The Secret of Michael Jackson's Dizzying Success – Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Secret of Michael Jackson's Dizzying Success" is an excellent example of a term paper on biographies. Michael Jackson was one of the greatest musicians of the modern era who passed away quite unexpectedly at the age of 51 in 2009. Guinness book of world records selected him as the most successful entertainer of all time after watching the immense popularity he received from people from all over the world. Even though Michael Jackson was an American musician and dancer, perhaps he might have more admirers in other parts of the world than in America. He taught the world that music has only one language which is enjoyable to all irrespective of cultural or linguistic differences. This paper analyses the causes of the success of Michael Jackson as the most popular musician and dancer in the world.
The reason for the success of Michael Jackson was his musical abilities rather than anything else. He was a genius as far as musical abilities were concerned. “By numerous published accounts, Jackson was emotionally abused by his father, a man consumed by the idea that his child could be a superstar”(Colson). In many of the songs composed by Michael Jackson, his hatred feeling against his father is visible. Life taught him many lessons and the waves and symbols of his life experiences were included in his songs. Majority of the people in the world we're familiar with such life experiences and they accepted the songs of Michael Jackson with both hands. Even though Michael Jackson was a wealthy person, he never kept any distance from the poor people. He was ready to help poor people across the world which helped him in boosting his image among all people irrespective of rich or poor.
In May 1982, during the televised 25th anniversary of Motown, Michael Jackson performed his version of the "moonwalk" dance which quickly became his signature alongside his one white-sequined glove. By now, the popular music television station MTV was showing Michael Jackson's videos continuously. Previous to that time MTV was reluctant to give any televised time to black entertainers (Montaldo).   
The readiness of television channels in telecasting Michael Jackson show helped Jackson immensely in gaining wide popularity across the world. It should be noted that Michael Jackson was not only a singer but also a talented dancer. He was the first professional singer who succeeded in successfully incorporating the possibilities of dance with singing.  He was able to compose dance steps which were suitable to the themes of the song. In other words, the audience gets the message and mood of his songs not only through the tunes, rhythms, and lyrics but also through the dancing steps. Thus music lovers were able to enjoy music as well as dancing at the same time. Even though some of the other musicians were good singers, they were not so in dancing. But Michael Jackson had both the abilities of singing and dancing. His rapid movements and electrifying steps were never disrupted his singing abilities.
Another cause of the success of Michael Jackson was his sweet voice. It should be noted that Michael Jackson has sung in a voice which was similar to the voice of a female. No other male singers in the world had such a talent in singing female voices. In other words, Michael had his own ways of singing which made him popular among males, females, young and adults.
In 1987 the album "Bad" was released and along with came to a significantly different looking Michael Jackson. Soon to turn 30, Michael appeared to have gone through dramatic facial surgeries, changing not just his facial features, but his jawline and skin color which by now was almost a pale white. His nose seemed to vanish into the paleness of his skin, and his eyes looked almost one-dimensional, and void of the normal surrounding skin (Montaldo).
While most of the other singers focussed in enhancing their looks with the help of colorful clothing, ornaments, and makeups, Jackson went one yard ahead. He had undergone several plastic surgeries to change his natural looks. The new looks of Jackson after the surgeries were acceptable to his admirers.
To conclude, Michael Jackson’s success factors as a singer can be attributed to his pure abilities in singing and dancing. He was successful in blending music with dancing and the admirers got the opportunity to enjoy terrific dancing and singing at the same time while watching Michael Jackson shows. The frequent appearances in television channels and the ability to incorporate life experiences while composing music, helped Jackson a lot in becoming the most popular singer in the world.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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