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Essays for “Annotated Bibliography”

Prevention of Depression among Adolescents, Treating Adolescent Depression with Cognitive Behavior Therapy
The paper “Prevention of Depression among Adolescents, Treating Adolescent Depression with Cognitive Behavior Therapy”  is a breathtaking example of an annotated bibliography on psychology. The list starts with the article of Arnarson, E. O., & Craighead, E. W. (2009) "Prevention of depression among Icelandic adolescents. Behavior Research and Therapy".…
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Sexual Health & Family Planning
The paper “Sexual Health & Family Planning”  is an intriguing example of an annotated bibliography on gender & sexual studies. Sexuality is an individual’s relationship with his/her body’s ability for sexual activities and sexual feelings. Sexuality is also about an individual’s feelings about sex, sexual desires, habits, and sexual identity as well.…
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Global Change and Development
The paper "Global Change and Development" is a  remarkable example of an annotated bibliography on environmental studies. This journal discusses issues related to natural, social and economic issues that are related to global environmental change and how they affect the relationship among developed and developing countries.…
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The Different Attitudes, Values of Different Children around the Globe
The paper "The Different Attitudes, Values of Different Children around the Globe " is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on social science. Lauffer works as the managing partner and executive planning director of McCain junior. This is a different kid’s research agency and brand consultancy inside McCann-Erickson.…
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Water-Energy IEEE Works Evaluations
The paper "Water-Energy IEEE Works Evaluations" is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on environmental studies. This report analyses the IEEE Spectrum article, “The Future of Hydropower.” Hydropower, as the name suggests, is energy generated from flowing water. Flowing water is used as the force by which turbines are rotated at a high speed to a level where electrical energy is generated.…
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Underwater Cultural Heritage and Related Legislations
The paper "Underwater Cultural Heritage and Related Legislations" is a worthy example of an annotated bibliography on archeology. In this resource portfolio, a collection of scholarly journal articles and websites have been put together with the main objective being to reveal more about the Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH).…
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Social Development for the Abu Dhabi in 2021
The paper “Social Development for the Abu Dhabi in 2021”  is a persuading variant of an annotated bibliography on social science. The list starts with the work of Paleologos, E. K., Caratelli, P., & El Amrousi, M. (2016) "Waste-to-energy: An opportunity for a new industrial typology in Abu Dhabi. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews".…
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Human Relationship with Animals and the Animal Rights Movement
The paper “Human Relationship with Animals and the Animal Rights Movement” is a worthy example of an annotated bibliography on environmental studies. Moral obligations are the courses of action to which an individual is bound by the principles of right and wrong behavior. Human beings are the most powerful species on earth since they have the ability to think, reason and communicate effectively.…
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Internet Safety
The paper “Internet Safety” is an outstanding example of an annotated bibliography on information technology. Tynes, B. (2007). Has Internet safety gone wild? Sacrificing the educational and psychosocial benefits of online environments.…
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Related to the paper
Economics Economics is as a social phenomenon that is responsible for the capitalism, division of labor, capital acquaintance, as well as sector performance in the monetary system of any economy. Economics studies began in the early ages of…
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News Paper Summary
Wall Street Adapts to New Regulatory Regime The article contemplates on Dodd-Frank financial law, which is causing headaches to banks that are not in line with the instruction. The regulatory requirements have led to banks selling off rewarding…
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Fighting Drug Trafficking in the Carribbean - Jamaica, and Trinidad
The paper “Fighting Drug Trafficking in the Caribbean - Jamaica, and Trinidad" is a engrossing variant of annotated bibliography on social science. The list starts with the work of Selke, C.R., Wyler, L.S., Beittel, J.S. and Sullivan M P. “Latin America and the Caribbean Illicit Drug Trafficking and US Counter Drug Programs”. This is a comprehensive review prepared for the US Congress.…
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Eating Culture or Dietary Habits
The paper “Eating Culture or Dietary Habits" is an inspiring example of an annotated bibliography on culture. Among others Axelson, M. L. with his work "The impact of culture on food-related behavior" stands out as a reputable ethnographer and scholar whose acumen and academic astuteness transcends descriptions or measures.…
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Veteran Rights

The paper "Veteran Rights" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography on sociology. Abbott, Steve. Vietnam Vets: A New Battlefield, Soldiers  Drug and alcohol dependence, joblessness, and psychological problems compound the problem the returned Vietnam veteran must face. This article focuses upon the work of the Vietnam-era Veterans Congress Caucus.

