How to Write a Book Review

A significant number of students do not understand how to write a book review. However, this is a highly important aspect of understanding a book. There are other important functions served by writing. For one, it is one of the key ways through which instructors can test the level of understanding of their students.

For another, the majority of academic papers such as term papers, dissertations, coursework essays, and even a book review require outstanding skills to write a good piece. If you are poor at writing, you will experience tremendous difficulties in attaining top-grades.

Through composing assignment essays, students learn how to manage their free time. This is a very crucial skill both in the academic sphere and professionally. What’s more, students learn how to take responsibility for their individual work. Some essays, such as dissertations, require the writer to declare that the work is a result of their individual efforts.

More importantly, homework assignments enable students to extend the learning process beyond the classroom. When they undertake further research, they end up learning more about a topic.

Nevertheless, various challenges prevent students from writing their papers correctly. These include poor writing skills, excessive academic tasks, poor time management, and many others. As such, most of them seek solution s through online writing firms.

There are thousands of writing firms that promise students stellar performance only to end up delivering pre-written content. Therefore, before you download a book review example to use as a template for your work, ensure that you are dealing with a credible company. Seek referrals from your classmates or go through customer reviews across different websites. This ensures that you download the best quality book review template for your work.

What is a Book Review? Get The Precise Definition

What is a book review? It is a literary text that summarizes, analyzes, critiques as well as giving an opinion about a certain book/books. As the writer works on this paper, he/she is expected to provide in-depth discussions about the style that the author used to write the story, the actual content, and the merits or demerits.

Whenever you visit book review sites, you will come across various categories of book reviews. These include opinion pieces that convey what the analyst thinks about the text. They can also be simple summaries or even scholarly reviews. Based on the type of review you want to learn how to write, you can select a template/example you desire. Our website has thousands of book report templates that you can access for free. As such, you can easily enhance your writing skills in addition to boosting your confidence.

In addition to just offering personal opinions or a scholarly review, book reports also focus on the following factors:

  • Theme analysis
  • Plot summary
  • Character analysis

There are other miscellaneous details within such compositions. These are the author’s biography, year of publication, publication company, page-count, the story’s plot & setting, list of characters, quotes, examples, etc.

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Rapidly Understand How to Do a Book Review

The mere thought of jotting down this type of essay could be intimidating. However, you need to be confident in your ability to write an excellent review. One method through which you can learn how to do a book review as well as boost your confidence is to undertake practice constantly. What’s more, you will be able to develop your unique writing style in which you communicate most effectively.

As such, you can even blossom into a prolific book reviewer or even a creative writer. To obtain excellent book report ideas, visit our website and consult our professional writers. They will guide you through the entire process.

The typical book review format comprises of an introduction, a body section, & the conclusion. While drafting the introduction, offer a description of the book title as well as the cover of the book. This introduces the name of the book to the reader, and in some cases, can even provide a general idea of what the book is about. You could also include subtitles to the book within this section. Do not forget to note down the name of the author.

Next, write the thesis of the book/novel. Give summarized introductions to the major points that will comprise the body of your review. Do not provide any personal opinions yet.

In the body section, you can add around three quotes from the novel. The best method is to summarize each quote in your unique words. You can also give your personal opinion about the specific quotation. Take note that every point must be within an individual paragraph. Commence each paragraph with an opener. After that, proceed to give greater details of the book analysis.

The conclusion needs to summarize all the quotations. Likewise, give summaries of each explanation. Close the essay with concluding remarks. Such might consist of your fundamental stance about the book. You also have the option of providing a rating to the book.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Write a Book Report

Everyone can easily learn how to write a book report provided that he/she has a positive mindset and gets professional advice and guidance. Some book genres might prove more challenging to review. Nevertheless, nearly all reviews utilize a similar format.

The first step in preparation for writing a book format is to select a suitable book. Ensure that you have read it exhaustively and understood it. In other cases, your instructor might select a certain book for you to write about. After going through the book, plan on the precise content to write. This involves creating a suitable outline, which entails all the important points that are to be summarized. Remember that your outline should also adhere to the requisite book report format. The format might vary based on the specific instructions offered by your tutor.

Do not write a long introductory segment. This has the potential to lower your grade. Make your beginning as succinct and eye-catching as you can. It is also advisable to write book reviews about fictional works. They tend to be easier to evaluate and analyze. However, if you feel comfortable with reviewing non-fictional works, you can proceed.

Some students tend to undertake too much comparison with other novels they have reviewed. This is usually not a suitable approach. This might result in confusion among your readers.  You are also encouraged to offer a personal opinion while undertaking this task.

In case you are struggling to structure your paper, you can use a book report example of a given review. This will assist you in comprehending the proper writing style. Never be afraid of offering a criticism of the book under review. However, if you are in lower levels of studies such as college or undergraduate, your individual opinion about a book is not often necessary.

Ensure that you balance between positive and negative opinions. Your review should not be skewed towards one side. Do not make things up. Only write about the information within the book.  In case you enjoyed the book, say it.

