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Biology is a field of study that is very critical in the academic curriculum. It handles the processes occurring in the bodies of human beings and various different issues regarding natural processes on the world. Most papers that deal with biology topics are written in a descriptive language since the aim is to communicate facts to the readers. However, many students claim that writing a biology essay appears as an unmanageable task for them. Thus, all of them need timely professional assistance.

Tips for Writing Good Biology Papers

Biology research paper topics require a lot of research, analytical skills, excellent formatting skills and proper mastery of the relevant content taught in a normal classroom setting. These are characteristics that most students lack. Just as the name suggests, biology research topics require the adequate development of a topic. You must ensure that research is relevant to your theme. Conducting shallow research leads to obtaining irrelevant, inadequate or plagiarized content. The paper is awarded a poor grade, and in the case, if plagiarism is detected, your studying process can be determined by your institution.

Biology is a science that requires clarity in arguments. If a student does not know how to communicate properly, the paper may be difficult to understand. Biology study material can thus help students understand concepts and facts required to write an impressive paper. Moreover, another important aspect to observe is the proper arrangement of the paper. A typical research paper on biology has an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.


The introduction is the opening segment of your paper. It, therefore, sets the mood and determines if the readers would continue reading the rest of your work. For this reason, the introduction should be brief, relevant to the topic, and should have a thesis statement that provides an overview of the main argument of the paper.

Main Body

The body is the main segment of the paper. It comprises your ideas presented in a written form. Each paragraph, however, should only address one point. Noteworthy, the points should be arranged logically to enable readers to follow your argument easily. Any borrowed information should be referenced according to the referencing style required by the tutor. This helps to avoid plagiarism issues and also shows that you give credit to other authors.


The conclusion is a summary of your argument. It, therefore, needs to be brief and with no inclusion of new points. Every student has to understand that the finishing part of an assignment is very important such as it helps logically finish a paper when underlying all of the most valuable thoughts previously highlighted in a paper.

Challenges that Hinder Students from Writing Good Biology Papers

Time constraint is a major challenge that students face. You may want to do extensive research but the limited amount of time you have does not allow you. Proceeding to handle your controversial biology topics under such condition may mean that you will do it under a lot of pressure. The content may be shallow and of poor quality. Submitting this kind of work ruins your chances of getting a good grade.

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Essays for “Biology”

