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Biology is a field of study that is very critical in the academic curriculum. It handles the processes occurring in the bodies of human beings and various different issues regarding natural processes on the world. Most papers that deal with biology topics are written in a descriptive language since the aim is to communicate facts to the readers. However, many students claim that writing a biology essay appears as an unmanageable task for them. Thus, all of them need timely professional assistance.

Tips for Writing Good Biology Papers

Biology research paper topics require a lot of research, analytical skills, excellent formatting skills and proper mastery of the relevant content taught in a normal classroom setting. These are characteristics that most students lack. Just as the name suggests, biology research topics require the adequate development of a topic. You must ensure that research is relevant to your theme. Conducting shallow research leads to obtaining irrelevant, inadequate or plagiarized content. The paper is awarded a poor grade, and in the case, if plagiarism is detected, your studying process can be determined by your institution.

Biology is a science that requires clarity in arguments. If a student does not know how to communicate properly, the paper may be difficult to understand. Biology study material can thus help students understand concepts and facts required to write an impressive paper. Moreover, another important aspect to observe is the proper arrangement of the paper. A typical research paper on biology has an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.


The introduction is the opening segment of your paper. It, therefore, sets the mood and determines if the readers would continue reading the rest of your work. For this reason, the introduction should be brief, relevant to the topic, and should have a thesis statement that provides an overview of the main argument of the paper.

Main Body

The body is the main segment of the paper. It comprises your ideas presented in a written form. Each paragraph, however, should only address one point. Noteworthy, the points should be arranged logically to enable readers to follow your argument easily. Any borrowed information should be referenced according to the referencing style required by the tutor. This helps to avoid plagiarism issues and also shows that you give credit to other authors.


The conclusion is a summary of your argument. It, therefore, needs to be brief and with no inclusion of new points. Every student has to understand that the finishing part of an assignment is very important such as it helps logically finish a paper when underlying all of the most valuable thoughts previously highlighted in a paper.

Challenges that Hinder Students from Writing Good Biology Papers

Time constraint is a major challenge that students face. You may want to do extensive research but the limited amount of time you have does not allow you. Proceeding to handle your controversial biology topics under such condition may mean that you will do it under a lot of pressure. The content may be shallow and of poor quality. Submitting this kind of work ruins your chances of getting a good grade.

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Biology Essays and Research Papers

