How to Write an Article from Scratch

What is article writing? This term is loosely defined as composing a piece that is intended for publication. However, students who craft an article do it for academic reasons. This could be either as a class assignment or for examination purposes. Whatever your reasons are for writing an article, producing an impeccable one is essential. If you intend to publish your work, you need to ensure it fully complies with all the grammar, structural, and formatting rules.

The core requirements for crafting an excellent article give all who undertake this task challenges in the development stages. For students, difficulties arise due to different reasons. In most cases, the issues that bar them from composing a perfect article manifest in the following ways:

  • Often, students would not have the time to work on their pieces. The class assignments given out might be a lot for any students to handle. Eventually, they may need to choose a specific task to do instead of another. Consequently, they end up submitting a poorly done article if they decided to focus on another assignment.
  • Knowledge is critical to crafting any piece. As mentioned above, the goal of composing an article is to have your work published. If so, you need to have researched the subject you are addressing. If you have not been paying attention in class or doing some extra reading during your free time, you would likely have challenges.
  • Each article usually has a specific way of structuring it. Also, the formatting and referencing style used is quite distinct. If you do not know the sections required or the MLA format article, your work may not be up to par with what your instructor expects.

The complete guideline below should help you figure out the best way to tackle this task. Plus, we offer dependable academic writing services that can alleviate the intense stress that comes with composing your own article.

Tips on How to Write an Article from Scratch

Regardless of the purpose of the article you are writing, the process of developing a terrific piece is usually the same. There are 4 distinct phases that you need to follow. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to write an article.

Selecting a Suitable Title

Before you can embark on enquiring about the formatting and structuring of your piece, you need to address the title. If you are taking on this task as part of an academic fulfillment, then your instructor could have provided a topic to discuss. If they have not, coming up with a suitable subject is achieved by relying on your interests. Your career choice and the things that you find interesting can help you formulate a title that you are passionate about. This should help you focus your efforts on something you enjoy. Eventually, your article will reflect your ambitions through an increase in quality. 

Conducting the Research

Research involves aggregating relevant literature about the topic you have chosen. However, the works that you collect must also be credible. The goal of article writing is to dispense information. Therefore, the information that you are amassing for the development of your piece should be peer-reviewed. A library is an excellent place to look for literature that meets this standard. You could also rely on the text that your instructor has advised you to read for the course you are taking. As you collect the information, make sure to draft an article outline to help you focus on the main argument of the piece you are crafting.

We have qualified writers waiting to assist you in this step. Their expertise in various fields allows them to craft well-researched pieces. Plus, their qualifications come in handy when coming up with suitable titles to help our clients. 

Observe the Rules of Article Writing

Grammar and vocabulary have a bearing on the quality of the article you will develop. If you are not a native speaker of English, following the best practices of writing might be quite challenging. Also, if your vocabulary is not broad, you risk crafting an article that is not engaging. Try to work on these essential writing skills. They will improve the standard of your article since your instructor grades these aspects.

Alternatively, we can assign an experienced writer to you for assistance. Our writing team has been developing academic content for years. This makes them adept at structuring, formatting, and writing perfect educational pieces. You can depend on them to ensure that all the requirements of your instructor are met.

Proofread Your Article

This step is often the most overlooked stage of excellent article writing. Students do not proofread their work, and this means that the mistakes in the pieces usually go uncorrected. Going through your work ensures that you can weed out all the errors that you made while you were developing your essay. We can help you to comb through your work. Our premium writing services also include proofreading and editing as some of the solutions we offer. We can assign an expert writer to you to ensure that your article is perfect.

How to Summarize an Article Brilliantly

There are academic assignments that involve crafting an article summary. Here, students are required to synthesize relevant information from the literature and present it in a compact form. There are certain things that you need to pay close attention to for this task. Below are the general tips on how to summarize an article excellently:

  • Begin by identifying the central theme or argument of the article you are summarizing. This should help you form a thesis statement that you can address in the body section of your piece.
  • Secondly, try to outline the key points that the author of the article has raised in their publication. Drafting a skeleton for your essay helps to keep track of the ideas the author had when they were writing their work. Consequently, you will be able to order these arguments in terms of their importance. This helps to give your essay a logical flow.
  • Concluding the work could mean addressing the effectiveness of the information found in the literature you are summarizing. It could also involve compacting the conclusion found in the article you are summarizing. So, note what the author intended for their own work or give your opinion on what they have written. In any case, make sure that you do not introduce any new information that is not in the literature you are handling.

