Anthropological Perspectives on Religion – Thesis Example

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The paper "Anthropological Perspectives on Religion" is an excellent example of an anthropology thesis statement. Anthropologists have been actively involved in the study of humankind based on key analytical concepts and theories. The activity has been a major development in understanding the connection between anthropological perspectives on religion and their changes over time. Key concepts for the thesis include culture, cultural relativism, and globalization (Scupin 20). They have been used to comprehend religion in modern communities at different individual perspectives and have a common connection based on their principles.

Societies comprise different cultures that depend on various determinants such as the level of modernization, legal barriers, and the level of enlightenment (Scupin 25). The community under study (American Society) has embraced different perspectives in understanding religion. Culture includes the features of a defined group of people depending on beliefs, morals, habits, and lifestyles. Cultural relativism, on the other hand, is the thought that all cultural aspects are valid despite the differences in basic principles. Globalization, a determining factor in the other two concepts, is a process of social and cultural integration that involves the exchange of ideas and cultural aspects.

The three perceptions can lead to a different comprehension of religion whereby globalization has led to the integration of different religious beliefs. For example, the presence of cultural relativism has assisted in the adoption of new religious cultures in the American community such as Islam due to the equal treatment and acceptability. Changes in cultures have also affected the way religion has altered since some of the ideologies are connected. Finally, despite the increasing rates of globalization and cultural diversity, cultural relativism is inevitable from a religious perspective.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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