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Notably, ours is among the three best service providers that work to ensure students high scores by delivering to them nothing but the best services and client experience. It’s true that there are many companies that are doing their level best to achieve the same, and this is what makes the industry competitive. So we cannot discredit other companies that offer the same. However, while some of these agencies promise to deliver top class essays and interesting assignment topics, it’s also important that you learn to distinguish between legitimate service providers and those that are just out to take advantage of the huge demand for academic writing assistance.

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  • Client reviews

This is the most reliable way of understanding the kind of services a particular company offers. Check out the client comments on the client reviews section of the website to see what both current and previous customers have to say about the services. Notably, the most reliable are independent reviews.

  • Check out their pricing

Understandably, you may be working within a limited budget. But always remember that cheap usually ends up being expensive. As a result, it’s advisable that you keep off websites that promise the best-written pieces on economics assignment topics or any other, yet charge very low prices.

  • Request for samples

Checking out the university assignment example issued to ascertain the quality offered by the particular website. Considering the fact that you’re going to pay for any service you’ll receive, you have the right to ask for samples.

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Assignment Example and Samples

Safe Hackers Playbook
The paper "Safe Hackers’ Playbook" is a wonderful example of an assignment on information technology. Third Edition of the Hacker’s Playbook Findings report is a new edition analogous to previous reports that gave organizations trends from an attacker’s point of view. The report is based on actual deployments in actual clienteles.…
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Confidential Therapy Session with the Physician
The paper "Confidential Therapy Session with the Physician" is a wonderful example of an assignment on medical science. If the physician chooses to withhold the information about Carlos being HIV positive they will cause more harm than good. Protecting the HIV positive status of Carlos will breaching it. The medical attendant must treat his condition with confidence.…
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Establishing Business to Make the World a Better Place to Live
The paper "Establishing Business to Make the World a Better Place to Live " is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. As the paper outlines, the modern world is riddled with lack of enough job opportunities for the skilled individuals churned out by institutions at the end of each financial year.…
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Cultures and Innovation in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
This paper "Cultures and Innovation in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt" is a perfect example of an assignment on history. Mesopotamia had three culture that existed between 3000 and 1600 B.C. These cultures were Sumeria, Akkadians, and Babylonians.  According to Matthews, Noble, & Platt (2014), the first cultured in Mesopotamia was Sumerian civilization. …
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Air Transport in the 21st Century
The paper "Air Transport in the 21st Century" is an outstanding example of an assignment on engineering. The global air transportation network remains one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The intense economic development and employment growth within the sector as well as other associated sectors are considered as the positive effects of the air transport networks expansion.…
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South Dakota Higher Education Funding Policy Indictment Speech Speaker Thesis: The of South Dakota should enact a comprehensive plan ofaction for funding higher education. Introduction I. There is an alarming increase in the post-secondary…
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The Help Movie
The help movie Analysis The movie “Help’ mainly talks about a young white lady who took the initiative of telling the world, the kind of suffering the black women undergo in their quest for better lives. She focuses on the domestic black workers who…
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Summary And Critical Response
identification (all above optional – if you need them) Summary of the article “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni In the article “Working at McDonald’s” Amitai Etzioni argues that current employment is not preparing teenagers for adult work:…
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Evaluative Analysis Of Technical Article
Errors and Omissions Insurance Affiliation: Introduction This article is a form of enlightenment to all professionals who are can be legally sued for their work incompetence by their clients. The article titles “Errors and Omissions Insurance” and…
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Factors to Consider When Choosing Suitable Communication Gear
This paper "Factors to Consider When Choosing Suitable Communication Gear" is a perfect example of an assignment on communication. Communication gear is a very important tool to have whether it is at home or on a trip or in the office, one cannot do without communication gear. It is very important to have some communication gear whether it is at home, or in the office. …
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Geriatric Care Management
The paper "Geriatric Care Management" is a wonderful example of an assignment on nursing. The acceleration of the aging of the population particularly in developing countries has necessitated increasing concern and effort into geriatric care. A considerable portion of the population is categorized as elderly and is significantly more susceptible to conditions.…
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The Capacity of the Fourier Transformation
