Consequences of Technopoly – Thesis Example

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The paper "Consequences of Technopoly" is an excellent example of a technology thesis. The quest for new technology has been felt in our governments, local authorities and the learning institutions alike. The psychoanalytical paradigms involved in the embracement of any technology and its advancement has been critically criticized by our learned genius Neil Postman. He has been on record to point fingers on what effects any new technology, and what technology has done to our morals in the society at large(Postman, 5) This paper discusses the background literature, the problem statement and the objectives of the study. 2.0 Background LiteratureThe author has cautioned the public to be conscious of the morality that technology has infected our generations.

There is no doubt, that the technology can be a bad master and a good servant if well utilized (Postman, 6). Technology has an addiction, severe as compared to that of drugs. The effects of this over-dependency have come out in broad daylight and will soon get out of hand if nothing is done about it. In his preface, Postman states that the slave trade has been planted on our great minds.

Our own invention is slows eating up our roots and we may soon die as he defines it in Technopoly.   The author points out that technology is like a two-sided sword that cuts on both sides and we should change course and focus on the benefits without letting the society lose on its cultural values (Postman, 24). The author traces the conception of technocracy back in the old times of 17th century. Bacon conceived the interconnectivity between science and the need to improve the human race.

He did a great job in a balance of the two factors and he will remain in history books for this great achievement as there were no threats of technopoly by then (Postman, 38).   3.0 Problem StatementThe negative part of this technology has caught the author eye and claims, the world cannot sugar coat this whole idea unless both advantages and disadvantages are addressed. In his book, Postman has not convinced the audience on whether to have some control of the way information flow and gets to the consumer.

The issue that makes him have sleepless nights is the customized technology with the assumption that technology would fix any problem associated with it. It calls for a lot of civic education as to how best to make good use of the available technology (Postman, 67). The effects of abuse of the technology have been on statistics having messed our youths. The most important thing is how to transform this potential energy to Kinetic energy to work for us and not against us.   This paper intends to acknowledge the current technology that we have from Stone age.

It does salute the entire stakes holders who have spent their valuable time and energy to the improvement of the human race, for this country to be a better place. It has been clear that technology changes lives and needs to be embraced with utmost care as well illustrated by Postman. There are consequences of techonopoly.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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