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Project Supervisor: Richard JohnsonAbstract New technology and globalization have led to changes in the operating system of business companies. In the current world of business, companies have to find a way to make business operations easier, how to reach so many customers and how to reach the many customers all over the world. One way of reaching most customers and making business operations easier is through e-business operations. Buying and selling via the internet. This means that companies have to find a way to share information with its customers over the internet.

Not all information has to be available to the customers. Some have to be kept within the company. Company rivals have also not to have access to any important information about the company. For this reason, it is important for a company to develop an information security system. The security system does not only protect the company’s data from reaching unwanted people/personnel, but it also prevents the data from being destroyed by un-trusted programs and viruses. This project proposal is all a bout a secure network infrastructure design that will be appropriate for a company involved in e-business operations.

Selection of the appropriate design has been done through research on secondary information about secure network infrastructure for e-commerce. PrefaceOne of the aims and benefits of a masters program in information security management is the focal point on technology and issues of implementation that are related to information security. Masters in information security management is also meant for gaining specialist qualification in the changing information technology field. This proposal fulfils the requirements of a masters degree program in gaining specialist qualification on information security management and adds to the knowledge and experience on dealing with implementation issues related to information security. According to the National Qualifications Framework, a masters program belongs to a level seven qualification characterized by multifaceted levels of knowledge and very high developed levels of knowledge.

This level of qualification makes qualified personnel under a specific field of study to develop or have original and in-depth responses to unpredictable and complex situations and problems. Learning at this level requires showing high level knowledge and specialization under one’s profession.

With the knowledge gained about information security management a master’s student should be able to show his or her specialist skills under information security management profession. Designing a secure network infrastructure for e-commerce is one way of showing ones specialization and high level of knowledge. Masters in information security management requires good understanding of the technologies necessary for information security, the technological issues, organizational issues, social issues and the relationship between information technology and other issues mentioned. Understanding the requirements of e-commerce and those of the organization (H& R) has led to the understanding of the necessary technology and devices for the design and implementation of a secure network infrastructure.

This project shows the level of qualification I have reached in my information security management masters program. AcknowledgementsThis project work describes a design for a secure network infrastructure that has been developed from research done on secondary sources from the internet, books and company publications on information security management. I was fortunate to experience a professional support from my supervisor; Richard Johnson. His professional teachings and guidance on information security management gave me the knowledge I needed to put this project through and the guiding force as well.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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