring your…
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TOPIC - THE IMPACT OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS AND THE REACTION TO THE FINANCIAL CRISIS Literature review Changes introduced in the UK accounting standards The accounting standard in UK had seen many fraudulent cases arising due to the lack of ethical…
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Current Themes In Businesses
Article Analysis – Gender Fatigue Introduction The article “Gender Fatigue: The Ideological Dilemma of Gender Neutrality and Discrimination in Organizations” by Elisabeth K. Kelan highly focuses on gender discrimination in work place and how it has…
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Summarizing Articals
Servitization Servitization Introduction Many Manufacturing firms have engaged servitization in the provision of their products. This has occurred as a result of stiff competition in the industrial market. However, servitization has led to complex…
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Critical Review/Critique Of Academic Journal Article
Article review In the modern rapidly changing world the role of women in the society is also changing. Speaking about the United s and Western Europe, it is essential to mention that women have already gained many rights and occupied prestigious…
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Aspects Of Contract And Negligence For Business
Comparing Tort and Contract Law By Lecturer’s and Contract law refer to body of rules that control contractual conformity entered into by two parties. In the contract agreement the roles and the responsibilities of both parties to each other are…
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Impact Of Tuition Fees Rise On Student Enrolments In UK Universities
IMPACT OF TUITION FEES RISE ON ENROLMENTS IN UK UNIVERSITIES By Impacts of Tuition Fee Rise: UK Therecent years have seen changes in UK’s tuition fee policies with a major focus on fee increment especially in higher education. These changes have…
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Estee Lauder Companies: Overview And Strategies
Part Overview Estee Lauder Companies was founded in 1946 by Estee Lauder together with her husband, Joseph Lauder. When it was formed, it had four products, that is, Creme Pack, Skin Lotion, Cleansing Oil and Super Rich All Purpose Creme (Estee…
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Prestige-seeking Consumer Behaviour On Luxury Fashion Branded Accessories
Prestige-Seeking Consumer Behavior on Luxury Fashion Branded Accessories In Thailand, it is very common to see people wear luxury branded fashion accessories depending on the fashion trends and their social statuses. More young people are…
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1)What Kind Of Self-learning Initiatives Have You Pursued During The Last Two Years Why Did You
Question one For the last two years, I have followed three main self-learning initiatives. These have enabled me not only to grow academically but also become a more self-actualized academician. The first self-learning initiative I took was part of…
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Movie Summary
THE TOWER HEIST The Tower Heist is an adventure comedy film that is replete with application of organizational behavior concepts. The main character is a Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller), a manager for a residential apartment in a high-rise New York…
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Scholarly Journal Article
Review: Scholarly Journal Article Dollar’s Surge Pummels Companies in Emerging Markets in the Wall Street Journal The paper reviews the article published in the Wall Street Journal under the title Dollar’s Surge Pummels Companies in Emerging Markets.…
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Unethical Practices in Volkswagen's Business
The paper "Unethical Practices in Volkswagen's Business" is a good example of a case study on the business. Jack, (2015), wrote about how the CEO of Volkswagen company was forced to step down and how the company was fined because they failed to install AdBlue which was recommended to make sure fuel that is unburned is not released to the atmosphere.…
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The Use of Lean and Six Sigma Approaches
The paper "The Use of Lean and Six Sigma Approaches" is an outstanding example of a business essay. The lean approach is the process of improving the products created, reducing the waste and empowering people by solving problems. This approach makes companies more competitive and innovative hence improving their sustainability.…
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Technology Disruption at Apple Inc
The paper "Technology Disruption at Apple Inc" is a worthy example of a business case study. The business scene has undergone transformation because of rapid technological innovations. The innovations have impacted the business positively making the digital technologies to be continual and increase competition.…
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Dimensions of Impact Assessments
The paper "Dimensions of Impact Assessments" is a good example of an essay on business. Impact assessment concerns measuring the effectiveness of operations of a firm and observing the significance of the changes caused by the activities adopted. Ideally, the impact assessment is linked to the organization mission and vision given the optimization of key values.…
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The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant
The paper "The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. The Lima plant has experienced high turnover rates due to job dissatisfaction. The foremen complain of low wages, lack of communication, and adversary relationships as the main problems. …
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Hustle as a Strategy by Bhide
The paper "Hustle as a Strategy by Bhide" is a delightful example of a business article. According to High-Church Theologian scriptures, competitive strategies are the ones that can sustain businesses and result in desirable outcomes. They preach about strategic planning, competitive strategy, and competitive advantage.…
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Need for Qatar Airways Company to Develop the Strategies
The paper "Need for Qatar Airways Company to Develop the Strategies" is a wonderful example of a business assignment. Qatar Airways is growing at a fast rate and hence, it is recommended that the organization should increase the number of aircraft to reduce congestions accommodate other countries globally.…
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Application of Systems Theory on Leadership
The paper "Application of Systems Theory on Leadership" is an excellent example of a business research paper. Even though leadership is a talent, application of systems theory helps improve performance because systems theory motivates employees and research show that it enhances staff cohesion. Leaders are gauged in how well their juniors perform.…
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The Founder's Self-Assessed Competence and Venture Performance
The paper "The Founder's Self-Assessed Competence and Venture Performance" is an outstanding example of a business essay. The self-assessment tools effectively defined my traits in different areas such as leadership and interpersonal relationship. My scores as per the self-assessment tests were 20 in the trait of empowering others.…
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Capgemini and Transnational Organization
Running head: CULTURAL VALUES AND PERSONAL ETHICS PAPER Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper Douglas Puza University of Phoenix Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper Knowing one’s personal and cultural values leads to strength in…
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Communicating with Individuals Who Gave Different Communication Styles
The paper "Communicating with Individuals Who Gave Different Communication Styles" is an outstanding example of a literature review on business. Communication refers to various ways and means used in sending messages to the audience. Positive outcomes and cohesiveness among the team members can be established efficiently.…
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