Tips On How to Write a Good Book Review

To attain the best grades in your report, you must know how to write a book review. There are various factors that students normally fail to take into account while drafting such a paper. For one, after coming up with book report project ideas, you need to describe the plot of the story accurately. It is important to distinguish between the important and unimportant details. The reason is that your audience will be interested in knowing what the novel talks about. However, only share enough content that can capture the reader's curiosity about the book.

Always avoid giving spoilers during your review. The majority of readers are usually turned off by spoilers. At times it might be very tempting to include spoilers within your review since they aroused an intensive reaction. Nevertheless, ensure that you do not deny your audience an opportunity to experience the emotional thrill of suspense.

Identify the hook to make the reader pay more attention to your paper, rather than just perusing through the content. What’s more, if you are crafting a positive review, it is imperative to convince or give a call-to-action that encourages the audience to either purchase or read the book. Capture their attention right from the opening sentence in your introduction.

All your opinions need to be straightforward. Sometimes writers might give lengthy plot descriptions but forget to provide individual insight.  Your thoughts need to be very clear to avoid any confusion and misinterpretations about your paper. Explain the things you believe the author did correctly, as well as areas whereby you believe the writer faltered. In this process, get a chance to share your preferences with your audience. Personalize the review experience. If you do not achieve a good result the first time, polish your writing style continuously until you become a seasoned writer.

Give detailed explanations on both the criticisms & praise to ensure that you do not appear biased towards one direction. If there were amazing characters, do not just mention, give reasons why. In case you never enjoyed the novel, do not just state that it was boring. Explain.

Visit the book review websites you enjoyed the most to identify the writing styles and voice you enjoyed the most.

Lastly, rate the book. Ratings assist readers in obtaining an instant sense of what you felt about a certain novel. To learn more about how to rate a book review, you can download a book report sample from us.

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Book Report/Review Example and Samples

Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
The paper "Kant's Critique of Pure Reason" is an inspiring example of a book review on philosophy. Kant’s criticism of pure reason seeks to establish situations where pure reasoning is applicable or its applicability limited. Kant’s challenges the concept that there exists “an inference which appears to with-stand even the keenest scrutiny and the most scrupulously exact investigation”.…
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Tuesdays with Morrie - an Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson by Albom
The paper “Tuesdays with Morrie - an Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson by Albom“ is a dramatic variant of book review on sociology. "Tuesdays with Morrie” is a 192-pages book that has become one of the best selling books in the US (and maybe around the world). This is the book which is considered as the kind of book that even readers, who think books should be savored.…
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Substantive Kant's Concept of Reason
The paper “Substantive Kant’s Concept of Reason“ is a well-turned variant of book review on philosophy. The two major questions involved in Kant’s key philosophy focuses on reason. The first one which is fundamental to his hypothetical philosophy is those pretensions pertaining reasons and cannot be proven which were conducted by previous philosophers like Descartes and Leibniz.…
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A Men's Issues at Robert Bly's Iron John
The paper "A Men's Issues at Robert Bly's Iron John" is an inspiring example of a book review on sociology. Iron John is a book by Robert Bly written in 1990. In this book, Bly focuses on issues of men and how the industrial revolution has pulled them away from their families. He explains that men have been more absent from their homes.…
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The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The paper "The Art of War by Sun Tzu" is an inspiring example of a military book review. The Art of War reflects its opposition western post-enlightenment strategic thought: Now there are three ways in which a ruler can bring misfortune upon his army. When ignorant that the army should not advance, order and advance or ignorant that it should not retire, to order a retirement.

