Software Engineering - System Modelling Tools and Techniques – Thesis Proposal Example

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The paper “ Software Engineering - System Modelling Tools and Techniques” is an excellent variant of thesis proposal on engineering. This chapter introduces our graduate project. This chapter will concentrate on the idea, aims, and objectives. The chapter will also expound on the purpose and expected advantages of this project. Document PurposeThe following document contains a thorough explanation of our graduate project for semester 1 of the academic year 2014/2015. The document has four chapters. The first is the introduction, the second about other related systems, the third about the system requirements, the fourth about the design constraints, and the last about system analysisProject PurposeTask scheduling is important in social and economic life.

There is a rise in the behavior of forgetting tasks that we intend to do such as eating dinner with friends or job appointments. This behavior is widespread and knows no bounds as it affects employees, students, housewives, and professors. Even for successful personalities, there are only twenty-four hours in a day. These people only manage their tasks effectively to attain their goals. Therefore, task management is essential for success. To effectively manage tasks, people need to be organized in their personal and professional life.

However, these skills of task management are not common to all people. This makes it hard for people to manage their work and life too. Paper-based task management is not an effective kind of task management. This is because the papers may be displaced, lost, or damaged hence losing important information. In addition, these techniques are not convenient as they do not alert the person in regard to the schedule. Therefore, phone-based applications may replace these conventional ways in a professional approach. It is in regard to this problem that Task It application is developed.

The application will aid people to manage their tasks, especially in the Arab world. It is a smartphone application that can be used by people of any gender, age, or social class. The application helps people to plan their tasks. In addition, it offers an opportunity to share tasks with other people and a chat floor too. Task It also constantly reminds the user about the pending task. It displays the completion rate of the task through progress reports called Achievement Reports.

These reports can be shared through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This helps in motivating group members towards achieving the intended goals. This application also offers location services to its users. Users can share location details for the purposes of meeting or other needs relating to the tasks. In addition, the application is not geographical dependent. It changes the location details and time as the geographical location changes making it hassle-free in resetting dates to concur with the new location. The application has been a result of the last five years we spent in Computer Science College.

The application was essential in our study life as our study depended on group tasks, multiple courses, assignments, and projects which had to be done before the deadline. This called for effective task management or else we would not achieve it. Therefore, Task It is a great application to all students, professors, and other people involved in task management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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