How to Quote an Article Correctly

Quoting an article involves applying the correct referencing style to cite the literature that has informed your writing. APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago represent the typical styles that are applied to academic pieces. Your school would ideally have specified guidelines on how you should use these methods in your writing. Also, some websites offer tips on how to quote an article.

Study the various ways in-text citations are applied along with how the reference pages are written and formatted. Each method is specific in how certain details are written for the sections. Plus, there are more considerations to make in the event you need to cite a direct quotation from some literature. The rules vary depending on the medium you are using to inform your article. Whether it is a book, a journal article, a video, or a dissertation, the methods differ.

Do your part to understand all the ways of referencing your piece. Confer with your instructor if you are unsure of any concept. Also, there are plenty of options on the internet that you can consult to guide you through this process. On the other hand, we can take care of this task for you. Our writers are all proficient at working on academic assignments. Their experience means that you can get your work done brilliantly. Your instructor will obviously check to see if you have done the referencing right. So, request our services to help you improve your performance.

What is a Scholarly Article? Understanding Peer-Reviewed Literature

As mentioned above, finding credible and relevant literature is essential to inform your writing. So, what is a scholarly article? The ideal term, for these kinds of published works, is peer-reviewed literature. These pieces are typically found in libraries and online databases. Some centers have been exclusively dedicated to storing and allowing access to such articles. However, some databases could also have material that is not considered to be the category of credible works.

If you are working on an article for publication, then you need to understand the process of having it peer-reviewed. The 4-step process is outlined below. You need to follow these stages to get your article into an academic journal:

  • The submission of your work is the first step.
  • Your article will be sent to at least three other qualified experts in the field for review.
  • The reviewers might opt to either accept or reject your submission. This decision is dependent on them asking you to make specified revisions and you complying with this request.
  • After you have made the requested alterations, you will have to submit the article The process repeats itself until the editors are satisfied. Eventually, your article will be published.

How to Write Interesting Article on Various Topics

For this section, we shall look at how to write an interesting article depending on the subject you are tackling. These tips should help you figure out the correct approach for these topics. Plus, you may get some inspiration for the article you need to write.

For an article about bullying, you can talk about a real-life experience. It does not have to be your own. You can even draw from a story that has been on the news. Talk about the causes and effects of such activities.

In an article about education, there are plenty of ways to approach this write-up. You can take the historical angle and talk about the emergence of a trait in the sector. You can project to the future and tackle the trends in education and where they lead. Also, you can raise a statistic and address its origins, relevance, and prevalence.

An article about depression can take a first-person approach and talk about an experience that you have had with the subject. You can also address the topic in terms of definitions, occurrences, and manifestations. You can also take the route of exploring the various ways this problem is solved.

A Trump article could highlight the policies and their effectiveness of the President. Alternatively, you can choose to elaborate on his upbringing and how his life experiences have brought him to where he is today. Think of this task as a biography about the current U.S. President.

When writing an article on global warming, you can decide to talk about why there are skeptics of this issue. You can also address the various scientific evidence that points to this phenomenon. Otherwise, you can delve into a fact-finding mission about the truthfulness of the matter.

If you are writing a feminist article, dispensing historical information about the movement is a terrific approach. You can also deal with the current wave and the arguments raised by supporters of the cause. Plus, you can address a counter-argument to feminism by taking an argumentative article approach.

A euthanasia article could attempt to deal with the moral implications of this practice. On the other hand, it can look into the reasons why it takes place. You can try to tackle the policies that govern euthanasia and the conditions where it is permitted.

For an article about social media, writing about the importance of this phenomenon can be a fantastic approach. Plus, you can talk about the effects of this technological advancement on the current generation. There are many points to include if you write about the features of social media.

A Nacirema article is simply about the practices and ideologies of American citizens. Here, you have an opportunity to talk about the various sociological and anthropological studies concerning their culture. However, this task could mean highlighting the Nacirema tribe, their rituals, beliefs, and social structure.

Your instructor could ask you to write about a place. In an Aachen article, you can highlight the best areas to visit along with what the city is known for. If you have visited, talking about the culture and people is a great approach.

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