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  • Request for samples

Checking out the university assignment example issued to ascertain the quality offered by the particular website. Considering the fact that you’re going to pay for any service you’ll receive, you have the right to ask for samples.

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Assignment Example and Samples

Safe Hackers Playbook
The paper "Safe Hackers’ Playbook" is a wonderful example of an assignment on information technology. Third Edition of the Hacker’s Playbook Findings report is a new edition analogous to previous reports that gave organizations trends from an attacker’s point of view. The report is based on actual deployments in actual clienteles.…
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Confidential Therapy Session with the Physician
The paper "Confidential Therapy Session with the Physician" is a wonderful example of an assignment on medical science. If the physician chooses to withhold the information about Carlos being HIV positive they will cause more harm than good. Protecting the HIV positive status of Carlos will breaching it. The medical attendant must treat his condition with confidence.…
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Japanese University Students Oral Performance in English
The paper "Japanese University Students’ Oral Performance in English" is an outstanding example of an education assignment. Participants included seven students who were attending university education in Japan (Sakai, 2008).…
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Sports Communication
The paper "Sports Communication" is an exceptional example of an assignment on journalism and communication. As the paper states, electronic media outlets and their coverage in sports focus in the verbal discussion. In this regards, the sports reporter introduces opinions that stimulate and gives room for discussion.…
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The Essence of Religion, Charisma and the Paranormal
The paper “The Essence of Religion, Charisma and the Paranormal" is a telling example of an assignment on religion and theology. The author reasons what is the essence of religion, why it works so spectacularly sometimes and others not at all. As one can see, religion is extremely important in the lives of many people, but why is this happening?…
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The Myths of Moral Justice - Walking Dead versus The Exonerated

The paper "The Myths of Moral Justice - Walking Dead versus The Exonerated" is an excellent example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. Sister Helen has good morals, and has been brought up by the community with strong human values, and would later become a nun to repay the community for this good upbringing.

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Criminal Law Scenario Project
The paper "Criminal Law Scenario Project" is a worthy example of an assignment on the law. Review the following scenario and identify the legal issues that may arise from the police officer’s actions. Be sure to carefully review the facts as presented and summarize in an official letter to the Mayor of your city, the justification of the officer’s actions.…
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Healthcare Policy Bill and Changes to the Medicare
The paper "Healthcare Policy Bill and Changes to the Medicare" is a wonderful example of an assignment on health sciences and medicine. The changes to Medicare in 2003 were deemed necessary. Before the introduction of this bill, many elderly people in the United States had been facing difficulties in accessing prescription medication because of its higher costs. …
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Westmount, Roanoke Clinic and Caregivers
The paper "Westmount, Roanoke Clinic and Caregivers" is a good example of an assignment on nursing. Facts of the case. The first case is about Westmount Nursing Home. People regarded the Nursing Home as the best in the region and had the best nurses, but it experienced some problems. Identify and diagnose the problem.…
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Family and Poverty
The paper "Family and Poverty" is a wonderful example of an assignment on sociology. Discuss the reasons behind the high poverty rate among single-mother families in America. According to the US Bureau of Census 2010, poverty in households headed by women compared to that headed by men was 31.1% and 15.8% consecutively.…
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Tentative Individual Education Plan for Elementary Students
The paper "Tentative Individual Education Plan for Elementary Students" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. The paper illustrates an assessment report and also illustrates a tentative Individual Education Plan (IEP) for two elementary students. The students are anonymous, thus they are identified only through initials.…
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The Theological Significance of Biblical Poetry
The paper "The Theological Significance of Biblical Poetry" is a wonderful example of an assignment on religion and theology. According to Miller (217), Psalms uses symmetry as a way of drawing a parallel between the identities of a righteous person from a wicked person. The nature of a righteous man comes out as the complete opposite of the wicked man.…
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The Legal Aspect of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
The paper "The Legal Aspect of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. What issues and legal policies are involved in this situation? Behavior serves as the main determinant of Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EDB). This is because many actions or observable changes are linked to it.…
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Useful Contributions or Inventions Created by the Ancient Chinese

The paper "Useful Contributions or Inventions Created by the Ancient Chinese" is a wonderful example of an assignment on history. Identify eight to ten of these useful inventions or contributions The Chinese have invented a lot of things that are being used by the modern world today. Among these are; Acupuncture, Animal zodiac, Civil service examination, etc.

