Socio-Environmental Impacts Of Urbanization In Abu Dhabi: A Case Study Of Al Dhabyia Peninsula – Thesis Example

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Chapter Two: Social StudyIntroductionThe chapter is going to look into; religion, anthropology, politics, archaeology, jurisprudence, economics, history, geography, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. It is going to give insights about Abu Dhabi. Through the study of the social life of this part of United Arab Emirates, we are going to discover some hidden facts about the area. The study of social life is very important in any community and it’s going to tell the kind of life that can be got once in a given place. Social studies always indicate some of the common activities that are being undertaken from day to day by the people who reside in that particular place.

Due to urbanization of the area, there is no longer any privacy or sanctity for homes where in the past the person next to you used to be the first and second-class relatives. Before the area was urbanized, these families used to come and go together in the same time, same holidays as they used to move to gather. However, due to the continued expansion of the area, these is not a norm as different neighbors are coming into the town.

People from different cultural backgrounds are getting into to work in the company that is in town. In addition, in the past, men used to for fishing and children were playing around the shore with peace or playing with motorcycles that were few or almost nonexistent. But after the street paving in 1999-2000 was the beginning of cars, motorcycles and reckless driving by teenagers who do not have a driver's license. The number of accidents and the death in the teenager category increased in the schools’ holidays where the area has become a haven to practice these reckless driving taking the advantage of the police’s absence.

Also, people started engaging in different economic activities that are different from fishing. Life had changed in a great deal due to the process of urbanization that was frequently being seen in the area. Some of the past activities have been undertaken by events and they are no longer in existence. Therefore in these chapter we will look extensively into the effects of urbanization in Data and methodsMethodologyTo ensure that the results that are going to be obtained are accurate and verifiable, it is important to use a research methodology that is simple and straight forward.

The following methods will be use to collect data in the course of the study; questionnaire and interview. This will be achieved through mixed methods in studying phenomenological theme-work and obtain the much needed results. For the process to be conducted in a manner that the data collection and recording methods are ones that are best for the study then it is best that all areas should be covered.

Hence the, use of both primary and secondary sources of data will ensure that the results reflect the true facts about this topic. The general research methodology will be; use any model, framework, and hypotheses. However, in this study the use of interviews will be carried out to ensure real facts about the social life in Peninsula. In addition to these, online sources of information will be used to give further information that may not be captured by the interviews.

This means that mixed methodology will be used to ensure that everything that is taking place within the study attains the required standards. Qualitative analysis will be carried out to ensure that all data collected will result towards giving the right information needed to study the whole social life in these region. In-depth interviews will be helpful in capturing the much required data about Peninsula and the real situation that those who live there do experience. Further, some readings, governmental organization visits such as Municipality of Abu Dhabi will be conducted to give in-depth information about what has taken place in this region over years.

Historical evidences will be used in most cases to indicate how social life of the region has been affected over a period of time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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