The Effect of Humanitarian Intervention in Haiti – Thesis Proposal Example

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The paper "The Effect of Humanitarian Intervention in Haiti" is a good example of a thesis proposal on history. In 1994 the USA intervened in Haiti in order to enforce law and order, and bring to an end the oppression people faced under the rule of military commanders. Haiti has always had interventions within its structure because its people have failed or have been rudely unable to develop structures of governance and law. The weak link between the people and the government was noticed when the government could not afford a moment of helping its people during the 2010 earthquake.

Capacity was a big challenge and the government had been thrown into utter confusion. There has been a history of assistance, poverty, oppression, and violence in Haiti. The people have learned to survive the hardest way. With such a history the country has always attracted assistance and aid from partners in the western world plus all the known global financial institutions such as World Bank, IMF, and so on. Therefore two scenarios manifest in Haiti. First is that the country has experienced interventions form the outside world regularly, presently from the year 1994 to 2004, and then the world came in during the 2010 earthquake to offer aid.

Second is that it has received aid and assistance for so long and yet it has slipped into decadence and a cycle of stagnancy. The thesis I am going to argue upon is related to both the donors and foreign friends if I may call them so, and the effect of the aid that these donors have offered into the country. I will review the emergence of NGO economy in Haiti, reasons, and motivations behind helping Haiti, and the effects this assistance has had in Haiti.

There seems to be a strange interest in Haiti, such that despite its decadence some countries are still interested in helping Haiti, would it be for their own benefit or for Haiti? And does this aid harbor consequences? This is the kind of argument I will tackle in this thesis paper, adhering to the subject title “ consequences of humanitarian interventions through NGO’ s in Haiti” .This thesis will be broken down into distinct parts credible of a thesis.

I will use the following chapters in the thesis-: I. IntroductionII. Research questionIII. Objectives of the studyIV. Literature reviewV. Research methodologyVI. Findings and analysisVII. Conclusion and recommendation VIII. bibliography1 introduction - This chapter will systematically introduce the topic of discussion in an elaborate manner. I will seek to justify my undertaking of the above-named thesis and support it with a solid argument. It is of importance that the patron gets convinced that there is a point of contention deserving of a whole 60-page thesis.

Hence Haiti will be mainly mentioned, characteristic of the humanitarian situation, and what the problem is with humanitarian NGOs such that the thesis has to tackle the topic. The introduction will describe the situation in Haiti thereby justifying the study to be undertaken in the thesis report. 2 research question- this thesis will be about Haiti mainly with support from relevant coinciding material. The project will tackle the following two complementary questions-: a) Reasons why there are humanitarian interventions among countries relating this to the reasons as to why any country or corporation involved itself in humanitarian assistance in Haiti.

And the reasons why Haiti has been assisted all along. b) From the humanitarian interventions, what are the consequences that have arisen from the NGO’ s involvement in Haiti? Relating this to why there are so many NGO’ s in Haiti and their contribution to the decadence of the society in Haiti. The following hypothesis will be investigated in this thesis: i. There exists a special interest in Humanitarian Intervention by the international community in Haiti. ii. Humanitarian Intervention/ Assistance by the international community has denied Haiti the much-needed virtue of self-reliance 3 objectives of the study – the objectives of this thesis is to know in detail, the impact of NGO involvement in Haiti.

With support from the following specific objectives-: 1. To investigate the reason behind the existence of so many NGOs in Haiti. 2. To assess what is the motive of the financiers of this NGO’ s3. To determine the effect of NGO’ s involvement in Haiti4. To evaluate the reasons behind NGO’ s not leaving Haiti. 4 literature review – in this chapter I will bring forth the findings of other relevant authors and stakeholders on the same topic.

This chapter will entail choosing bits and material investigated by other researchers and highlighting what they found out. This part will argue according to previous research while providing relevant citations and the source of the material. In summary, this section is about reviewing the findings of some other research on the same thesis topic. And the conclusions they made upon reviewing the data that they collected. 5 Research methodology- after highlighting the findings of other researchers, it will be of sense carrying out research of my own so as to find out if my research will correlate with theirs.

My research will be qualitative. It will involve wide reading and access information relating to NGO’ s in Haiti. Also, research will entail the reading of material on the motivation behind humanitarian assistance in Haiti and the donor community involved in Haiti. UN and UNDP websites and journals will come in handy when sourcing for this information. 6 findings and analysis- in this chapter I will state my findings on the matter at hand. The analysis will involve the favoring of logical information.

I will also present supporting tabular statistics if possible of the extent to which NGOs have penetrated Haiti. The analysis will involve the sieving of incredible information and favoring credible information from relevant sources. 7 conclusion and recommendation- in this chapter I will offer my own opinion on the thesis topic. I am going to offer my findings on the effects of NGO involvement in Haiti after digestion of the information related to this topic. I will also recommend a further research topic for any other researcher who might be interested in the topic. 8 Bibliography- I will support the research with relevant citations.

Here I will state all the relevant references related to the citations in the thesis. I will use the Chicago style in the citations and references.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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