Personal Responsibility – Thesis Proposal Example

The paper "Personal Responsibility" is a great example of a thesis proposal on education.
Personal responsibility is a critical virtue that promotes college success where one autonomously makes choices with the consideration of all stakeholders thus my adoption of a plan to foster my personal sense of responsibility.
There is a need for students to make independent choices even in a shared environment like school.
There is a need to bear the consequences of an individual’s choices (Hughes, 2012).
Personal responsibility entails a balance of one’s reasoning skills referred to as rationality and intuition referred to as sensibility so as to determine the fulfilment of duties for the good of everyone, referred to as autonomy (Hughes, 2012).
To me, personal responsibility means the ability to make autonomous decisions with the sensitivity of how such decisions would affect the individual decision maker and the environment, be it social or physical.
The relationship between personal responsibility and college success:
Personal responsibility fosters autonomy thus ability to customize education environment to enhance understanding (Roth, 2010).
Personal responsibility allows one to fulfil the set goals in line with the institutional, social and individual objectives (Halonen & Santorck, 2013).
Personal responsibility fosters harmony in any academic institution thus promoting educational achievement (Halonen & Santorck, 2013).
Thus, there is a positive correlation between personal responsibility and college success.
Plan for personal responsibility in my education
Therefore, I seek to behave in a manner considerate to my teachers, parents and fellow students so as to promote the greater good for all stakeholders.
I seek to constantly evaluate the consequences of my decisions and take responsibility for such decisions.
Personal responsibility entails the autonomy in making self-decisions with the consideration of all stakeholders. It positively relates to college success. Therefore, I seek to adopt a plan that would foster my personal sense of responsibility by fostering autonomy and consideration for all stakeholders.