The Characteristics of a Leader – Thesis Example

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The paper "The Characteristics of a Leader" is a wonderful example of a management thesis.   Thesis statement: The characteristics of a leader include excellent social skills, high emotional intelligence, and broadness of vision. OutlineA leader has excellent social skills• Group skills• Keeping followers’ morale high• Conflict resolutionA leader has high emotional intelligence• Present-mindedness• Knows what the right time to say the right thing is• Knows how to avoid conflictsA leader has a broad vision• Welcomes ideas• Visualizes things in a broad spectrum• Avoids ambiguitiesReflection on this exerciseThis was a very useful exercise. This exercise taught me how to write an essay in a sequenced and organized manner.

I started by writing the thesis statement. I made sure that the thesis statement is concise, clear, and encapsulates all that is the content of the paper. Once the thesis statement was formed, making an outline from it was no problem. I had three main factors in the thesis statement, namely social skills, emotional intelligence, and broadness of vision. While making an outline, I thought about what behaviors and skills do each of these factors constitute, and I made the outline according to that.

I identified at least three behaviors or skills that a leader exhibits with respect to each of the three factors included in the thesis statement, and listed each set of three behaviors and skills under each factor in the outline. The factors included in the outline sufficiently cover most of the characteristics of a leader. Having made this outline, it is now easy for me to write an expository essay from it.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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