Lab Exercise Exercise1: A: This experiment portrays a set of images 8 images) under filter width 1000 and noise value of 2. Image 3 and image 4 reflect high square wave and noise as seen in image 5 that reflects high frequency of about 100 k.…
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Solar Energy Infrastructure Compensation
The paper "Solar Energy Infrastructure Compensation" is a worthy example of an assignment on environmental studies. Solar PV energy is derived from the conversion of sunlight into electricity. The solar photons are converted to electricity in the form of voltage. The application and use of solar energy can be promoted through the creation of awareness on the benefits of using solar energy.…
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The Three Essential Wellsprings of Sustainable Power Source
The paper "The Three Essential Wellsprings of Sustainable Power Source " is a good example of an assignment on environmental studies. At the start of the twentieth century, an air conditioner was founded by William Carrier. The idea of an air conditioner came about when Carrier thought of what would result from the interaction between the process 0of condensation of air and cooling.…
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Final Piano Concerto by Mozart
The paper "Final Piano Concerto by Mozart " is a brilliant example of a music assignment. Mozart was born on the 27th day of February in the year 1757. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. He was a musician who had the capability of playing a variety of musical instrument. At the age of six years; He started playing these instruments, he played the instruments in public functions.…
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Educating and Disciplining Children or Students
The paper "Educating and Disciplining Children or Students" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. The article concerns the case was the Minnesota State failed to educate minority and poor children.  The sentiment expressed by the members of the public saw the civil rights attorney taking matters to court by using the state for negligence and biases.…
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Anzaldua Feminist Theory
The paper "Anzaldua Feminist Theory" is a wonderful example of an assignment on gender and sexuality studies. Gloria Anzaldua is known as a scholar the cultural theory of Chicana queer theory and the feminist theory. The poetry marked a very significant feminist intervention in the studies that bring some different perspectives and experiences and is usually considered as vital. …
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Mobile Phone Dependency in Children
The paper "Mobile Phone Dependency in Children" is an excellent example of an assignment on information technology. Electronic devices have changed the world by making it easier for people to learn, communicate, and go about their day to day activities. However, when unregulated, it can bring potential harm to our kids.…
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Effects and the Ways to Curb the Menace
This paper "Effects and the Ways to Curb the Menace" is a good example of an assignment on the law. Criminal justice system entails coordinated and interrelating components whose main aim is to ensure that justice for the offender and the complainant is achieved. The process starts with the police and all the way down to the corrections.…
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Critical Incident Technique
This paper 'Critical Incident Technique" is a good example of an assignment on philosophy. In an article published in the month of July in 1954 in the Psychological Bulletin titled Critical Incident Technique, Flanagan describes an incident as ‘any observable human activity that is sufficiently complete in itself to permit inferences and predictions about the person performing the action.’ …
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Electric Bariatric Lift Machine
The paper "Electric Bariatric Lift Machine" is a wonderful example of an assignment on nursing. An Electric Bariatric Lift is an equipment used to transfer more than average heavy patient from their bed to a wheelchair or toilet or to another point and back. A gait belt is an assistive device used to transfer the partially supportive and cooperative patient from chair to bed.…
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Benefits and Critical Importance of Updating and Maintaining Wordpress Blog
The paper "Benefits and Critical Importance of Updating and Maintaining Wordpress Blog" is a worthy example of an assignment on journalism and communication. WordPress has risen to be the most popular CMS in the world. Millions of its active users take advantage of this platform to share their views and ideas on diverse issues. Most of the articles shared here are of human interest in nature.…
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Situational Crime Prevention
The paper "Situational Crime Prevention" is a wonderful example of an assignment on category. Why does the current problem occur? I choose a shopping mall as the place of choice for crime analysis. The shop outlets have continued to experience the problem of repeat theft where the muggers have been targeting the items on display for their shoplifting.…
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Gilded Age and Industrialization
The paper "Gilded Age and Industrialization" is a good example of a history assignment. Briefly define the Gilded Age, as well as the growth of industrialization and the prevailing attitude toward employee-employer relations during the era. Then, explore the problems caused by industrialization and discuss how workers responded to those challenges.…
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Principles of Economics
The paper "Principles of Economics" is a wonderful example of an assignment on macro and microeconomics. Barry argues that economists failed to anticipate the financial crisis in 2008 intensifying the doubt on the ability of the field of economics to guide public policy. They also differed on the cause of the recession.…
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