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Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence

The paper "Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography on literature. Boyd, A.E. Writing for Immortality: Women and the emergence of high literary culture in America. USA: The John Hopkins University.  This book shows how American writers like Edith Wharton changed the perspective of women during the 1870’s and beyond.

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How did a Pagan Holiday become a 'Christian' Celebration
The paper "How did a Pagan Holiday become a 'Christian' Celebration" is a great example of an annotated bibliography on culture. The author of the article speculates upon the history of Halloween and shows its inseparable connection it to the festival of All Saints’ Day celebrated on November 1.…
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Homelessness in United Kingdom

The paper "Homelessness in the United Kingdom " is an excellent example of an annotated bibliography on sociology.

Quilgars, Debrah, Johnsen Sarh, and Pleace Nicholas. 2009 Youth homelessness in UK. Joseph Downtree Foundation. Authors dwell on the progress of efforts done to solve problems of homelessness in the UK.…
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Health Care In Prision

The paper "Health Care In Prison" is a good example of an annotated bibliography on health sciences and medicine. Martin, Ruth (January 23, 2007). Involving inmates in improving health a prison breakthrough. Medical Post, Vol. 43,  Iss. 3,  p. 25 (1 pp.) In her effort to improve the health of inmates, the author, Dr. Ruth Martin started a project at the Alouette Correction Centre for Women in British Columbia.

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Psychology: Culture And The Self

The paper "Psychology: Culture And The Self" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography on psychology.

The article by Chua, Leu, and Nisbett makes an important comparison of the East Asians’ and Americans’ views of everyday social events in order to find out the influence of culture on the diverging views of social events.…
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Pharaoh Hatsheput

The paper "Pharaoh Hatshepsut" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography on history.

An interesting discussion on Hapshepsuts demand for and use of gold. This dimension to the historical depiction of the queen also highlighted the golds relationship with the increased Egyptian trade with Palestine, Syria, and Crete.…
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Game Call Of Duty

The paper "Game Call Of Duty " is a good example of an annotated bibliography on social science.

The Week Publications. “Call of Duty: The terrorist video game”. The Week. 11 Nov. 2009. Web. 11 Mar. This article from the section of US news analyzes violent scenes of Call of Duty in an attempt to prove it is a terrorist video game.…
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Trends in Supply Chain Management
The paper "Trends in Supply Chain Management" is a good example of an annotated bibliography on management.Simon, Serio, Pires, & Martins. Evaluating Supply Chain Management: a Methodology Based On a Theoretical Model. As identified that supply chain management requires the management of different processes, various industries consider trends as the major driving forces of the industries.…
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Organisational Stressors and Work-Related Stress
The paper "Organisational Stressors and Work-Related Stress" is a delightful example of an annotated bibliography on management. Michie, S. (2002). Causes and management of stress at work. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 59, 67-72. This peer-reviewed article focuses on causes of stress under work-related conditions while discussing the degree of stress experienced by people.…
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The Amazing Fate of a Movie Star Marleen Matlin
The paper “The Amazing Fate of a Movie Star Marleen Matlin" is a breathtaking example of an annotated bibliography on biographies. There have been many literary works done on the exceptional skills of the Academy Award-winning American actress Marleen Matlin who has given the world an example of excellence despite being deaf.…
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Origins of America's Civil War
The paper “Origins of America's Civil War" is an outstanding example of an annotated bibliography on history. 1994. "The flags of the Confederacy: an illustrated history" by Cannon, Devereaux D. is a useful book because it supplements the rest of the sources with an illustrated version of the flags of the Confederacy between 1861 and 1865, as well as discussing the flags comprehensively. …
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