Corporate Governance In Voluntary Organisations – Thesis Proposal Example

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The paper "Corporate Governance In Voluntary Organisations" is an excellent example of a thesis  proposal on management. Mismanagement within numerous charitable organizations is usually very notorious and also easy to bury behind flawed legislation. For decades now, various government bodies such as the NCVO (U. K.), the RSA (U. K.), and even the IRS (U. S.A. ) have been trying to control and straighten various lawlessness (Hussey, et al. , 2003) within the sector which gave birth to the great scandals such as the most recent Ponzi scheme ‘ Madoff Scandal’ ; Madoff is a must discuss theory for this dissertation because his company had been qualified for exemption under the 501(c)(3), which is an IRS’ appointed code for tax exemption for charitable organizations (Mancuso, 2007).

Even though Corporate governance legislation over charitable trusts or voluntary organizations within the US are not managed by a distinctive and exclusive organization, but only as a subdivision of the IRS, which could be one of the possible reasons why numerous laws regarding trust funds are dismayed. The current corporate governance policies are quite frail and faulty; the present legislation have many holes in them, even the 10 ‘ Universal Non-Profit principles’ set up by the NCVO has numerous flaws unto itself.

With this dissertation, it is intended that the author would highlight various flaws within numerous NGO legislation that might allow a trust to take advantage of the collected funds, this shall be done so by collecting and analyzing case studies. Research Objectives1. To ascertain, whether an exclusive government body to look over Voluntary organizations and NGO’ s is required? 2. List the present legislation (corporate governance) for nonprofit trust funds within the UK or the US. 3.

To ascertain whether the present laws could be twisted. By analyzing various case studies of scandals within NGO’ s, we could easily ascertain this. 4. Whether a completely new set of rules and regulations are required for such corporations. 5. Should these organizations be exempted from taxation? Approach StrategiesThe prime focus of this dissertation will be upon qualitative analysis, with quantitative analysis playing a diminutive part in the study. The case study is the most imperative research methodology chosen for this dissertation, followed by personal interviews. 1. Qualitative Analysis: a. Case Studiesb. Depth interviews2.

Quantitative: a. Questionnaire Research Methodology (general public opinion)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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