Food Web, Food Chains and Webs at Oceans, Complexity and Energy Cycle of Food Chains
The paper “Food Web, Food Chains and Webs at Oceans, Complexity and Energy Cycle of Food Chains” is an impressive example of coursework on biology. Food chains illustrate the feeding relationships between species to another within the ecosystem in which organisms are linked to the other organisms. A food chain is an arrangement of the organisms of an ecological community.…
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Describe the mechanisms that contribute to the development of autoimmunity. How may the role of reglulatory T cells be altered in patients suffering from autoimmunity
of the of the Concerned Biology 4 May Describe the mechanisms that contribute to the development of autoimmunity. How may the role of regulatory T cells be altered in patients suffering from autoimmunity? Mechanisms of autoimmunity Normally, immune…
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How the Human Body Establishes a Stress Gradient for Fluid Circulation
Tension gradient would be the stream price of the liquid by a pipe. This is certainly specifically proportional towards the distinction between the pressures in the two finishes on the pipe and inversely proportional on the pip's resistance. The tension gradient is right dependent on blood vessel radius which effectively controls blood circulation.…
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Phyletic Gradualism versus Punctuated Equilibrium
The paper "Phyletic Gradualism versus Punctuated Equilibrium" is a great example of an essay on biology. Phyletic Gradualism believes in the constant rate of evolution and the gradual transformation of ancestral species to produce new ones. Gradualists affirm that the incompleteness of fossil record is responsible for the nominal manifestations of transitional forms among species.…
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Mitochondria and Cellular Respiration
The paper "Mitochondria and Cellular Respiration" is a worthy example of a lab report on biology. Mitochondria are double-membrane and rods shaped organelles found in the cells of both animal and plants and are responsible for various metabolic functions within the cells. Mitochondria play a vital role in providing the necessary biological energy for the cell.…
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Andromeda Strain and Virus Evolution
The paper "Andromeda Strain and Virus Evolution" is an outstanding example of a biology essay. The world is a complex place. Not even the most advanced science can explain everything. What makes things even more complicated are the rapid changes that are occurring around us at all times.…
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Microbiology and Its Significance to Food Safety
The paper "Microbiology and Its Significance to Food Safety" is a worthy example of an essay on biology. Before probing into the topic of microbiology and its significance on health safety, we must first get to know what microbiology actually is. So starting with the term microbiology, it is the study of those types of microorganisms which are either microscopic organisms or unicellular organisms.…
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How People or Things Can Be Classified
The paper "How People or Things Can Be Classified" is an outstanding example of an essay on biology. No two individuals are alike. The same way it is difficult to have two things with the same physical properties and chemical properties. The creator has created things giving individuality to each of them.…
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The Cardiac Cycle
The paper "The Cardiac Cycle" is a wonderful example of a biology assignment. The heart is a muscle which pumps blood to the various parts of our body. The primary work of the heart is to receive the deoxygenated blood from the various parts of our body, purify it and send it once again to all the different parts of the body.…
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Use of Discarded IVF Embryos for Stem Cell Research
The paper "Use of Discarded IVF Embryos for Stem Cell Research " is a worthy example of an assignment on biology. For this paper, I will argue that it is ethical to let stem cell researchers use discarded in vitro fertilization treatment embryos. My proposed audience is non-professionals who are generally in favor of stem cell research but might question the use of discarded IVF embryos.…
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Steroids Abuse
The paper "Steroids Abuse" is an outstanding example of a biology essay. There are multiple negative effects that result from the usage of steroids. Abuse of steroids most commonly creates the following problems. High blood pressure becomes common which in turn, creates an enlargement of the heart.…
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Epithelial Tissue, Osteoporosis and Growth Hormone
The paper "Epithelial Tissue, Osteoporosis and Growth Hormone" is a worthy example of an assignment on biology. Epithelial tissue is most likely to cause over 90% of all cancers. Two reasons why epithelial tissues cause most cancers are one, epithelial cells covers and lines the outside of the body and two, epithelial cells cover the inside too.…
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Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome
The paper "Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome" is an outstanding example of a biology research paper. Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome is a congenital disorder which is responsible for early aging which starts as soon as 1 year. It has a reference number 176670.…
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Bacteria, Viruses, and Health
The paper "Bacteria, Viruses, and Health" is an outstanding example of a biology essay. The drug resistance b bacteria are a natural process that occurs when a patient use antimicrobial for any infection. The microbes are forced to die or adapt; notably, the microbes that survive carries the resistance genes that are passed from one person to another.…
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Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning
The paper "Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning" is a worthy example of a biology essay. Artificial Cloning is a technological advancement that would largely change the world. This relatively new concept can potentially impact the fields of medicine, agriculture and human life.…
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Gene Expression Levels of csy1 Gene
Lab Summary on Gene Expression Levels of csy1 Gene Introduction The science of measuring expression of a gene is a widely practiced technique in molecular biology. The technique is therefore when a snapshot is taken of the cell’s physiology under…
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2 D-Electrophoresis Separation of the Wheat Leaf Proteome
The paper "2 D-Electrophoresis Separation of the Wheat Leaf Proteome" is a perfect example of a lab report on biology. In the experiment, the aim was to carry out a 2 D-electrophoresis separation of the wheat leaf proteome. There are two gels produced in the experiment, in figure 1 the gel was ideal as it is evident by the spots that represent the proteins.…
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Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of DNA
The paper "Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of DNA" is an outstanding example of an essay on biology. Electrophoresis refers to a method used to separate and purify macromolecules, mostly nucleic acids, and proteins, which differ in conformation, size, or charge. It is among the widely used techniques in molecular biology and biochemistry.…
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Sciences Understanding of Life in Extreme Conditions
The paper "Sciences Understanding of Life in Extreme Conditions" is an outstanding example of an essay on biology. Astrobiology is important in understanding the history of the earth. It plays a role in explaining the origins of life. It also contributes important ideas to many fields of science such as biotechnology and biosecurity.…
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Human Genome Decoding - Cracking the Code of Life
The paper "Human Genome Decoding - Cracking the Code of Life" is a good example of a movie review on biology. The video explores the research experiments in decoding human DNA in the human genome project that ended in the year 2001. The reporter starts by giving a brief explanation of the origin of life on earth that also explains the similarity in all organisms on earth at the cell level.…
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Factors to Be Considered in Conducting Plasmid Purification
The paper "Factors to Be Considered in Conducting Plasmid Purification" is an excellent example of a term paper on biology. Plasmid purification happens to be an area of microbiology and it involves some principles which in most cases are performed in laboratories. In this particular case what is of interest is to do with the purification of DNA.…
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Osmosis as a Special Form of Diffusion
The paper "Osmosis as a Special Form of Diffusion" is a wonderful example of a lab report on biology. Osmosis, as a special form of diffusion, is the movement of water molecules from a high concentration area to a lower concentration area. The extent of solute concentration in the solvent is referred to as tonicity.…
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Interactions of Bacteria and Fungi on Decomposing Litter -Differential Extracellular Enzyme Activities
The paper “Interactions of Bacteria and Fungi on Decomposing Litter - Differential Extracellular Enzyme Activities" is an excellent example of an article on biology. The two major organisms responsible for the degradation of plant litter in freshwater ecosystems are fungi and bacteria. However, the process of degradation and interface between the two organisms are yet to be established.…
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Gross Anatomy
Gross Anatomy: laboratory report Acromion: The Acromion is easily accessible in male adults due to their wide shoulder protuberance. They are not hard to access in women, but they are easier if the woman is slender. It is located at the center top of…
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Aerobic Respiration as a Type of Metabolic Reactions
The paper "Aerobic Respiration as a Type of Metabolic Reactions" is a wonderful example of a lab report on biology. Aerobic respiration is a type of metabolic reactions and processes which occur in the cells of organisms to alter biological energy from nutrients to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to give out waste products.…
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