Effects of the Syrian Refugees to Europe Crisis and Efforts of European Countries to Stop the Syrian Refugee Crisis – Thesis Example

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The paper “ Effects of the Syrian Refugees to Europe Crisis and Efforts of European Countries to Stop the Syrian Refugee Crisis” is an excellent example of thesis on politics. The phenomenon of refugees is a global phenomenon of historical interest in the political field and international law. The refugee is the person who escapes from one country to another for fear of his life or imprisonment and torture. Historically linked to the word & '; refugee status& '; protection of the obtained by the receiving State. Requires international custom not to hand the asylum seeker by the receiving State to the State which emigrated, protection and therefore may sometimes occur, disagreements and disputes between States which affect international relations (BBC Arabic, 2015).

There is a problem of refugees in various countries of the world, historically for several reasons, the most prominent of colonialism and wars and natural disasters, the persecution against certain groups of human beings and is without prejudice to their civil, political, economic, social and violating clearly and frankly, and other reasons that the resulting instability of individuals and lost the element of security and safety (Carrera and Lannoo, 2015). On the arrangement of the foregoing, the regional and international organizations for the enactment of laws and legislation through the conferences humanitarian and political rights such as donors, to control this phenomenon first Geneva Convention 1951 relating to refugees (Amnesty International, 2011).

And the international instrument of the United Nations 1951 on the subject of refugees was amended by the 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees and the laws under beneath (BBC Arabic, 2015). The crisis in the migration of the Syrian refugees in our time to the issue of the most important and prominent issues that have a significant influence on the international scope and movements of States, both from the humanitarian aspect or military, security, political or economic. we see clear interference by the regional powers in general and the international powers and in particular the European States and their security disorders, political (BBC Arabic, 2015). Note that Illegal Immigration historically unprecedented massive 2001.3 European states and what the اثارداخلية of these States in the economy, politics and security and another spouse of international mobility in the file of the Syrian crisis to reduce the phenomenon of internal displacement.

There are many European countries that showed strong cooperation and opened its doors to receive the Syrian refugees after their escape from war Syrian populated areas and the crisis of August 2015. Accompanied by the huge immigration to Europe where thousands of Syrians borders. It is the first of the receiving states and Germany, Austria and Britain expressed readiness to receive them and other in turn rejected some of them. should not lose sight of the consequent exodus of refugees الوريين European countries and the concomitant effects and should be provided to those people of care and protection and assistance required by the receiving States the most important of which was the European attempts to solve the crisis of Syria.


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