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Theater of War, a Documentary Film Directed by John Walter
The paper "Theater of War, a Documentary Film Directed by John Walter" is a great example of an assignment on visual arts and film studies. The documentary analyzes a play that was written in Germany in the late 1930s. The film is divided into five “acts” to emulate a play. It begins with Meryl Streep, the actress who played “Mother Courage” in 2006, discussing an experience she had in Germany.…
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Organizational Strategies, Performance Indicators, the Efficiency of the Racing Team's Management
The paper "Organizational Strategies,  Performance Indicators, the Efficiency of the Racing Team's Management" is a good example of an assignment on management. What strategic challenges do you think Brian France faces as he guides his company? Using what you know about managing strategically, how might he respond to these challenges?…
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Interview with an Elderly American about the Impressions of His Childhood and Choice of Profession
The paper “Interview with an Elderly American about the Impressions of His Childhood and Choice of Profession" is an intriguing example of an assignment on biographies. The respondent was born in Springfield, Missouri. It was the peak of summer, in June 1944. In fact, he grew up in Springfield and had never been outside this city until recently.…
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Roll and Shake
The paper "Roll and Shake" is a brilliant example of an assignment on education. Area of development: Health and Physical Development Age: Infant Size of the group: one child Standards: NAEYC 2.C.02 - Infants and toddlers have multiple opportunities to develop fine motor skills by acting on their environments using their hands and fingers in a variety of age-appropriate ways.…
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Occupational Safety and Health Act and Systems in Australia

The paper “Occupational Safety and Health Act and Systems in Australia" is a good example of an assignment on the law. Statutory authority:  Australian Safety and Compensation Council (ASCC). Website: OHS Act:  to declare national standards and codes of practice of employees. Australian workplace safety standards Act of 2005.

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Some Issues of Python and Haskell
The paper “Some Issues of Python and Haskell" is a great example of an assignment on logic & programming.1. How is the parallel processing approach handled in both Python and Haskell? 2. What are the major Standard Template Library (STL) containers in C++?  3. Which are the two types of communication channels between processes, in multiprocessing, supported by Python?…
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Nursing - Vital Signs Competency Package, Assisting Patient, Personal Hygiene, Safe Mobilization
The paper "Nursing - Vital Signs Competency Package, Assisting Patient, Personal Hygiene, Safe Mobilization" is a worthy example of an assignment on nursing. In the handwashing activity, it was awkward at first to be very technical and clinical in carrying out a simple and habitual activity, but in understanding the concept behind hand washing, I understood why it needed to be done in such way.…
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Possibility of a Work-Personal Life Balance, Honesty in Politics, Attitudes towards Death
The paper "Possibility of a Work-Personal Life Balance, Honesty in Politics, Attitudes towards Death" is an impressive example of an assignment on social science. This paper is primarily based on reporting three individual interviews that I happened to conduct with three wisdom figures A, B, and C. I based my interview on some vital questions.…
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The Amazonian Rain Forest Called Devil's Gardens

The paper “The Amazonian Rain Forest Called Devil’s Gardens" is an excellent example of an assignment on geography. Once you have finished reading the article, answer the following questions to the best of your ability based solely on the information you read in the paper. If you cannot answer the question based on what you read, then simply write that in the answer space.

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Conflicts Encountered In Medical Practice: A Healing Art or An Economic Activity
The paper "Conflicts Encountered In Medical Practice: A Healing Art or An Economic Activity" is a wonderful example of an assignment on medical science. Doctors often encounter the challenge of viewing the practice of medicine as a healing art or as an economic activity. The decisions that they make on a day to day basis are influenced by how they view society.…
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Factors Determining Ethnic Conflict and Models for Resolving Conflicts among Involved Groups
The paper “Factors Determining Ethnic Conflict and Models for Resolving Conflicts among Involved Groups" is an affecting version of an assignment on social science. For my paper, the question of interest was, “What are the causes of ethnic conflict?” It stemmed from the position that there are multiple factors that cause this problem, which in themselves are context-specific.…
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