Causes of Drug Abuse – Thesis Example

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The paper "Causes of Drug Abuse" is a worthy example of a thesis statement on social science. Most individuals fail to understand the reasons behind drug addiction or even how drugs can alter the brain to facilitate compulsive drug abuse. They think that drugs are for the morally weak and regard it as a social problem (Lyman 5). There is a common belief that those that abuse drugs can stop this behavior if they want to. This is a gross underestimation of the complexity of the problem since drug abuse heavily impacts the brain.

The first known cause of drug abuse is peer pressure. Individuals indulge in drug abuse simply because their friends do. They do so to fit in and not feel left out. The second cause of drug abuse is simple curiosity. Most people are aware of the effects of drugs and want to feel the experience themselves. They may have heard drugs make an individual feel different and loads of fun (Castillo 3). This motivates them to abuse drugs. Others abuse drugs to get away from reality. This may because drugs help them escape boredom that is experienced at home or in the workplace or to avoid thinking about a stressful situation that they may be facing.   In conclusion, drug abuse is a problem that seems almost impossible to get rid of, there are concrete solutions that can be taken including anti-drug campaigns to weaken the grip of the problem in society.

The problem of drug abuse is too serious to be ignored for the benefit of the children and society at large.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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