Tips on How to Choose Archaeology Topics for Your Term Paper

Choosing a research paper topic for archaeology assignments has got to be the toughest task for a student.  Apart from having over 200 years of laboratory research and fieldwork, the field of archaeology covers geography, sociology, geology, history, and anthropology among many other topics. With an open-ended assignment, you can choose any topic you wish to research without any limitation. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. With so many options at your disposal, it can be difficult to decide which topic to go for. When you find yourself in such a quandary, it is always a good idea to narrow down to archaeology topics you understand very well. So how should you go about choosing archaeology paper topics?

How to Choose the Best Archaeology Research Topics

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you choose one of the best archaeology research topics. First and foremost, make sure you select one that you are passionate or curious about. This will make the research and writing process fun and engaging for you. Next, make sure that the topic you choose is relevant to what you are studying in class. Although open-ended assignments are not restrictive, you still need to come up with a topic related to your course of study. Thirdly, brainstorm and look at archaeology essay example written by other researchers to gain some inspiration. Lastly, make sure you have the right resources to write your paper.  Some of the resources you can use to write a top-notch paper include:

  • The World Atlas of Archaeology

If you decide to write about a particular region or continent, The World Atlas of Archaeology will really come in handy. It is an atlas containing different descriptions of archaeological sites and information about cultures. The atlas also includes information about ancient houses, roads, prehistoric sites and culture change information.

  • Archaeology Dictionary

The archaeology dictionary can give you great ideas about what to write about. It has over 1600 entries about archaeological theories, archaeological sites, and cultures among others. The interesting thing is that different entries have complete articles offering an explanation.

  • Biographies

If you decide to write about a great archaeologist, biographies in archaeology will prove very useful. This resource provides information about different archaeologists and their great works throughout history.

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Archaeology Essays and Research Papers

Native Americans vs. Archeology
The paper "Native Americans vs. Archeology" is an outstanding example of an archaeology assignment. One very interesting thing on this broadcast was the fact that the Native American woman who spoke said she was brought up not to take pieces of the pottery and other fragments that used to belong to the Native American tribes who lived in the Southwest.…
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The Woman of Willendorf
The paper "The Woman of Willendorf" is an outstanding example of an archeology essay. The Woman of Willendorf figurine is nearly 25,000 years old. I was found in central Europe and has captured the interest of historians, archaeologists, and paleoanthropologists for many years. Hunter-gatherer tribes would have inhabited this area of Europe 25,000 years ago.…
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Experimental Archaeology and Its Forms
The paper "Experimental Archaeology and Its Forms" is an excellent example of an assignment on archaeology. Experimental archaeology is a field of study in archaeology that attempts to come up with and conduct tests to archaeological tests (Ferguson 99). They do so by approximating the feasibility of various ancient cultures to conduct different tasks.…
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Fundamentals of Archaeology
The paper "Fundamentals of Archaeology " is a good example of an archaeology essay. Most professional archaeologists are trained to high academic levels, such as Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.). The majority archeologists in North America specialize in anthropology. Anthropological archaeology is considered a social science, as opposed to Egyptology, which is perceived as part of humanities.…
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