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The Sexual Politics of Meat - a Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory by Carol Adams
The paper “The Sexual Politics of Meat - a Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory by Carol Adams” is an intriguing example of a book review on sociology. The choices of our diets speak too much about our cosmology, politics, livelihood, behaviors, and attitudes. The major question that many would ask is about the interest of vegetarianism in interest with feminism.…
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The Difference between Our Modern and Primitive Ideas of Dirt and Purity as to Mary Douglas
The paper “The Difference between Our Modern and Primitive Ideas of Dirt and Purity as to Mary Douglas” is an intriguing example of book review on anthropology. As an anthropologist who is greatly recognized for her studies in areas of social anthropology, Mary Douglas’s book “Purity and Danger” was first published in 1966.  …
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The Social Life of Smokes by Dwyer
The paper "The Social Life of Smokes by Dwyer" is an inspiring example of a book review on social science. While drugs may be categorized differently, it is unquestionable that drugs have commanded significant attention globally. This has seen a lot of research work being done on drugs and their significant impacts on the health of individuals.…
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Two Old Women by Velma Wallis
The paper "Two Old Women by Velma Wallis" is an inspiring example of a book review on sociology. Two Old Women, by Velma Wallis, is a vital book that has a number of lessons. The author of the book is recognized for her persuasive stories which she has written in the past. Two old women are based on a story of two old women from Athabasca in the upper Yukon River Valley in Alaska.…
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The Head Man Was a Woman by Kirk Endicott and Karen Endicott
The paper "The Head Man Was a Woman by Kirk Endicott and Karen Endicott" is an inspiring example of a book review on anthropology. The author of the paper states that “The Head Man was a Woman: The Gender Egalitarian Batek of Malaysia” is an ethnography written by anthropology authors Kirk Endicott and Karen Endicott.…
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A Real Legal Issue and Results in Court Action in William Queens Memoirs Under and Alone
The paper “A Real Legal Issue and Results in Court Action in William Queen’s Memoirs Under and Alone”  is a breathtaking example of book review on the military. William Queen's Under and Alone is a harrowing memoir of this former officer of the Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms (ATF) 28-month experience working undercover as a member of the Mongol motorcycle gang.…
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Tourism - Principle, and Practice by Cooper, Fletcher, Gilbert, Fyall & Wanhill
The paper “Tourism - Principle, and Practice by Cooper, Fletcher, Gilbert, Fyall  & Wanhill”  is a spectacular example of book review on tourism. The book focused on the positive socio-cultural impacts of tourism. I learned the numerous positive socio-cultural impacts of tourism. On cultural impacts, tourism enables tourisms to gain an understanding of unfamiliar people, places, or time.…
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Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
The paper "Silent Spring by Rachel Carson" is a good example of a book review on environmental studies. Rachel Carson is an American marine biologist, an environmental conservationist, and a writer. She was born in 1907, 27th May, and her place of birth was near Springdale, Pennsylvania. She attended Springdale's small school during her tenth grade.…
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Seahenge: An Archaeological Conundrum by C. Watson
The paper "Seahenge: An Archaeological Conundrum by C. Watson" is a good example of a book review on archaeology. The author of the paper states that Watson’s works are centered on the Holme a prehistoric monument that was located in the Holmes village which bordered the seashores of the English county of Norfolk.…
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The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits, as to Milton Friedman
The paper “The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits, as to Milton Friedman“ is a breathtaking variant of book review on business. The main activity of businesses is generally attributed to the buying and selling of goods and services. Businesses are generally known to operate with the primary purpose of maximizing profit.…
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Treatise of Human Nature - Hume's Views on Judgement and Morality
Hume: Of Judgement and MoralityIn his Treatise of Human Nature Hume wrote “Morality, therefore, is more properly felt than judg’d of: tho’ this feeling or sentiment is commonly so soft and gentle, that we are apt to confound it with an idea,…
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The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
The paper “The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell“ is a thoughtful variant of book review on philosophy. A complete and single definition of Philosophy is very hard to quote. It could be said that philosophy is a science of questions. There are many questions in life that are needed to be answered. And one cannot get their answers easily.…
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Success and Moral in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
The paper "Success and Moral in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand" is an inspiring example of a book review on social science. According to author Ayn Rand, in the novel the fountainhead, the ego is expressed as individualism and collectivism in the human soul. The novel is an examination of the life of an idealistic architect who does not compromise with the prevailing values in building design.…
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The God Delusion by Richard Hawkins
The paper “The God Delusion by Richard Hawkins“ is a fascinating variant of book review on philosophy. The book ‘The God Delusion’ is a masterpiece of a British professor Richard Hawkins. The non-fiction book author besides serving as a professor at Oxford University is also an ethologist. Dawkins in his book challenges the faith in any ‘supernatural’ creator as a mere vision.…
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A Human Services Approach to Black Boy by Richard Wright
The paper "A Human Service’s Approach to Black Boy by Richard Wright" is a great example of a book report on social science. The author argues in a well-organized manner that within “Black Boy” there are many areas where an interventive means is necessary to try and guarantee the stability and normalcy within this family.…
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Pain and Suffering in Wishes for Sons by Lucille Clifton
Lucille Clifton wrote the poem towards the end of the twentieth century, the modern age. It is for this reason that we find Wishes for Sons to have resonance to our times. This is the postmodern era, where the concepts of family and relations have almost died. Modern age saw the rise of materialism and industrialization.…
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Platos Republic
The paper "Plato’s Republic" is a worthy example of a philosophy book review. In Plato’s Republic Plato wrote of Socrates’ encounter with several characters to determine justice and other philosophical truth. Socrates and his fellow characters did not fully explain justice, but several ideas about justice were mulled over.…
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Breaking the Code of Change by Beer & Nohria
The paper “Breaking the Code of Change by Beer & Nohria” is an outstanding example of book review on management. The most effective change should begin at the top because senior executives, as well as top management in an organization, are better positions to lead organizational reinvention.…
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How Robin Attfield Work Has Influenced Current Environmental Thinking
The paper "How Robin Attfield Work Has Influenced Current Environmental Thinking" is a worthy example of a book report on environmental studies. Robin Attfield presented an analysis of how crisis within the environment has offered people with new ethical implications as well as consequences for their moral thinking (Attfield, 2011).…
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The Production of Space by Lefebvre, H
The paper " The Production of Space by Lefebvre, H." is an outstanding example of a book report on sociology. The production of space by Henry Lefebvre came as a conclusion of his work between 1968 and 1974. The book was written after a series of other seven books. The first publication of the book was released in 1974. Donald Smith produced the English version of the book in 1991.…
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