Genetically Modified Vegetables and Fruits
The paper "Genetically Modified Vegetables and Fruits" is a great example of a biology essay. Genetically modified foods are produced by crops whose genes have been altered. Gene modification allows for new traits to be introduced in the food that is subject to gene engineering. Gene modification of crops is nothing new as scientists have modified the genes of plants for thousands of years.…
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Polymerase Chain Reaction as a Method of DNA Fingerprinting
The paper "Polymerase Chain Reaction as a Method of DNA Fingerprinting" is a great example of a lab report on biology. The processes used here is for detecting the presence of matching DNA fragments from four suspects who broke into a house. After the DNA found at the scene of the crime is tested, it formed a line.…
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Fusarium Head Bright in Wheat with Aphids Herbivory
The paper "Fusarium Head Bright in Wheat with Aphids Herbivory" is a great example of a lab report on biology. Plant diseases are a major threat to food security in the world. One of the fungal disease that attacks cereal crops and causes a danger to food quality and safety is Fusarium. Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) reduces cereal crop yield.…
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Biological Diversity - Viruses
The paper “Biological Diversity - Viruses”  is an outstanding variant of a  literature review on biology. Tortora et al (2013) describe microorganisms as living organisms that are so small the human being cannot see them with the naked eye. A special device called a microscope, which magnifies the size of an image to beyond a hundred times its size, is required to view them.…
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Compare And Contrast The Histopathology Of Breast Adenocarcinoma And Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma
AbstractThe adenocarcinoma of the breast and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the lung are the leading causes of cancer-related mortalities in women and men respectively. An investigation of peer reviewed articles with content on adenocarcinoma of…
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The chlorophyll in the leaves absorbs the light energy which is used in the process of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll basically absorbs red and blue lights but reflects green light, this is responsible for the green color observed in most plant…
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Different Between Older And Younger Forest
Study of variation of vegetation and animals of the Chichester State ForestAbstractForests have existed for around 420 million now but have undergone various changes such as evolution as well as human interference. Chichester State Forest in…
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: Practical Laboratory Exercise
Analysis of the patient’s ABO RhD blood group resultsThe patient’s ABO RhD blood group as interpreted from the DiaMed CAT reaction results is AB Rh-ve. This means that the patient’s blood group is AB and the individual does not have the Rh antigens…
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Alternative Energy As Beneficial And Economical Source
Alternative source of as beneficial and economical source. The demand for energy in the world’s economies has led to the problems of what is called the global warming. These are effects brought about through emission of carbon dioxide from…
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IntroductionLiving cells require nutrients from their surrounding and at the same time, get rid of waste products to their environment. This exchange of substances between the internal and external of a cell is very important for its life sustenance.…
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ChlorophyllIn the presence of sunlight, plants convert organic compounds into chemical energy (glucose). The chemical energy is converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to release energy during cellular respiration. CO2 provides the carbon and…
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Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis.Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that comes as a result of the genetic disorder. It affects the lungs of the affected persons significantly. This causes breathing difficulty and frequent mucus cough. Other body organs affected by this…
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Case Study Problem
Question 1 (18 marks)For each of the test results presented in the case study, are the figures within the normal reference range for a healthy human (you need to find and present a reference range for each test)? Normal ranges are as follows:Plasma…
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IntroductionClinical testing for diabetes is required of everyone at least twice every year. Those that are not diabetic need the tests to track their blood sugar levels and ensure that they are not at dangerous levels that put them under the risk of…
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LecturerWord count 1810Introduction Among the inherited genetic disorders is Thalassemia. This disorder is marked by abnormal lipid accumulations and abnormal appearance of the electrophoresis graph of the hemoglobin present. It is therefore…
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Bacteria, Viruses And Toxins - Analogies, Differences And Potential Use As Biological Warfare
BАСTЕRIА, VIRUSЕS АND TОХINS - АNАLОGIЕS, DIFFЕRЕNСЕS АND РОTЕNTIАL USЕ АS BIОLОGIСАL WАRFАRЕ АGЕNTSFirstaFirstbSecond AbstractBacteria, viruses, and toxins are all microbes that can only be detected through the symptoms that result from their…
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DNA Typing and Genetic Mapping
The paper "DNA Typing and Genetic Mapping" is a wonderful example of an assignment on biology. DNA profiling also termed as DNA testing, DNA typing or genetic fingerprinting can be described as a technique used in forensic science and normally it is usually used by forensic scientists in identifying individuals as per their respective DNA profiles.…
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Is Genetically Modified Food Harmful for Human Health
The paper "Is Genetically Modified Food Harmful for Human Health" is a good example of a literature review on biology. Technology has changed and altered much in the past few decades, and the effect that it has had on the environment as well as on the human society cannot be denied. It has changed from the way Man travels to what he eats.…
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Forensics Fiber Analysis as a Significant Aspect in Convicting Offenders
The paper "Forensics Fiber Analysis as a Significant Aspect in Convicting Offenders" is a good example of coursework on biology. Fiber analysis is a fundamental element in conducting forensics where the crime scene investigators use it to place a suspect at the site of the crime or proving that a suspect had prior contact with the victim.…
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Proving Rape by Forensic Biology
The paper "Proving Rape by Forensic Biology" is an outstanding example of an essay on biology. “A murder destroys the victim’s physical body; a rapist degrades the very soul of the victim”. It is very sad expression on the attitude of unresponsiveness of the society towards the violation of the dignity of other human beings who are affected by sex crimes.…
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Biological Production of Arachidonic Acid: Sources, Past and Future
The paper "Biological Production of Arachidonic Acid: Sources, Past and Future" is an exceptional example of an essay on biology. Arachidonic acid is among the essential fatty acids that the bodies of various mammals require. It is polyunsaturated and is mainly found in cell membranes, muscle cells, and the brain. It is mainly used in cell signaling thus aiding the brain functions.…
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Estimation of Protein Concentration by Spectrophotometry
The paper "Estimation of Protein Concentration by Spectrophotometry" is a great example of a lab report on biology. Spectrophotometry is a standard technique for measuring the concentration in solution of a substance which absorbs light, since (according to the Beer-Lambert Law) the degree of absorption is proportional to the concentration of the solute.…
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Estimation of Protein Concentration
The paper "Estimation of Protein Concentration" is a great example of a lab report on biology. The ability to measure the concentration of protein in solution is important in several areas of medicine and sports physiology. One of the best ways of doing so is to expose a sample of protein in solution to the Biuret reagent.…
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Water Relations of Vascular Plants
The paper "Water Relations of Vascular Plants" is a brilliant example of a term paper on biology. The propensity of water to travel from a higher concentration region to that of a lower one is known as water potential (Ψ). However, in order to move water from one place to another, it is required to apply a considerable force which would result in the displacement of water.…
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Process of DNA Replication
The paper "Process of DNA Replication" is an excellent example of coursework on biology. DNA is an abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid. The author argues in a well-organized manner that it is formed by polymerization of nucleotides. Nucleotides are composed of deoxyribose sugar, nitrogen-containing base, and a phosphate group.…
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