The Effect of Language and Power in the ESL Classroom – Thesis Proposal Example

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The paper "The Effect of Language and Power in the ESL Classroom" is a wonderful example of a thesis proposal on education. The thesis proposal aims at addressing several issues related to the academic project. The first issue entails the benefit of learning the English language to the ESL students. The issue examines the benefits of the ESL learners being proficient in the English language. The second issue entails understanding the background of the ESL students. The background is usually diverse because it encompasses students from different cultures, regions and religions.

The third issue involves the most appropriate approach of teaching the English language in the ESL classroom. The most effective learning approach is aimed at effectively addressing the individual needs and interests of the ESL students. These issues are very important in the TESOL field. Understanding the background of the ESL students enables the teacher to adequately tailor the learning instructions to suit their needs and interests. Students from Asia; for instance, can be taught English using examples from the Asian countries, like cities of China, Japan or India. The learning approach that is most effective in the ESL classroom involves participatory teaching, where the students participate actively in the class.

The participation involves active oral and written communication between teacher and students, and this approach improves English proficiency. Learning English is beneficial to ESL students because it is the foundation of understanding other fields of study like natural science, mathematics or social science (Meddings & Thornbury 126). I personally understand that addressing the issues effectively results in good learning processes in the ESL classroom. The issues motivate the students to learn English, so as to better understand the language and related discipline studies.

Addressing the issues enhance student participation in class, and thus improve their English communication abilities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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